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names Jasin.. just lost my mother in after thanksgiving.. its insane.. my girl is devastated and I couldn't help with anything.. and this feeling is overwhelming. Its times like these that push me harder to find advanced methods to heal the human body. I feel that I'm close but with all this information.. constant download of opinions, facts, myths and perspectives.. its too much to parse in one lifetime. I need like minded people to help me parse, refine and retain this information so that we might allow those who want to keep searching, living and experiencing life can do so without fear of succumbing to dis-ease and illness related to organ failure, degradation or entropy. I'm a bit long winded at times and my passion for life knows no bounds so a place like this, that Greg has built from the ground up so that we might have a chance to share our thoughts and ideas is very special to me and I am grateful for you all. I'm here and there so I hope to talk to you soon.

 I wanted to list my area of expertise, my curiosity's, areas of interest and such but this ... great loss.. has timed itself such that I cannot.. at the moment and its all I can do to get this out. I hope you all are well and I do indeed look forward to a bit of much needed comradery.. until then... go watch the 1985 movie Explorers (if you can) so we can talk about a kid who downloaded in a dream advanced schematics from the aether to build a electromagnetic sphere/craft so they can find the ETs that is attempting communication and why Hollywood decided to have it canceled.... and ill be back in a bit. Probably. 


"Just for a second look into your heartAs you stand and look across the great divideRemember well the things that you will leave behindAs you set out to cross the vast and great divide" - VnV Nation

Posted : November 28, 2023 6:21 PM