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The Greek can go fuck himself

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This is why I don't usually reply to these kind of forums....joined Crrow777 and they were quite abusive on the forum..we listen to chilled out nice, informative people and then the forums are crazy....

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@thunderbird same!! it was terrible there

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I am actively snooping around for this "above ivy league" school without sounding like a crazy person 🤣  i have a few friends who i feel like would have brush against this circle should one even exist.... it is probably nothing but if there's something... i will report back here ✅


also yea... fuck this guy... it's hilarious how his entire outlook is everything and nothing at all. Super convenient. 

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i'm just 30 mins so i can't fully comment but i can say this... one of my biggest pet peeves for speakers, podcast guests, etc. is the excessive use of 'right' at the end of sentences.  


the person may have the genuine cure for cancer, right?  but i just stop listening after my right threshold is met, right?


its just so annoying, right?


also, i want to point out that i am an easy crowd when it comes to comedians, podcast hosts, guests (after all i have down those things myself)... but i just can't get past the excessive use of right, right?

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@frater222 its an attempt to convince greg he knows what hes talking about... usually used by people who dont

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@frater222 I know you're right in making the case for overly using the word 'right', right? 😀 

I mean, everyone gets tired when folks overly use that word, right? You do agree with me, right? 🤔 

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Wow, so tell us what you really think! Lol


The Greek knows a bit about esoteric matters, perhaps his material or his style/personality isn't for everyone.


I liked it, but it's all in the ear of the beholder, right?

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Obviously, you've never heard of Jan Irvin

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