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Jason Crowe is the lead developer of Qortal.  Your previous guess Mike Winner discussed Qortal a few years ago on the Alfa Vedic episode.  After that episode, myself and many other listeners from THC joined Qortal.  Since that time, so many changes have happened to the crypto world and Qortal is truly staged to replace all-that-is centralized.  Having Crowe on will be able to explain the significance of Qortal and how it, to me, is the only viable option to counteract CBDCs, centralization, etc.  We all believe in sovereignty, decentralization, and freedom of speech, how many platforms have actually been truly aligned to those values to the core?  

Below are links to the general website and to the most recent newsletter. 

QORTAL - Building The Decentralized Internet For The Future

Qortal Newsletter Update: May 2023 Edition - Qortal

Posted : May 14, 2023 2:22 PM
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