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Sleep aid info - less magnesium

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Hey Greg.

To you and your family - welcome to Florida.

I'm glad to hear that the magnesium helped with the RLS. That dosage seems drastic, though - so if you're interested, I can offer some advice that might prevent the necessity of relying on that much magnesium every day.

In Florida it's important to keep up on all of your electrolytes during the day. If you find yourselves with nighttime muscle cramps, make sure you get enough electrolytes. This will be my fourth summer in Florida, my wife and I wintered here since 1995. Summer isn't as hot as I expected.

As far as sleep, we use a quick dissolve 10mg melatonin and a hemp oil gummie. Not CBD or THC - we call it Dream Candy - the dreams are pretty vivid, especially if you take two gummies. Our dogs get similar nighttime treats.

We get ours from Amazon:

21st Century, Melatonin Quick Dissolve Tablets 10 mg, White ...

Vitamax Hemp Gummies - Great for Peace & Relaxation - SaltStick FastChews, Electrolyte Replacement Tablets ...

Calcium is a sedative and muscle relaxer, which we take nightly (600 mg) as well as a magnesium.

We drink black coffee all day and have no problem sleeping for 7 hours every night.

12 capsules of anything seems like a lot of you're not actually in danger of dying without it.

Good luck in Florida. The shows are awesome. Best wishes for your family.

Bill & Val

Posted : June 9, 2023 8:18 PM
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