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Narrative Control: Inflation, the Fed, and the coming debt market collapse

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Biden wants his next round of infrastructure stimulus pronto. The corrupt Fed is controlling interest rates so Biden gets his money at cheaper interest. This is as dirty as it gets people. The Fed is supposed to raise interest rates when we have inflation (which bingo, we now have 5%), but the Fed is saying, "Nothing to see here. Inflation is temporary." Temporary? On what time scale? As soon as this next round of spending goes through, get ready for even more inflation and a weakened dollar. They will raise the interest rates as soon as that spending is approved.
Keeping interest rates low for years has caused massive inflation in the housing market. People have bought houses based on monthly payment amounts and not what the house is worth or the total loan value. Take note: That is not the way to invest in real estate. Because interest rates have been totally depressed, people can afford a much larger loan on a monthly basis, but as soon as rates go up, monthly payments on new loans go up and house prices will have to go down unless wages go up drastically - unlikely. People who are in big loans, will not be able to sell them, unless they are willing to take a big loss. The same thing happened in 2008.
Low interest rates have also driven up rents, because owners rent out houses to cover their mortgage, taxes, and insurance. Hate to say it, but every time this happens we create another bubble. Look at student loans - low rates means you can borrow more, which causes universities to raise tuition rates and you all have massive amounts of student loans. It's a racket. Interest rates need to go up. There's no way around it. We are facing another housing collapse and bond market crash. People's retirements are about to take major hits, as well as the housing market.
It doesn't take a psychic to see this coming, but I did see it recently in a meditative vision. I viewed a future headline on my phone that said, "Debt Markets Collapse." That means the bond market. Next to this headline was another article with an outline of Queen Elizabeth in purple (I think it was a picture of a pound sterling note). This part of the vision probably means the dollar will be worth less against the pound and other currencies. When does this happen? It's years overdue. In my vision, it was hot. I was waiting at a transit stop under a loquat tree with other passengers who were getting ready to put their masks on. I don't generally take the bus, but who knows? I think this might happen in August, when I plan a trip to CA, where there are loquat trees.
Please do not base financial decisions on my advice. Do your research.

Topic starter Posted : June 16, 2021 5:04 PM