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Censorship in Canada

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Greg, I know you've mentioned it before but I am wondering if you have any plan about how to circumvent censorship? I'm in Canada and our federal government has recently passed a major censorship bill and I'm worried how far they will push it. Will they suddenly be able to block certain episodes from my podcast feed? Will they start blocking websites? I guess my biggest fear is that you would put out an episode and they would see it and somehow ban it or block it so that I couldn't even see that you had posted it. Maybe I'm overreacting, or maybe its something that they could come up with in the future, I don't know how far they would go.

There is already current talk about the Canadian Government wanting to ban Fox news broadcasts here in Canada. The premier (aka US: governor) of Alberta just got a Facebook time out this week (not sure what she posted and I know that Americans are probably not surprised to have a political leader silenced by big tech, but it feels much more shocking now that its here too).

I love your stuff, I've been a plus subscriber since like 2014 and I don't want to see you censored! Your work is so important and valuable and I've loved being on this journey with you! I think even something like a monthly email from you on say the 30th of the month listing that months episodes would be good just to make sure that everyone is getting them!