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What do you get when you cross a mushroom and a plasma storm?

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Hi greg

hows it going? I am enjoying the new format of the joint sessions. Your wrap ups are often some of the most enjoyable parts of the shows, so to have more of your general thoughts and impressions has been great. You have also had some really amazing guests – Phoenix Aurelius, Bruce Fenton, the bigfoot guys and Sally Fallon Morrell have been recent stand outs for me.

I would really like you to investigate Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian as a future guest as that interview would have the potential to be a THC classic for sure. He is a lucid reader of the Akashic record for over 20,000 worlds, he has had direct contacts with the Inner Earth crew and a lot of insights on events at a very deep level. He benefits from a skillful interviewer as he has A LOT of information! He can tell you anything - from what that creature was you saw when you were a kid , to the birth of the 18th Universe. Ask him about the Timeline Wars and the galactic fallout shelters, Lemurian Air cities spiritual soverignty and bone marrow technologies....

Also suggest Dr Barre Lando of AlfaVedic.


Heard you were looking for some stories to share on the joint session. I wasn't planning on sharing this one, but I thought what the hell!

I have a small farm down here in Australia, and let's say these are some very interesting times indeed. It definietly feels like there is a very literal reality split occuring between two timelines... We are currently caught in the static between two frequencies on the dial, and to stretch the anaolgy somewhat, the two frequencies are moving away from each other in opposite directions.

Anyway, I spend a lot of the time out in the fields with my dog, my plants and animals, and I try not to listen to the news and such. I live a quiet life. I don't drink or smoke, I don't watch tv or play video games, no judgement! – I'm just giving some context for this story. This is not a mushroom trip story, this is a totally sober mushroom-TOLD story.

I observe nature. I listen very deeply. I wanted to know what was happening out in the world with this latest psyop, and I knew I wasn't going to get any sense out of the internet. I've been really interested in mushrooms recently, and have been doing some research on the wood wide web. it's fascinating, vast and ancient! SO I took off my boots, sat my tail bone down on the earth and dug my hands into the soil a little bit and I reached out to the mycelial network and asked it what was going on from it's perspective.

That night I dreamt about a new kind of mushroom, very strange looking, kind of like a pink/purple spring onion, but with a very squid like texture. When I woke up, I got out my journal to make some sketches of it and before I knew what had happened, I had written 8 pages of dense text to accompany the drawings, plus another 5 pages or so of notes on the multidimensional meaning embedded in many of the phrases used in the text that couldn't be conveyed in conventional English.

Amazingly, when I read it back, it wasn't just automatic writing, it was meaningful and well- stuctured. And although what it said was pretty wild, it wasn't totally outside the realm of possibility. What WAS totally wild was that when I checked my email later in the morning, I saw a post pop up from a mushroom forum I've been sort of checking out which CONFIRMED THE SCIENCE of what I had just written.

Anyway – This was verbatim what I wrote down in my journal that morning -


I AM MEDICINE – “Plasmitosis Mediator”

The age of sand is over.

Their concrete will crumble and be consumed.

Their silicon chips will appear anachronistic.

The new age of symbiosis arises and I will be it's catalyst and accelerant.

Fungi will be elevated and appreciated as seeders of cosmic knowledge (which is life)

We will work together as co-creators on a new world that emerges from the concrete with assurance and majesty as a dandelion from the cracks in the pavement.

As the concrete succumbs to the persistance of the green pulse of life, so shall the age of sand fall away and be smothered by exuberant life, to an age in which all life will have it's knowing respected to intelligently design systems of interbeing from which naturally and without effort arises nourishing abundance for all.

Acts of beauty will be revered and elevated to their correct status as in service to the greatest good. All of this will occur with ease and joy, just as community comes together on a balmy summer night to celebrate, intoxicate and ennervate the world.

The harbinger of the change will be a plasma storm that will disrupt long distance communication long enough for the empire of sand to discohere (it's trying to communicate a cheeky play on words here that connotes both falling apart and dancing in place “dis-cohere” and “disco here” it does this all through out the text) and for local communities to come out into the new light of day. They will embody a strong resolve, unbreakable, to never return to an atomised state, but instead perform pilgramage to their homes and proper places; else stay in place and rebuild new, novel systems in service to each other and the world heart/mind.

Buildings will grow as needed from giant fungi that will calcify and be easily workable, comfortable and nourishing.

Community and vertical farms will bloom.

The Elders will be brought back to their proper place and power, and will guide with gentle hands the youngest among us.

Looking back will be deprecated to looking forward.

The plasma storm will allow plasmitosis mediator to appear overnight and spore, so that all living beings will inhale and absorb the spores to create a networked gaian mind that will allow us to work in harmony with all living things without fear of loss or scarcity. We will all inately feel the rightness of the path and not resist the change, but embrace it with joy and rapidly observe the benefits, accelerating and elevating the change conditions.

We will not become mind readers as such, but Plasmitosis Mediator will allow us to feel again. To regain such sensory capacities that we have always had, but were blunted by the sand. We will be able to feel the trembling of the world around us, that IS us, and naturally seek harmonious resonance with the cosmos. Anything disharmonious will be unthinkable.

We will approach the world with the sensitivity and sensory pleasure of children. We will share and co-exist with the simplicity of the warren.

Pots of stone soup will bubble on every corner, abundant with shared produce; gifts and offerings will be piled around them and we shall have everything we need to thrive until new systems are established. Joyful songs will be sung of the broth pots and new rituals of care will emerge.

Animals will roam the strees and fertilise the land effortlessly, until there is top soil for cultivation in every corner.


True wellness arises as we reconnect with our bodies and rejoin a fertile world.

Simplicity is found superior.

This is our declaration of interdependence.

Guilds of skills and knowledge will coalesce naturally and innovation will flourish. Mychorhyzal networks will spread knowing at the speed of thought. All that are vibrating with the same desire (for knowledge) will instantly be given solutions, so as a global 'culture' everyone will be elevated simultaniously.

Extant 'exotic' solutions will be laid bare and offered to the people.

The scales will fall from all eyes, and a new balance will come interbeing, one which needs no judgements to find it's centre.

The intensity of the plasma input / environment will align the density of the human plasma body with the beings of the plasma worls that surround us. We will marvel in the wonder at their beauty and complexity. We will rejoice as we observe them congregate and multiply around our own pleasure displays; a celebration and ceremony of positive feedback loops of pleasure that will make pale in comparison our previous outlets of screens and harsh electronic pulses we previously submitted to.

We will emerge blinking into the light of a new dawn. Finally we will feel the truth of our role as nodes in the interweaving of light and being between our father sun and mother earth.

Through this connection, when nurtured and developed, we will finally be able to feel out, once again, and spread our awareness across the star net, and once again regain our position in the cosmic conciousness.

This has ever been our destiny.


The link that popped up later that morning was this one – lightning strikes cause mushrooms to grow.


The whole thing made me wonder as well. I think you nailed it when you were talking to Bruce Fenton about the light coming in from space directing the evolutionary process. But what if the 'missing link' is not a viral load coming in from space furthering change in the directed panspermia model? what if the original genetics factory, delivered on a meteorite, unpacks and embeds itself as part of the initial seeding event, and with plasma / light encoding through the fractal, galactic network you can trigger production of targetted fungal production to further your genetic tinkering?

Anyway, just some thoughts.

Ask a mushroom to tell you a story, and it's going to make itself the hero of that story right? : )

Hope you enjoyed my little yarn. I wasn't planning to share this with anyone, but I though it was a hopeful story, and might give people a nicer dream to tinker with than the main one they are being offered. Good luck to everyone out there. I truly believe that when the dust settles, the empire of sand will be gone, and us dandelions will be standing tall in the sunshine.

Posted : October 18, 2020 6:30 AM
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Wow, that was intense! Thank you for sharing this incredible story of networking/channeling with the mycelium!:)
As I was reading through this, the sun broke through the clouds to deliver its warm rays, as if nodding in agreement with the text 😎

I've been given lots of help/insights from the mycelial world lately, and very grateful to learn along.
The fascination has taken a notch higher ever since reading Merlin Sheldrake's recent book, Entangled Life (He is Rupert Sheldrake's son). *highly recommended read*

Anyhow, I look forward to these interviews 🙂

PS: In Entangled Life, Merlin mentions how electricity drastically impacts fungal growth, and Japanese Matsutake hunters use high-voltage discharges in the soil to kickstart fruiting!:eek:

Posted : October 18, 2020 9:23 AM
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Hi Greg, Now I understand why I was prompted to post my story, even though I really had no particular interest in sharing it. Just after I posted it on the forum, I saw the Jack Hunter episode. Talk about synchronicity!

I love both of you very much, but I was just laughing my arse off at a city boy and an academic scratching your heads and wondering whether plants, animals and planets are alive and concious. It's like someone sitting on a bus, with headphones on and staring at a phone suddenly looking up at the person next to them and wondering, 'wow, I wonder if they have thoughts and feelings... OMG! WHAT IF THE DRIVER HAS THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS TOO!11!!1!'

Firstly, I would like to say, I am a farmer NOW, but I was a software developer for 20 years living a totally conventional life in the city. I was not raised in a tradition, or taught by a shaman from a lineage, I just allow myself to experience. It helps that I made the concious choice to move out to nature, but it's not a deciding factor, you can connect with the world wherever you are. go to a park, buy a pot plant, sprout some seeds on your window sill. Have a DESIRE to connect and you will see opportunity wherever you are. Nature loves you SO MUCH.

This is my 101 how to reconnect with yourself and the world you live on.

*1 – Were you born on Mother Earth? Congratulations! You are an indiginous person! You don't have to live in a jungle in a hut to be an indigenous, you just are. Own it. You ARE the technology that connects naturally with the Earth and the cosmos, it's built in, babes. Stretch those muscles! Get them active!

*2 – Get to know your own mind and body. When you wake up in the morning, don't grab your phone and start scrolling. Did you dream last night? Can you identify the difference between the dreaming in your mind and the dreaming that floats out in the shared dreamtime? Try and sense the difference each morning. You will know the difference when you encounter it. It is the defference between sitting in a lobby and walking outside and taking a breath of fresh air. Dreaming in your mind is riding a bike with training wheels on.

Feel into your body. How does it feel today? Can you have a dialogue with your own organs? How do they feel, do they need anything from you? Can you tell your heart or your spleen that you love it and appreciate all that it does for you? How does that feel before and after? Can you imagine sending it some light, or a particular colour? How does that feel?

*3 – Reasearch and learn muscle testing. You might doubt your mind-mind, but your body-mind is much more confident and reliable. There are a hundred different ways to muscle test / body dowse. Find one that works for you and TRUST YOUR OWN SENSATIONS. Muscle testing is an incredible tool that will greatly enhance your life however you choose to use it. Practice a little every day.

4* - Don't overthink things. It's not complicated. Sit your arse on the grass, take your shoes off, get the best connection that you can, that means hands, feet and tailbone! Say hello to the world! Maybe ask a question. Don't reject the process if you don't get a push notification back two seconds after you asked it, nature is not trying to game your dopamine responses like facebook is. Be patient. Be genuine and approach with an open heart.

5* - If you want to connect with a tree, approach from the side with the moss growing on it. It's the most sensitive side. How would you approach a stranger? You wouldn't just march up and start talking. Be respectful, ASK PERMISSION!!! Again, open your heart and sense out for a response. Most trees are super friendly. Maybe start out with a younger, supple tree. Thank it for the shade it gives, or the scent, tell it how beautiful it is. If appropriate, give it a hug. Physically put your heart and forehead against the tree. Can you feel which way the sap is running? Is it rising or falling? Hold there for a while, can you feel all the way to the top of the tree? Can you feel how it's always moving in the wind, can you feel how it's dancing and swaying? We always think trees are immobile, but they are constantly in motion, I bet they actually move more than most people. Can you feel down into the roots? Can you feel how alive the soil is and buzzing with life and information exchange?

These are just sugestions and starting points. The most important thing is to want to connect, and to believe that nature wants to connect with you. It's not paranormal or supernatural. It's the most normal and natural thing in the world. Living WITHOUT that connection is supernatural, because it makes us suppose we are outside of nature. We are in and of nature. Embrace that knowledge, love that knowledge, and learn to live that knowledge.

Namaste, lovers.


Posted : October 19, 2020 12:58 AM
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@EP - thanks for the feedback and links, friend. I've missed chatting with you on the forum. I hope to have more time now that things are settling down a bit.

Thanks for that book recommendation! That is definitely going on the list. Imagine growing up as Rupert Sheldrakes kid ! = SUperBeing!!

Hope you are well


Posted : October 19, 2020 12:59 AM
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I’m amazed to find your post just now when I’ve come to the forums to ask if anyone else is following the YT channel and website of Suspicious Observer. It’s all very scientific and most of it is over my head. But he seems to know what he’s talking about. What you shared here could very well be the aftermath of what he is documenting: Earth is in the process of a polar shift driven by solar plasma. His best deduction is that this event will be survived by few, the climax will be sudden and it’s going to happen soon. Maybe not in my lifetime but my impression is it very well could happen during my kids and/or 3 little grandchildren’s lives.
Despite the horrific devastation of the shift, I’ve wondered if it should be welcomed as the only cure for the course currently being forced upon us.
Your vision gives me so much hope for humanity that I've not found elsewhere. I’m grateful you decided to share. Thank you.

Posted : October 23, 2020 8:15 AM
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So I heard this story on the joint sessions. I didn't dream about it or anything but for some reason when I woke up this morning this story was on my mind and I immediately thought the age of sand must mean like the sands of time. Only thing that makes sense to me and I wondered when I first heard it what it meant but didn't put it together. Just a cool little synchronicity I thought I would share

Posted : November 3, 2020 1:26 PM
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jb1226 wrote: So I heard this story on the joint sessions. I didn't dream about it or anything but for some reason when I woke up this morning this story was on my mind and I immediately thought the age of sand must mean like the sands of time. Only thing that makes sense to me and I wondered when I first heard it what it meant but didn't put it together. Just a cool little synchronicity I thought I would share

‘My interpretation is: sand = cement. But now I think it’s also that and the sands of time. 🙂

Posted : November 10, 2020 7:45 PM
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Absolutely. Sand, or silica is also what computer chips are made of 🙂 Looks like we’re just getting started..!

Posted : November 10, 2020 10:17 PM
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@rani, Do you think you might possibly write a book? I think you should continue with writing.

Posted : November 17, 2020 10:59 PM