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King David and King Solomon actually Egyptian Pharoahs

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So a series of events...maybe can be classed as synchronicities lead me to this book. Towards the end it speaks about the beginning of the catholic church, how orthodox views were determined and how gnostic practices/beliefs were part of early Christianity...
Gives a more 'understandable' reason as to why Issac was ready to sacrifice his own son...not his son...
It also touches on the philosophy which founded the free masons and the identity of the founder of hermetica...

He challenges other historians and archeologists who have, in trying to prove biblical history have used the bible as evidence

Worth reading...

Its a super easy read, very clearly written, necessarily repetitive given all the different names for the same persons. Plus only 200 pages.

Posted : October 23, 2021 9:36 AM
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Here's the blurb

"An investigation into the real historical figure of King David and the real location of the Temple of Solomon

During the last two centuries, thousands of ancient documents from different sites in the Middle East have been uncovered. However, no archaeological discovery speaks of King David or Solomon, his son and successor, directly or in directly. Was King David a real person or a legend like King Arthur? Proposing that David was a genuine historical figure, Ahmed Osman explores how his identity may be radically different than what is described in religious texts.

Drawing on recent archaeological, historical, and biblical evidence from Egypt, Osman shows that David lived in Thebes, Egypt, rather than Jerusalem; that he lived five centuries earlier than previously thought, during the 15th rather than the 10th century B.C.; and that David was not a descendant of Isaac but was, in fact, Isaac’s father. The author also reveals David’s true Egyptian identity: Pharaoh Tuthmosis III of the 18th Dynasty.

Confirming evidence from rabbinic literature that indicates Isaac was not Abraham’s son, despite the version provided in Genesis, Osman demonstrates how biblical narrators replaced David with Abraham the Hebrew to hide the Egyptian identity of Isaac’s father. He shows how Egyptian historical and archaeological sources depict figures that match David’s and Solomon’s known characteristics in many ways, including accounts of a great empire between the Euphrates and the Nile that corresponds with David’s empire as described in the Bible.

Unveiling the real history behind the biblical story of King David, Osman reveals that the great ancestor of the Israelites was, in fact, Egyptian."

Posted : October 23, 2021 9:37 AM