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The case for Ivermectin: Bret Weinstein & Pierre Kory

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Groundbreaking discussion about the effectiveness of ivermectine therapy for Covid infections, the collective censorship by the mainstream establishment.

what I enjoy is how level headed, and sometimes naive, Bret is and yet comes to the right conclusion that we’re being fucked over. Couldn’t be happier about the outcome of this interview.

towards the later half, Bret claims the reason for censorship of working therapies is because the FDA’s exemption for vaccines can only work if no other working therapies are available. This is quite a good case.

Edit: Here is one testimony from Dr Jackie Stone who administered first-hand Ivermectin to covid patients in Zimbabwe with striking results, 10-fold decrease in mortality.

Posted : June 23, 2021 8:28 PM
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A follow-up conversation with Bret, this time courtesy of Lex Fridman. This one brings more insights into the workings of academia and tech-valley minions.

real-time analysis of Ivermectin studies:

Posted : June 26, 2021 2:00 PM
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I noticed, posted yesterday, a BBC video on Ivermectin. Since they were unsuccessful in stopping the information from getting out there now they're trying to bash it. Didn't YT put Ivermectin on it's banned list? But now I guess you can talk about it if you're bashing it. It's hilarious to see them talking about how Ivermectin is the dangerous choice compared with the v. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the fact that the interviewer pronounces it incorrectly - how does that make it onto a BBC broadcast?

Posted : October 8, 2021 3:08 PM
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Check out the new organization World Council for Health. Created by medical professionals to replace WHO - no government or philanthropic involvement. Good list of protocols for prevention and early treatment from around the world. Two Canadian Drs. on steering committee. *Also note that the black seed oil they have listed has several good studies as preventative. Some are using instead of Ivermectin. Can get that readily inc. Amazon. (yes I know - would rather not support Amazon)

Advanced Immune Support from Mother Earth Labs has an impressive list of ingredients inc. most of the vitamins/nutriceuticals listed in the World Council for Health protocols. Also: a product called Aerobic Oxygen excellent as preventative and for an ill person with dropping O2 saturation. Also Nattokinase NSK -SD suitable for preventative/ treatment to prevent clotting.

Also British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group ( in Uk. They have created an Ivermectin Buyers Club making the treatment available to anyone who needs it in UK

Also Canadian Covid Care Alliance - under FAQ they say to contact them if you can't find Ivermectin. They intend to have tele-medicine line for Drs. willing to prescribe and pharmacists willing to fill prescriptions up and running by December.

Also check out interview on medical update online re: Mountain Valley MD - a Canadian Biotech Company creating a sublingual and intravenous Ivermectin option for 3rd world countries that can't get vaccines. So... a Canadian company shipping Ivermectin around the world when we can't even get it in Canada.

The number 1 preventative I use? - I have a compost bin in a rain barrel and harvest the "compost tea" through the tap. This is teeming with bacteria, fungus, mold etc.etc. I'm sure the small amount that gets on my hands is VERY potent! I believe it will create a 'sophisticated' immune system rather than just a stronger one.

*Note: I live in a rural area - everyone knows someone they can get Vet Ivermectin from. Many are taking it but the trouble is there is confusion re: dosage.

*Eileen McKusick or has a free biofield tuning session for 'virus'. Important to spend 20min/day min. with bare feet or feet in leather soled moccasins on the earth to work with electric health.

Also -sad news re: Jackie Stone. Saved thousands of lives. When vaccines became available in Zimbabwe, Ivermectin was discouraged and Dr. Stone was charged with 'merchandizing'. All her facebooks posts from 2021 disappeared and I haven't heard what has happened to her. Once the "vaccines" started in Zimbabwe, massive rise in Co-vid - worse wave yet.

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I recognize how much stronger I am from the experience. What we are seeing is psychopathic narcissists controlling the narrative. I trust that when people realize this many will experience the transformation I have experienced. The benefit of the archetypal pattern of tyrant is it pushes people to grow.

Many blessings to all of us.

Posted : October 9, 2021 9:37 PM
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I'm not concerned with the WuFlu, 99.97% is a number I'll bet on--assuming I even grant your 'viral' framing of the issue.

However, isn't it the case that most people have compromised immune systems due to a multitude of parasites? Isn't Ivermectin an antiparisitical? So then we begin to wonder, what's with the hate of the horsepaste? Think, think now, why is the hate of an antiparisitic the main focus of the 'media'?

Ivermectin is an antiparisitical drug.

Why is the entire media rallied against a Nobel Prize winning anitparisitical drug thats been used over 40 billion times, and is considered a critical human treatment? For that matter, why was hemp banned?

It's because most things have multiple disruptive uses. CBD and hemp rope. Anti-parasite and anti-viral. Are we starting to understand yet? These things are obvious on the face of it.

Yet I accept that I've wasted my precious time even writing it, even here. In lou of that, lets just dispose of 2-3 billion people. It's easier than convincing a handful of people to read a few sentences. This is the state of your planet

Posted : October 10, 2021 11:26 AM