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I find this topic to be one of my favorites. Alternate history and history hoax episodes are ones I always go back to listen to. But pre history is something I always think about, where did it all start, how long ago, who knows, and why don't we. I don't know why I'm posting just couldn't let there be zero post here. Hope all is well through these troubled times lol thanks Greg

Posted : May 25, 2021 4:24 AM
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Yeah me too on ancient history and pre-history; if you mean before the time of written records. Archeology, DNA profiling, grave research is about the only modern way to guess about it. It’s a shame most ancient libraries were destroyed....

Posted : June 8, 2021 1:14 AM
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Have they done a episode on Formenko and his 1000 years of miscalculations?
I have a hard time getting my head round it. As I have visit places and in UK we do have around 1000 years of written history and legal documents and even Pubs that are 900+ plus.
I've listened to some who wholeheartedly go with the formenko timeline but he did miss out a lot of UK and western Documents.
Then I read most of this article which helps put a better perspective.

I would like to hear from both sides - I can see how a few hundred years here and there could be missed or added but a blanket 1000 years missing looks more like a click bait headline than a careful consideration of the evidence.

A couple of interesting introductions paragraphs.

So our global chronology, the backbone of textbook history, is a scientific construct of modern Europe. Like other European norms, it was accepted by the rest of the world during the period of European cultural domination. The Chinese, for example, had already compiled, during the Song dynasty (960-1279), a long historical narrative, but it was Jesuit missionaries who reshaped it to fit in their BC-AD calendar, resulting in the thirteen volumes of the Histoire Générale de la Chine by Joseph-Anne-Marie de Moyriac de Mailla, published between 1777 and 1785.[1] Once Chinese history was securely riveted to Scaligerian chronology, the rest followed. But some peoples had to wait until the 19th century to find their place in that framework; the Indians had very ancient records, but no consistent chronology until the British gave them one.

The best-known of these revisionists is the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko (born 1945). With his associate Gleb Nosovsky, he has produced tens of thousands of pages in support of his “New Chronology” (check their Amazon page). In my view, Fomenko and Nosovsky have signaled a great number of major problems in conventional chronology, and provided plausible solutions to many of them, but their global reconstruction is extravagantly Russo-centric. Their confidence in their statistical method (a good presentation in this video) is also exaggerated. Nevertheless, Fomenko and Nosovsky must be credited for having provided stimulus and direction for many others. For a first approach to their work, I recommend volume 1 of their series History: Fiction or Science (here on, especially chapter 7, “‘Dark Ages’ in Mediaeval History”, pp. 373-415.

One major discovery of Fomenko and Nosovsky is that our conventional history is full of doublets, produced by the arbitrary end-to-end alignment of chronicles that tell the same events, but are “written by different people, from different viewpoints, in different languages, with the same characters under different names and nicknames.”[2] Whole periods have been thus duplicated. For example, drawing from the previous work of Russian Nikolai Mozorov (1854-1946), Fomenko and Nosovsky show a striking parallel between the sequences Pompey/Caesar/Octavian and Diocletian/Constantius/Constantine, leading to the conclusion that the Western Roman Empire is, to some extent, a phantom duplicate of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Posted : June 8, 2021 1:46 AM
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Ya, man. I find the idea captivating yet difficult to rationalize. Here is the show I thought of with Cara St. Louis talking about new earth and the lost chronology. Pretty sure she talks about Fomenko here and if I remember correctly, there were a few episodes in this time frame about the same subject.

I've always had this gut feeling that major parts of our history have been erased since the crusades. Or just a giant empty pre-civ era. Probably having a lot to do with Sumer and the abrupt appearance of city-states, writing/culture, and domestic grains. Doing a lot of reading on Sumerians and their energetic/spiritual beliefs, so once my family business cools down I will write here about Melam, their accounts of our energy body, and how it relates to the Anunnaki.

Posted : July 17, 2021 4:19 PM