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I was listening through the archives this week and caught the second intervew with Dean Dominic DeLucia on hollow earth etc. Now, some of his takes were pretty absurd and not particlarly well-informed IMO.... but he brought some really interesting stories and mythology to the table and it was well worth the listen. (I think a lot of conspiracy theorists fit into two camps... good researcher of information vs good interpreter of information. You don't always get both. And while I value both types... they don't always know which one they are XD. Takes all kinds in this field...)

Anyway... I followed the link to his website: http://www.holloworbs.com/ And what an internet 1.0 delight! Absurd claims in bold titles at the top of the page? Yes. A labyrinth of links at the bottom of the page with no search bar or index in sight? Yes. Graphic button at the bottom linking to their Yahoo Groups page?! Oh. My. God. YES.

THIS is what conspiracy theorizing on the interenet is supposed to be. Not some hackneyed youtube voiceover with google image search results and doom music. Not some facebook page. But when you get to the HTML1 archive of walls of blue text, you know you've got the good stuff.

I remember, maybe 7-8 years ago, thinking that I was a little too secure in my conspiratorial worldview, so I wanted to see if I could disprove myself in something I thought I knew: that the "Roswell Autopsy Footage" was a hoax. So I punched it into google. Within 2 or 3 pages, got to one of these old school websites, and they had all the stuff. Turns out the guy who gave up the footage on his death bed didn't know where he was, just that it was in the NM desert. It was assumed to be Roswell because everyone "knew" the Aztec incident was a hoax... and details didn't line up with Roswell, so the Autopsy video was thoroughly debunked. Well, turns out the Aztec debunking was the result of a highly orchestrated government smear campaign (See: The Aztec UFO Incident by Scott and Suzanne Ramsay), and when you place the autopsy at Aztec, the details line up perfectly! Plus, medical doctors who viewed the video have stated that the autopsy procedures followed are methodologically correct, and that there would be no way to fake the attachment of various organs and membranes as depicted, and in their opinion the film was genuine.

Mind... blown! And in 2015 or so, I could just google "Alien Autopsy Video", find my way to an old school info site, and get my mind expanded. But try that now. Not only is google thoroughly and completely compromised, but every alternate search engine I've tried returns the same rats nest of affiliate links and unrelated sponsored content... you just can't search for this stuff any more. The awesome site were I learned about the autopsy video is now lost to me. No search engine will take me there. The only way to get that information now is to share it from peer to peer.

So my request to you, THCers, is to pass around the good stuff. What dusty old bookmarks do you have lying around that fit this description? Post them in here, and we can keep the truth going around.

I'll start with the other aweome old school site I have bookmarked: https://bibliotecapleyades.net/


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