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White House announces new upcoming big mandates

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The control freaks have just announced, via The White House, all employers with over 100 employees must mandate the jab or regular testing. There’s more, including school employees, events, masking for inter-state travel. (We have to mask up in the car?) No date set yet for implementation.

Here’s the announcement:

Posted : September 9, 2021 9:45 PM
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I call BS.

But if they ARE serious, they must be itching to start a civil war.

Posted : September 10, 2021 4:32 AM
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Civil war won’t be very profitable for Billy but bottom line, I don’t think they care how they take us out.

I’m counting on your BS call being right.

Posted : September 10, 2021 6:25 AM
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I wonder if Boris will follow suit

Posted : September 10, 2021 1:30 PM
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smaddy wrote:
I wonder if Boris will follow suit

He might, if he feels invincible enough.

I noticed that Biden's own gibberish has brought this very logical argument to the forefront: https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/biden-let-truth-out-quick-thought-experiment

"Why should vaccinated people feel threatened by the unvaccinated?"

We went over to a friend's place to visit the other day and this topic came up. The friend, like a lot of people around us, drank up the Covid narrative and still believes it. Fortunately the friendship is stronger than the difference of beliefs so we were able to discuss this question peacefully. This guy has a degree in molecular biology and is no idiot; and this is why he believes the threat exists:

1. Unvaccinated are much more likely to unknowingly spread the disease.
2. The virus is mutating more easily due to hosts being unvaccinated.

I was going to argue that the virus will mutate anyway just like weeds and pests adapt to GMO crops; and that being vaccinated puts one MORE at risk from mutations, but chose not to and rather listened.

I asked about Sweden (where restrictions were comparatively negligible and vaccines are always elective) and he said Sweden was successful because of an excellent healthcare system, lower stress from better work/life balance and the "janteloven" ("for the greater good") cultural mindset - with lower stress being the major factor.

Like most empathetic people I know who happen to believe the Covid narrative, he does not think a vaccine mandate would be wise. But he also thinks that quitting one's job or school to avoid a mandated vaccine is on the individual, and is still a "choice":

"You always have a choice to do your part for the greater good, or accept the consequences"

Here's where I REALLY had to bite my tongue because the decision between giving up one's own bodily autonomy OR not being able to provide for themselves or their family anymore is as much of a "choice" as, say, pleasuring Harvey Weinstein on the casting couch to preserve one's acting career or even "choosing" to get into the cattle car or get shot. These are NOT choices and this sort of binary thinking is extremely destructive.

Anyway, these vaccine "mandates" are not gonna fly. Some people (including some in the comment section for the above article) are saying this is theatre to distract from another trillion dollar fleecing and tax law reform.

Posted : September 10, 2021 4:58 PM
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It's just fear-mongering to further enflame everyone Amygdala. As long as they keep everyone in a panic state about the virus and/or the government overreach around control people will ignore the hyperinflation we are seeing and the coming economic crash. In the USA, this is the same governing body that can barely execute an effective censuses survey of its citizens, they are far too inept to actually enforce all the mandates. They are counting on your compliance and the compliance of the business. However for every business that complies there will be one that doesn't. The unvaccinated will certainly have their choices of employment and services limited from these mandates but we will still have options. Unless they want to go full insano mode like Australia and enforce the mandates with the military they can't implement total control. And I think they've played out the domestic military enforcement strategy and don't like the way it plays out with the armed American citizens.

Posted : September 10, 2021 5:39 PM