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David Icke has been in the conspiracy game longer than almost anyone. He wrote in the 90’s about the 2008 Banking Crash, The War on Terror, Transhumanist Agenda, Microchipping, the Cashless Society and more. In this Book he takes a look back at the event that shook the World in 2001, the September 11th attacks in New York. He looks at the Death Cult who was really behind it and why, what has happened in the years following 911, the increasing evidence to show the official story doesn’t stand up to research and what has happened in the World since that day.

For more:

Only in the Plus show:

-David’s thoughts on Dr. Judy Wood.

-Trump & His relationship with the Death Cult.

-Davi’d breakdown of the Democratic Presidential nominees still in the running.

-David weighs in on Andrew Yang, the Freedom Dividend, & Universal Basic Income.

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7 responses to “David Icke | The Trigger: The Satanic Death Cult Behind 9/11 & Why”

  1. Excellent show! I was captivated. An author/ anthropologist named Robert Sephor wrote a book about the Sabateans called “1666- Redemption through sin” You MUST interview him! Robert has a wonderfully well done YouTube channel where he talks about history with an open, wise mind called Atlantic Gardens. Check out his work. He’d be a great guest. I loved the interview with David Icke. I thank you for this. We sure do live in interesting times! What a great time to be alive! Remember dear People~*~
    Don’t be the thing you hate. Just be nice. Treat folks the way you want to be treated. Not hard to do because you are always with yourself so you can check in and see what to do/say based on how you would want someone to behave towards yourself. Yup. It’s that easy. But don’t be a door mat. We got this. Truly. God bless us everyone. I love you all. Thankee, Mr. Greg! 🙏🏻❤️

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  2. Great show.
    A small synchronicity for me
    Less than 2 weeks ago an associate of mine was in attendance of a presentation by Israeli representatives to the United Nations. I was informed that they boldly and proudly stated that Beer Sheba is the new Silicon Valley.

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  3. Grrr…trapped in a car with in-laws. Just saw this episode come up. ( it’s canadian thanks giving)
    Thought I’d sneak a message out. Think I can convince everyone in the car that the Queen is a lizard?
    Maybe grampy and gramy Will want to listen to Dave on the drive.
    Trapped in a car with in-laws.

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  4. He should sure his sources clearly, because non of this is his work. This bool is just other people’s presentions, or work broken down into 3 parts. I suggest listeners seek out those sources and make up their own mind. Also he is really taking liberties with the schizophrenic Jewish man who was big into kabalah and took other people called h a messiah until Jews that knew him (from places he was excumunicated from) came out and challenged him. He was protected by changing to Islam & he really did become a muslim, but I’m no way was he a leader in that community. That’s quite a leap on David’s part. That’s just one part, that isn’t to say it’s all BS. My opinion is that he has a good theory, it’s just 3 other people work, and only 2 out of 3 are accurate. I never comment but this time I had to say something. Anyways I’m looking forward for the “original 911 truth movement” to release their scientific research on building 7. We just may prove this once and for all, and show the work that Poplar Mechanics never did. 🙊

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  5. Yeah I think DI gets a bit carried away sometimes but otherwise all good fun. I like to think of him talking in metaphors rather like priests and other religeous teachers do. I don’t believe for a second that the queen is actually a shape-shifting lizard, but the royals are difficult to pin down, can be ruthlessly cold blooded, and shouldn’t be messed with if you don’t know what you are doing. So in that sense it’s kind of smart to think of them as lizards/serpents?

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