Robert Guffey | Project Chameleo, Secret Tech, & The Surveillance State

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Author Robert Guffey joins THC to talk about the saga contained in his new book, Chameleo: A Strange But True Story Of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security.

A mesmerizing mix of Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, and Philip K. Dick, Chameleo is a true account of what happened in a seedy Southern California town when an enthusiastic and unrepentant heroin addict sheltered a U.S. Marine who’d stolen night vision goggles and perhaps a few top secret files from a nearby military base.

As a result, he believed himself under intense government scrutiny — and, he suspected, the subject of bizarre experimentation involving “cloaking”— electro-optical camouflage so extreme it renders observers practically invisible from a distance of some meters — by the Department of Homeland Security.

Ge the book here:

Check out Robert’s blog here:

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Aces, Greg… 🙂
I’d think the secret to being invisible is blending. Harry Potter’s cloak of blendability… ah, not so much. Thanks, have a great week.


I must admit that I wasnt thrilled with the topic of this interview because of hearing other accounts on the same subject that left me pretty skeptical. However it didn’t take long before I was very intrigued and on the edge of my seat.Even though there is quite a bit of “far out there” stuff, the main experiencer was an addict and the story is pretty wild, I was left feeling this story is very believable and more than likely true. Normally I would argue more skeptical viewpoints that could explain most of the stuff away but I am going with my gut on this one.

The guest was great and Greg did a great job with questions and interviewing the guest as usual.

Two thumbs up.

I’m probably going to look into getting Guffey’s books soon also.


Another good show Greg, kept my interest right through. The invisible midgets!! Can’t make this stuff up!
On the topic of gang stalking, which sounds like a nightmare for the person involved, I wonder if a spiritual or dimensional element may sometimes be at play? I remember one of your past interviews with Anthony Peak on the subject of Philip K Dick. He mentioned having a ‘daemon’ entity overseeing Philip through his life.
Just a thought.


That’s what I’m talking about, brother! Awesome, awesome show. 10 stars!
Damn, I thought I was paranoid before hearing this & I wasn’t even aware of some of this tech. I’m fucked 😉


Last week my procrastinating ass finally broke down and signed up for THC+. Since then I’ve been like a kid in a goddamn candy store – revisiting second halves of older shows on which I initially missed out. All my favorite guests, from Gordon White, Tracy Twyman, Peter Levenda, Dean Dominic DeLucia, and a number of other mind melters. And still an ample supply to keep me going for some time. When I saw this recent upload, I wasn’t thrilled with the description and considered skipping it for now. But figured what the hell, check it out for a few and see how it goes. Next thing I notice I’m 45 minutes deep into yet another fascinating story. Thanks for all you do Greg – your hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. For all your talk about the “elite”, THC has become just that.


Guest Recommendation….Andrew Basiago is running for President…..unless you American Guys are happy with Clinton or Trump….I have been listening to Basiago since 2007 and have went from thinking He was a delusional lunatic …to thinking He must be telling the Truth…..Latest interview here….

I apologise for not using the forums for guest recommendations…still struggling on how to use them due to me being useless.


I am the opposite of you on this – I used to think his story was really interesting and possibly truthful, but now I think he is either a liar or a delusional lunatic lol.

So I wonder – what made you change your mind and think he is telling the truth? He has some interesting information, but I cant shake the feeling that something is wrong with his stories.


I must admit that I have a similar feeling that something doesn’t quite add up with his story….but it is difficult to recall a lie as complicated as his story and not contradict yourself….I have listed to his interviews several times and I am pretty sure he believes what he is saying is true…..It makes me wonder if memories can be implanted in the mind that appear to be real…..It looks like memories can be blocked but the blocking does not seem to hold for a full life time or can be uncovered with hypnosis…..

All I know is that when you find the truth … also get a correlation….like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together…..if it is a lie …when you look beneath the surface you find anomalies ……the puzzle does not fit together ( like the 911 thing)….with Basiago’s story I keep on finding correlations….

I was just listening to Astrologer Jeff Harman a few days ago…..…..and within that interview He was saying that a client of his was at collage with President Obama and Obama told him He knew He was going to be President…..I just keep finding pieces that fit Basagio’s story….

In 2007 I had realized that We were being lied too and I had switched off the TV……In 2011 after around 10,000 hours research I had found where all the clever people were hanging out and listened to what they had to say…..Realising nobody knew what was going on I was ready to throw the towel in…..Then I stumble across a Guy named Chris Thomas who can read the Akashic records…..He tied it all together…..I have spent the last few years and 20,000 hours researching …But this time I knew what I was looking at and Therefore where to look……

Within the books of Chris Thomas He states that there was already a Human colony on Mars before the Solar system Disaster 3.9 million years ago…..A correlation of Basiago’s story……


3.9 million years ago –Due to decisions made earlier on in their development it became clear that it would be impossible for them to fulfill their goal of creating a body that would hold a ” full soul”…one of “us”….. 4 planets decide to leave the experiment. When 2 of the planets minds left the physical matter..or the Electromagnetic field that is consciousness removed itself from what it had created…. the Planets blew up causing a catastrophe in the solar system, our moon is the inner core of one of these exploded planets.

The Asteroid belt and Oort cloud are the physical remains of these Planets.

This disaster kills most of the life on all planets…..The Earth is the most resilient and decided to continue…..the other planets wait and see how Earth gets along.

The remaining 2 planets left our solar system before they removed their consciousness and are now Gas Giants….4000 astronomical units from Earth.

3.8 million years ago – Cro Magnon arrives from The Planet Mars…

Jay Weidner talks about the Indian Puranas say that Man is from Mars

Paleoanthropologists say that Cro-Magnon man pop’s up in an evolutionary instant….

Our body type is known as Homo Sapien Sapien…we share D.N.A. with Cro- Magnon but not Neanderthal Man.

In a experiment….they took a group of volunteers and removed them from the day and night light cycle of the Earth…and away from the hustle and bustle of society ….They were the left to find their own rhythm for a few weeks…What they found is that the Volunteers settled on a Daily rhythm that was nearer 25 hours than 24 Hours……The length of a solar day on Mars…24 hours 39 minutes 35 seconds….nearer 25 hours than 24…..When our bodies are left to find their own rhythm……. they reset themselves to the timing of the Planet….. of the Original design…..

There was a Human colony already on Mars before the Solar system disaster…Mars had already achieved the goal of creating a body that could hold “One of Us”.

The Mars created Cro-Magnon is slightly in advance of the Earth created Neanderthal.

Earth uses the energetic template( no physical beings) designed by the planet Mars, then follows genetic manipulation to arrive at the bodies we have now.

The story of human history is in a guy known as Chris Thomas (who can read the Akashic Records) books….(8)……Atlantis / The Pyramids / The Archons and Reptilians / The Illuminati is all explained…The story He tells in his books continues to reinforce itself….There Ain’t no Mystery regarding the story of Human History.

Youtube Chris Thomas Akashic

His Books here……

If they are all out of stock at the moment try Ebay or Amazon for a used copy…..(£10-£15)….

His books are more expensive here but appear to be in stock…( not his latest book Synthesis….BUT….The information is repeated…and ….expanded upon in All His books…Making them “All” worth a Read )

Capallbann books uk….(search Chris Thomas his books will appear in the drop down menu)

Interesting thread Here….

And Here…….


Thanks so much for this excellent interview. A close friend of mine has been gang stalked, no evidence of use of the strange technology, but it’s good to be aware of, as it may explain things that might happen that seem inexplicable. But a lot of the other stuff, like being followed, having crazy stuff happen that no one will believe, having the objects in your home move around and around, these things happened to her as well. It was at first very hard for me to believe, it wasn’t until later when I learned more about it that I could be certain what happened. At the time I was one of the only people who would listen to her, who she felt she could trust, and who was willing to at least consider it may be real. But as the guest points out so well, the whole thing is designed so that the person will seem crazy to anyone they tell about it, and it will also make the victim question their own sanity, and in the end may push them over the edge for real. She was chased out of a university where she was getting her p.h.d., she has her theories about who she pissed off. A university setting is a very controlled environment, since then I’ve learned how easy it can be do this to people. She was chased all the way from Kansas to California, and only when she determined she wasn’t ever going back did it seem to stop. These people made her drop out of school and change her life. People need to listen to guests like this one who are articulate and logical about this subject, and realize this stuff does happen.


Brilliant show. A big round of applause to you and Robert Guffey. The subject matter is horrifying but he was able to keep the humour throughout which I appreciated. It’s too easy to get caught up in those darker emotions when talking about this sort of stuff and we don’t want to feed the demons do we?
By the way, the bit about the apes is going to stay with me for a long time!

papa dave

Greg, a triumvirate of good. Great show, great guest, and a topic I had no knowledge of your talk with Mr. Guffey. What Fuckery is afoot here? This is a classic children playing with dynamite story. the smart guys make this tech and various shady, shadowy gov’t goons aquire it to create instruments of fear and torture. i’m still thinking about this one. thanks.


You would be surprised how crazy tge smart ones are. Not to take anything away from the guys who purchase it to use on others, but I have known plenty of the smart guys and a decent portion of them are pretty damn crazy too. Ofcorse its not the majority of them but dont confuse intellect with ability to have compassion or not being able to do dumb stuff. Just saying.


loved the story, now let’s see all the great YouTube videos he must have taken. right? Also give me those “they live goggles, “oh forget it, I don’t need them.


Another grand slam entertaining show Greg.

I wonder if this is the same Robert Guffey as your guest – sounds like it –

Fittingly, for a mason, at the 1:35:00 point he mentions a name – Randy Koppang – as I share this with you here. Can you please do a show with someone who studies the effect of synchronicity? Is it something like Frater X mentions in your chat prior, when he brings up the idea of how it’s from ‘elite magical interference’? Is it like the idea of higher order intelligences from higher dimensions perhaps? A cosmic clue that we are on the right path? Wrong path? No path? All in our mind? I know this interview mentions sync early on regarding his other 33rd degree masonic friend.

Come tomorrow, it will be the one-year anniversary of my signing up for the plus show – april 3, 2015 – and as I type this in, Guffey said ‘a year before’, so, there’s more sync. Your show tends to sync up with my life a lot, actually. I forget if I brought this up, but during the RAM show, you open with ‘let’s dive in to these waters’ and I step on a metal plate in the street with the word ‘water’ on it – and then later in the show RAM mentions the buddha bringing the mountain to him, and a big truck with the words ‘iron mountain’ approaches and passes me across the street – two ‘metal elemental’ syncs with that one show – and there are more, but I digress enough for now.

I wonder if the biggest conspiracy is this show, sometimes, but in any event, til we find out that You, Greg, ARE the puppetmaster himself. I mean, it’s obvious really, no stoner is THAT productive. I’m obviously joking, and you know I have much respect for you. You’re a role-model, in many ways, truly. So anyways, thanks for making another great show. This was thoroughly entertaining, and I hope you pull the strings to bring good fortune to all your listeners way, if you’re not too busy making a great show and controlling the megaverse. ^0^

I feel I should mention, more than anything else, what matters is that we live from a point of our own personal power, and that we use that power to raise our consciousness and to be truly balanced beings.


Second that for a show request on synchronicities. I can very much relate to exactly the simultaneous word occrances thru various combinations of audio/verbal/written. I’ve been noticing it more frequently for the past two years. It has blown my mind how many times these synchronistic moments have occurred. I go thru phases where I have to write them down, and then I simply can’t keep up. My 6 year-old daughter now notices it happening as well. I have taken it to mean some type of validation that I am on the ‘right path’ whatever that means. And I most definitely can say these synchronistic word moments have happened while listening to your show, Greg. Mind blown. Cool to hear someone else has experienced it too. Guessing that means others have as well.

Awesome interview, Greg…and really, I always am impressed with your skills. I try to listen to other interviewers and most of them, most of the time, just don’t compare to you, man. Thanks for all you do…and that’s a big “all” because there seems to be more content, more intelligent questions asked, more thorough answers from your guests, and more efforts by you to become better at your craft each interview. Thanks so very much. Keep up the awesome work.


“Can’t carry all the goggles out!” ?


Wow, this show is going to go down as one of my favorites! And like a few other shows the interview with Robert Guffey got better during the last half. There was something about Damien’s story that didn’t quite pass the smell test with me but the issue of gang stalking is something
that I’m fascinated by and think would make a great topic for another show. Robert’s wry sense of humor had me cracking up and he had one the best lines of any interviewee I’ve ever heard, “The disclosure is the disinformation and the disinformation is the disclosure”. The idea that those in psyops would plant images in the mass media so that they could later discredit people coming forward with real accounts that matched the planted images is brilliant (and disturbing). The mention of Jose Delgado’s work is something that anyone interested in Damien’s story should look further into. Thanks Greg!


It’s disturbing how disturbed I am about this…..

What I really want to know is, how do you deploy countermeasures agin this shit? Aside from mirrors or using the reflection off the inside of glasses? As to the gang stalking, well, if they can’t touch you, who gives a shit? Follow away!

The spook-tech would really only work on a certain percentage. I see weirder shit than they could devise. 😉 3 moons is a nice touch though…


I read this book a few months and cant wait to hear this interview! The book is really good, I hope this interview has updates, guess i’m about to find out!


Just finished reading the book and it’s a bloody good read. Hilarious at times, deeply disturbing at others.


Terrific show…can’t wait to read this book. Thanks Greg!


Wow this is such a terrible way to drive somebody over the edge. Our tax dollars at work against us. Sad and scary


Hi Greg, I am new to the Plus membership and it was this and Dr Mary’s Monkey that tipped me over! Robert and Ed are such engaging story tellers that leave you hanging on the edge of your seat! What also grabbed my attention in this interview was Robert mentioning several times about being a Mason and a 32nd degree mason and meeting with Richard after rituals. Any chance of an interview with him on this topic?
Love the podcasts and by the way I found THC through Donald Marshall when looking into him further! Best follow up ever!

papa dave

i love this guy. I’m buying the book. i’m in dude.