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Eileen Day McKusick | Biofield Tuning, The Electric Universe, & Ether Physics

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Eileen Day McKusick is an internationally recognized thought leader in the fields of therapeutic sound and the human biofield. She is the originator of Biofield Tuning (also known as “sound balancing”) a unique therapeutic method utilizing tuning forks; founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute; and the author of the best-selling Nautilus Award-winning book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy.



PLUS Content

-How biofield tuning helps with manifestation. -The relationship between frequency and emerging lifeforms. -Beings that feed of negative energy. -Blockage in our system that might have been physically engineered. -Where we a slave species engineered to pursue gold? -The sound healing time-warp phenomenon.
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Excellent…. life is quite the journey hey…. doing the work, vibrational medicines are the go as we swing through, in and out of life… she was very good Greg… shifting on the multigenerational dysfunctions clear the path and those viruses ???? yes gotta go!!!! Gotta do the work and I dig that there are so many ways we can do it and I find her work fascinating… I have some tuning forks and use them daily on myself after my yoga practice and tuning in with clients is fascinating is a whole other level with listening to her talk… I’ve noticed going over the body with several of my clients with the singing bowl I have resonates differently with each person and can feel it … I have wondered and been curious… and that was also after using therapeutic grade essential oils …


Found about her work some time ago, then sent an email… First giving my kudos for that kind of approach about health, but then told her about crystals being used here in Brazil as they are cheap, plentiful and come from Nature. Men… this woman replied with a very heavy text and a not so kind language !
So, my interpretation is she is in the business of selling those expensive (and patented) forks and not so much about do healing herself…


I loved it!!! Totally lines up with everything I have been living and teaching. Much, much gratitude.


Forgot to mention …. it’s good to remember we are called human beings, not human doings. ????????????


Greg, I have been a member for a while now, was listening before that. Even though I have enjoyed oh so many shows… I’ve never left a comment. I take it for granted that you will always have a good show, that’s why my two daughters and I look forward to every interview, Always something we are interested in. That opens our minds to new concepts, truths we’ve always known, and confirms so many things..
But this show was Extraordinary, one of your absolute best.. And you always ask the right questions, at the right time, bringing the conversation to new levels and dimensions. You do this with such ease, grace and intelligence, always allowing the guest to finish their thoughts without interrupting…
*now…. off to get tuned…


Found your guest very fascinating. Will definitely look more into Miss McKusick’s work.

Thank you!


Wowsers, I don’t know about anyone else, but the song at the end sent chills through my body several times. A little tuning subconsciously embeded into the “tune” perhaps? Top notch show, Carlwood, tip of the cap.


So…let’s get this straight, I want to make sure I am getting this correctly. This therapy is good for healthy people but not good for when you need it most, like end-of-life care and terminal illnesses. And the tuning fork can predict what my father did for a living and shit, right? Let’s pretend she went on meat-head disinformation agent Joe Rogan’s podcast. 1st question right out of the box should be “this is supported by what studies?” Have there been any double blind studies on this? I bet you a lot of it is on to something but there is so much woo woo going on here it’s silly for real. It would be great if you played devil’s advocate or just politely asked these guests to validate some of these wild (yet very interesting) claims. I was initially intrigued by the electric universe and body concept (an avid Crrow777 listener). But this woman was so pushy and brash and clearly just speaking off of emotion and not research backed by any real studies. My fascination was drowned out by the sheer exorbitant amount of “Woo-Woo”.


I completely agree with your comments, for one where are the studies that back this work up. Why not get Greg to do a video show that she does her work and everyone can see that she isn’t a nut job and then let Greg do a before and after thoughts. A lot of the stuff she is saying makes sense, but when Greg asks so am I going to feel anything if I get a session…..”well some people do, some people don’t, sometimes it take 1 session, sometimes it takes 10″……..right…….


I clicked on my own thumbs up by accident ..not intentional ????


Guest: “well, I think it’s this whole age of aquarius thing!…”

Greg: “hmmm” ???????? or is it the age of Aries? ????????


A side note: We do a lot f Reiki here. Even to machines that stopped work for no reason and there are those that get results… So, we need only our body and our will to do anything. If one need a “magic wand” to focus the intention, fine. Grab something from Nature consecrate it and start using.
Also we already have all “sensors” in ourselves, no need to pay fortunes to proprietary stuff…


Hi Greg, I’ve followed Eileen for many years now. Keep in mind that regardless of if you Feel something tangibly or not, sound healing, energy medicine works on a cellular level and never returns void.
Excellent interview. Looking forward to Stephanie Seneff and Gail Lynn interviews!!


I thought this was excellent and confirms and supports all the other work and study I have done on the fact that we are basically frequency transmitters and receivers. and yes we are electric.. brain waves.. heart ECG etc etc..
Odd to see that some folk still think that ‘peer r/v studies’ are required before they’ believe’ when the evidence shows that so call peer r/v process is corrupt and can be manipulated to any which way you choose. I think this woman was authentic, her work is experiential and phenomalogical, and part of a new paradigm whereby you don’t need the validation from the ‘outside’ to prove that something works. It just does. Its part of the programming to demand that someone provides proof rather than testing it for yourself. Thanks for this. I enjoyed it.


I really liked this one! Have decided that my favourites are sort of positive ones but which acknowledge the dark side and offer solutions to deal with that. It is a pity that Steve Richards from Holographic Kinetics might not come onto your podcast as he does not agree with cannabis intake . However, his resurrection of the aboriginal healing modality fits so well with this model above and gives it historical credibility. Maybe if you assured him he could be frank about his thoughts on drugs then he would come on?? It would be well worth it I assure you. Love jay xxxx


Since we create our own emf, couldn’t we just create sympathetic resonance within ourselves by be around people who are healthy in the ways we want to be? Rather than using a tuning fork.

dreamtime jedi

Indeed we could, and in fact do.
However, many types of healers are specially suited for this as they are trained to not let their own energy be negatively affected by this process.
Called “psychic blow-back’ in some circles, where healthy people can also take on the conditions of the sick.
Sympathetic resonance with nature is also crucially important(Schumann Resonance 7.83hz) and increasingly difficult with the ever-increasing energetic pollution.

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