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Ryan Dawson drops Holocomania (The Holohoax is the key to the fall of the West...)

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I won't hold my breath for an invite by Greg to come on THC to discuss WWII revisionism & the Holohoax, tho: 

my post on Dawson's substack:

I tired listening to the David Duke audiobook portion of part one at work last night. It was pretty good so far. For some reason on my mobile Telegram app I can access all portions of the documentary, but on my desktop I'm not able to go back further than parts 4/5 (Auschwitz). I listened to a fair amount of TDS a few years ago, and that was probably the best, lasting content I got from them (WWII revisionism, Holocaust™ debunking). It only took me a few weeks browsing infographics and posts on /pol/, after gravitating there from conspiracy sites circa 2016 and the Podesta & HRC e-mail drops from Wikileaks (and their correlating Pizza/Pedogate intrigue; as well there being compelling threads and research on the developing Las Vegas massacre, too, I guess) to get sufficiently redpilled that the official Holocaust™ narrative was largely another hoax or fraudulent. I had listened to the Dennis Wise (documentarian of The Greatest Story Never Told) interview on Red Ice, I'm sure, since Palmgren was pushing the envelope even back in 2014. Still, WWII revisionism was and still is a 'third rail' in the predominance of 'mainstream' conspiracy culture, which probably indicates a level of co-option, at the personality level. I'm sure it's a self-imposed or voluntary co-option, too, since these podcasts (let's take The Higherside Chats, for example) has granola shitlibs as a considerable portion of their subscriber base, and why would these hosts jeopardize their income flow by pandering to the fringe 'Nazis' and Holocaust™ deniers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I should become more adept and knowledgeable on this 'final frontier' of conspiratorial intrigue. I believe these are supposed to be good, archived threads on the topic(s):

The Holohoax is the key to the fall of the West...


Jews: (((critical race theory))), the holohoax and slavery



Dawson's Creek

This should go without saying but unfortunately in today's age nuance is dead.

This film series (membership only) is for educational purposes. In no way does anyone involved endorse or promote or excuse, National Socialism, the Third Reich, Hitler, or war crimes. Likewise we also stand firmly against the allied crimes of nuking and fire bombing civilian cities, the use of torture, killing POWs, intentional starvation, post war looting, rape, gulags and internment camps.

WWII was a horrendous event which would have been avoidable had we learned the lessons of WWI.

These films are not Holocaust "denial" virtually no revisionist position denies the enslavement and murder of Jews and other enemies of the state in camps through out Poland and Germany. The issue is the degree and methods which matter because without the atrocity porn, WWII is no longer good vs evil but state vs state just like WWI. The lessons about land annexation and collectively brutalized the innocent have still not been learned.

Exaggerating an atrocity for profit is one of the lowest things a human being can do. Every lie about the Holocaust undermines the very real truth about what happened which doesn't need any exaggerations. The psych war has effected generations of people not even born during the war and it has an impact on modern war propaganda.

To quote a prominent Jewish thinker Jeremy Kauffman "War is gay"

Ep. 144 - Holocomania ft. Ryan Dawson(History Homos podcast)

Posted : March 6, 2023 5:49 AM