Unfortunately the system just wasn’t set up for us, especially when you play things by the book and why should you when the richest among us have tilted every aspect of the Big Machine in their favor and insulated themselves against the sullied masses every step of the way:

From offering the Elite-lings a completely different education system than the “obedient worker maker plan” the rest of us get- to tax loopholes and advantages that only effect the top rungs of the ladder.

Privileged positions on high paying but arbitrary board seats and even simple things like better deals on interest rates, insurance, and the rest of it. If you thought things were fair, then you must have eaten the carrot they’ve dangled over the treadmill to the middle- because our invite to the cocktail party at the end of the world is forever lost in the mail.

Well these are the themes in the latest book by today’s guest Donald Jeffries entitled Survival Of The Richest: How The Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created The Greatest Conspiracy of All

If you’re unfamiliar with Donald’s work, he’s also the author of a popular novel called The Unreals and also wrote a great conspiratorial tome called Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics. His blog is called Keeping It Unreal and he’s been a frequent guest host at Coast to Coast AM as well: A true wealth gap warrior, advocate of economic equality, and chronicler of many conspiracies along the way- Donald Jeffries.

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Only in the Plus show:

-The Robber Barons did it better.
-What was truly behind the Reagan assassination attempt.
-An analysis of the JFK research community’s reaction to current politics.
-The top down pressure put on the masses to live with lower standards.
-Trying to bring back a “true left” as opposed to the warped version we have today in American politics.

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