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Alan Green | The Shakespeare Mystery, Manifesting, & The John Dee Cipher

Show Notes

Alan Green has manifested his way to a respectable music career and more, on a path of synchronicity and code-breaking that lead him to discover what is most likely a history-changing secret, hidden in plain sight.

PLUS Content

-How the mathematical code relates to the Great Pyramid and it’s historical importance. -The alchemical connection. -The underlying value of knowing reality’s blueprints. -Why Alan doesn’t see Sir Francis Bacon as the true identity of Shakespeare. -The Saturn/Jupiter connection.
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Yes.. bloody john fucking dee


Greg, this was EXCELLENT. I don’t think he spent too much time on his musical career compared to the other topics; he did a nice job of condensing his earlier life to make room for all the rest. It was very well balanced in my opinion and for sure the best interview i’ve heard with Alan out of all the rest. This is definitely one of the most interesting interviews you’ve done, so thanks for bringing him on!


Great episode. Thanks Carl. I live around 10 miles from Stratford upon Avon and WS final resting place. I visited the church today and i must say there is something not quite right about his tomb. I suspect Freemason influence.


I enjoyed every minute of the story. Just saying.


I love listening to anything with John Dee. 1…2…3…here we go!!!




He does have an interesting story but doesn’t want to let go of a point.
It was very difficult for me to listen but ultimately was fine. Dear Greg, you did exactly what needed be done in letting him tell his story in his own rambling way. I love that you accept your guests as they are, imperfect. It was subtle but clear when you tried to get him to the point. Lol, he did not want to walk that direct path


Holy cow dude doesn’t stop talking lol

Alejandro McCommas

Kinda the whole point here buddy


no more than most of the other guests on THC

Hugh Johnson

Great one! In the end I got the same feeling of connection or bliss that I get listening to people like Rupert Spira.


Greg. You are the tip of the top. Can’t wait to listen to this one. I’ve got it for my commute so I’ll be manifesting less traffic. Happy Halloween.


I don’t know if anyone looked but if you use Marty Leeds gematria calculator on Shakespeare’ it equals 46. I thought that was interesting.


Very interesting topic, but I have to say I had really hard time listening to this… He could’ve said all of this in 20minutes 🙂


I had been wondering what the deal was with all these 42s appearing all over the place in media, films, etc. particularly in the movie The Shining! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is well known for it, and it’s very important in Kaballah and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Thanks to this awesome episode (for many other reasons), I have another piece of the puzzle which I’m thinking has a lot to do with Saturn (Satan).


Song to the Siren was on the last episode of the Monkees, not the first… We all in trouble if Carlwood be fukkn slippen 🙂

3 Lions

Mediocre month.


Liked this topic for sure

Cocteau in there was not a surprise

The volume of planets tho, how did they know? How does NASA know?



Loved this episode and thoroughly enjoyed Allan’s way of storytelling. I could listen to him all day. Joined a dot or two with the Invictus Games here in Australia this year with Prince Harry and Meghan coming to town, the Invictus “logo” being
with the
being centred. Just a little breadcrumb for me.
Thanks Greg and thanks Allan, I will definitely be following up with Allan’s Stratford video on YouTube and finding the little k to vote to get this stone/alter mystery uncovered.


A great show, Greg!
Love uncovering mysteries with your guests. Open. That. Alter.


Worth the listen. The Bardcode is epic!


Fantastic episode and a very interesting mystery. Alan Green’s YouTube video of the sacred geometry on the front page of the 1609 Shakespeare imprint is a very good follow up to the THC episode if you want to follow the rabbit hole further. The video title is bardcode: sonnets preview


Did he get a record deal?


I really wanted to like this in lieu of the comments stating the obvious. He doesn’t have much of substance to say. Mostly just rambling. I see why you’d qualify this as meh. Could have been good. He just can’t get to the f’n point. Ramble-tastic.

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