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Jim Fetzer hospitalized @ 82 (or maybe he's 83)

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Based official Holocaust™ narrative denier and mainstream Sandy Hook narrative debunker is sick in hospital (pneumonia, heart attack, low blood O2) and needs /pol/'s prayers and visualization for revitalization. Do the right thing, you gd black magicians on THC and Lazarus this mf.

recent podcast interview:
Jim Fetzer returned to drop some bombs.

From an e-mail correspondence from someone in Fetzer's circle:

Hello Everyone:

I am sorry to report that Jim has been hospitalized. He took his wife out to their favorite Mexican restaurant on Valentine’s day and said afterward began to feel bad. The next day he realized that something other than indigestion was going on.

He went to his nearby hospital and found out that his blood oxygen level was at 74% and also that he had pneumonia. After further testing, it was determined that the low oxygen level had caused a heart attack.

I spoke with him Sunday (yesterday), and he sounded good and was optimistic that he would get through this situation. He also promised that he had given solid instructions that he would not be placed on a ventilator.

I will let you know his situation as I learn more.

Praying for Jim is not enough, please also visualize Jim back to work and healthy by Easter. Building the expectation that Jim will be here with us doing his everyday wonderful things in the near future will help cause that to come into reality.

I will update you as soon as I hear anything new...






Posted : February 21, 2023 8:17 PM