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The Greek can go fuck himself

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I've followed some of his talks starting with freeman, I think he makes some interesting points... I basically agree with you, but also he never clarified which Bible he reads/ which is the "correct" one. The idea that the "gods" are actual physical entities hiding somewhere and our only hope is to petition them is pretty silly. He reminds me a little of Chris Knowles (who I generally appreciate and respect) in the sense of being a bit nihilistic and self-felating because he's figured out what the hoi polloi can't. Also I'm not sure in what delusional world he thinks it makes sense to charge $25 a month on patreon to listen to why you're a useless idiot he deigns to bless with his voice. 

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Totally agree.  The guy comes across as a would-be cult leader.  Hours of narcissistic babble, with nothing actionable for the audience, and nothing to verify or substantiate his claims.  Definitely not my favorite guest.

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Eh, I think the Greek is, like the kids these days like to say, a little autistic.  Not the best people person, you might say.  He knows some stuff, I know that for sure, but idk what he is trying to offer for 25 bucks a months. 

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Dang bro. He really hit a nerve with you. Might be something deeper for you to examine there.

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