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Hey guys,

I just wanted to clarify some things that would really increase the chances of a guest request getting though. Honestly, I get too many to keep track up, from all sorts of places: Email, publishers, social media, tech support requests (which you should never do!) etc.

It takes time to really get into what a person is about, so before I invest the time, these are the things I'm looking for:

-Tell me why this person is a good fit for THC. Give me some details about their work. Please don't just say "he's an occultist." Tel me why this occultist is better than the other 100 I could choose. Why do they stand out to you? Why are they unique?

-Link me to their website. Sometimes it's not as easy to find as you might think.

-Link me to a previous interview that you liked. If I go and find one on my own, maybe I find a dud and decide to pass. Why leave it up to chance?

-Link me to their contact info. So many times I spend a few hours getting into a person's work, and they have no contact info on their website and I hit a dead end. A lot of guest requests end at this point. We might agree that a person makes a great guest, but if I can't get in tough with them, then I can't get in touch with them. If you can't find any form of contact, or manager, or publisher....then I probably won't be able to either.

These aren't requirements, but they all help me vet new people I might not have heard of, and take the guess work out of determining if they're as good of a speaker as they might be a writer, and how I can actually make contact. Just trying to make this all easier on all of us. Thanks!

Posted : June 22, 2021 8:44 PM
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Inelia Benz.

She's a great fit for an interview with you, greg, because of your interview style. specifically, she doesn't know what we don't know, but she holds the entire forest and all existing forests within her awareness, so if you can ask a good curious question about a tree, she can focus on that tree for you. figuratively speaking. Her original reason for incarnation was to raise the vibration of the planet... as her child mind explained to her mom... to make the world buzz better, and to work on these things that looks like a typewriter but has a tv on top when she grows up. (interesting topic in itself.. incarnation as a human and memory of past lives, pre birth children and their process of incarnation) anyway, raise the vibration is interpreted by most people incorrectly. it is raising the volume of every expression frequency which make it more obvious what the frequency of an expression is. unmistakably different. obvious. louder. (id say she was successful considering how secrets are not so secret anymore if you care to look, your podcast is a perfect example). she retired from that job request in 2017, was scheduled to actually exit (as in die), and has since chosen instead to continue to work but only with high frequency groups, because the low frequency ones have gotten kinda boring and predictably solely about power over others games, while high frequency beings have fewer limits to the expressions they will create (also an interesting topic to dive into, death and choice and exit points and agreement including trick agreements). she is a well published author favoring using fictional story telling of factual events she has personally experienced in order to slip them past your firewalls of the rational minds subconscious filters. so the events are real, many characters are real, but the story line connecting the facts is inserted into a memorable and engaging narrative story which definitely helps. oddly, however, these books have an expansion of awareness aspect to them, which makes reading them an odd experience. once through if you try to remember what's in the book, most likely you'll have forgotten big parts, as your conscious mind 'fights' to maintain you current reality construct, as it is designed to. she has shared that proof readers have a real tough time finding typos because they get moved into an altered state while reading and the text doesn't stand out so much anymore, as the concepts are being absorbed instead of words and letters. one person tried to proof read it by reading it from the end to the front backwards instead to try and avoid the altered state thing. i tried by making two passes through. second pass through i got to a point that i remembered as the end of the book, but found i had an entire half left that i didn't recall! trippy man.

Topically, she's pretty much able to expand you and the audiences awareness around some pretty cool topics, like, psychic assassins mk ultra super soldier child black government alien projects, explored in

interdimensional angelics and what they really think about religion? if you feel like getting completely blown out of the narrow band of reality you mostly exist in...

annunaki rumni(shapeshifting reptilians) historical relationship and origins of humans body and souls. And the second in the this series is nearly ready for publishing thank god because it such a gripping thrill ride.

A printed copy of the 2012-2017 blog, useable as an oracle for your personal ascension process.

ascension is defined in this case as an expansion of your awareness. it isn't really specific to high frequency. there are obviously very expanded awareness dark worker individuals. high awareness and psychic ability and expanded awareness do not mean high frequency, yet, many of us assume a really psychic person, super connected with interdimensional beings or angels or aliens, or whatever should know better than to, for example, get the corona vaccine. but they do. for the most absurd seeming reasons like "so i can travel". awareness level and frequency are great topics to expand on question wise, because we tend to look for guidance from more aware people, which is a seemingly good idea, but we should also check their frequency to see if its a match for what we are. obvious in hindsight, but not so obvious when you first start seeking and find psychic and energy workers who turn out to be sexual predators or whatever.

of course, there is corona
and the jab.

and no, she didn't and will not, and doesn't mince words about it.

an interview that pretty much universally everyone mentions that is where they found her and is the first thing they saw that attracted them to her work is this one from a decade ago. this was her first public interview, as all her work prior was behind the scenes.

my favorite exercise. in it you go on a journey with gaia to the place on the planet you'd be most supported at. you will also notice a proliferation of orbs come into the scene partway in.. incredibly cool. little known factoid.. the chi gong master who participated in the circle was moved to die during this journey and inelia decided to retrieve her right afterwards. dang. there's a story there for sure.

additional, she is a big fan of your own podcast, and mentions it frequently in her own.

contact at

if you want free copies of the books, i can mail you a set of paper ones. if you want electronic copies i can get you some links. contact me here or email is fine too.

Posted : September 4, 2021 8:47 PM
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Excerpt from “driving to the Rez”

One of the keys to a long healthy live is :

Sit down for yourself and say ,Oke human collective ,tap in to that expanded awareness ,that you ARE the human collective.

What role can i play on this planet that will support the High Frequency Human Collective's Intents.

(Larry) Oh ,that's a valuable thing to say and ask.

And then figure it out.

Draw cards

Have a lucid dream

Keep a journal

Create a language that your higher self ,the human collective ,can communicate with you ,and you can understand ,to give you answers ,enlist help if you need it ,and guaranteed ,once you make that decision and step in to that role you will live another life time.

You don't serve the human collective

You ARE the human collective.

We have this chance to step in to the human collective. Not serving the human collective. Not being a slave to the human collective ,not being individually separate from the human collective ,we have a chance to Be the human collective. Embody the "be the human collective".

And you know ,when ever you do ,like in a manifestation item ,or anything ,or buy a car ,or buy a house ,or get a new job ,go deep in to your self and say ,how does this facilitate the embodiment of the new paradigm for the human collective / High Frequency Human Collective

Posted : September 13, 2021 5:50 PM
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Maja is the female Gordon White and she's got 10 years on him as well as her Magic School in LA happened many moons ago. I'm going to look for your PO box and mail you all of her books so you can see what we're talking about. 


Check out  to learn more about Maja or at Inner Traditions. 


  1. Familiars in Witchcraft: Supernatural Guardians in the Magical Traditions of the World (audiobook available as well)
  2. Occult I-Ching 
  3. A Witch's Bestiary: Visions of Supernatural Creatures

    She can talk about anything, not just magic and witchcraft. So your interview style would be great for here because you can ask her about anything and she can level up the THC magic thread 10-fold. She is walking magic. So the work presented in the above books are relevant to the conspiracy world (who's behind the curtain) and reality at large (what are we are where are we) so we your listeners would be in for a treat.

    There are great podcasts with her out there but she definitely needs the THC treatment and your audience could use some more female voices telling it like it is. And she is familiar with your podcast as well. She liked the Bock Saga ones.

    Maybe you two could do divination on the show or use the iching, tarot, to ask a question. Could be illuminating and a change of pace.

    She can also offer solutions and or practices or advice for the listeners, so a real take-a-way, which is always appreciated.

    It's cool to listen to cool ideas and learn stuff so I can change ideas, but give me something I can try and do and I'm literally a changed man.

    Youtube videos 



    Maja is a practicing Witch who performs public rituals and gives educational lectures. Maja's interest in Alchemy, magic and the esoteric sciences spans her entire lifetime. After completing her Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, Maja studied oriental medicine, martial arts and acupuncture, later earning her Masters degree in Transformational Psychology. Maja worked for 11 years as the librarian of Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society. Author of several books, journal articles and blog content Maja writes and is a visual artist. Currently Maja is starting a public educational non-profit 501 c-3 called The Well Wishers which focuses on teaching wellness and esoteric sciences to the community.

  5. Podcasts:
    1. Aeon Byte 
    2. End of the Road
    3. Coast to Coast
Posted : February 4, 2022 7:46 PM
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-Tell me why this person is a good fit for THC. 
Runs the non-profit 'Alternative Energy Research Institute', living off grid for 20+ years, building a boat to track down extinct marine life that he believe still exists, lives in a 'pyramid' he designed himself, is a multi-instrumentalist, designs and builds string instruments, wind turbines etc, loads of interesting takes / stories on all the spiritual, scientific, conspiratorial THC goodness topics like twin-synchronicity/telepathy, reincarnation, the time he climbed the giza pyramid, why we went to Mars recently (check the interview below)

-Link me to their website.  
(Alternative Energy Research Institute)


-Link me to a previous interview that you liked. 
Skip to 38min, long intro!! It's pretty buddy-chatty and they dont talk about his projects much but you get an idea of his mad mind lol.


-Link me to their contact info.



Posted : April 6, 2022 1:24 AM
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Dr. Narco Longo 

YouTube: Old World Florida

IG: old_world_florida

Recent Podcast Interview: PalmWavePodcast

Original Documentary “THE SAXER STONES” on YouTube about a Florida Man who has cataloged thousands of megalithic stone anchors in a concentrated area of FL.

His content documents many fascinating aspects of Floridian history, from the Seminole so-called Indians and their Moorish roots, to the undersea remains of megalithic construction and more:

  • Large population of elephants, pictured in the earliest photographs from Florida
  • Subterranean tunnel networks (where nobody even has basements)
  • Ancient trees - some of oldest on earth
  • Atlantian/Tartarian sea port of Tampa Bay
  • Links to the Mayans, just across the gulf from the Yucatán
  • Massive Moorish construction in the area
  • Mudfloods?
  • Coral Castle

 just to name a few.

I think Dr. Narco would be an amazing guest, in the vein of a Michael Wann or Ras Ben or Jim Vierra and others who advocate for ancient discoveries being made in our own backyards.


thanks Greg!

Posted : October 17, 2022 1:03 PM
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