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Best THC adjacent media?

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What are some movies, books, comics, video games that do a good job of treating our topics?

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Occasionally I like mysterious universe 

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its too weird for most people

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I really enjoyed british utopia tv show and was pissed when usa bought it as the uk got cancelled before final season.

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Let's see...

Gordon did an interview with Miguel Connor where they talked their Top 10 Cyberpunk films...

Honestly, both of their channels are great for media recommendations. Aeon Byte has an intro that is mostly just film clips, and he refers to films a lot in how he frames his thinking, so if you listen to Aeon Byte much you're bound to get good recommendations there.

And Gordon was a film major before he was a professional magician, so his material is crawling with film. If you sign up for his members area, the opening module of each course usually contains film and media recommendations that tie in with the topic at hand, which is fun when you're into that kind of thing.

And here's his post on the 72 most "Rune Soup" films of the last decade: