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Dave Zed | Dark Projects, Portal Openings, & Horseshoe Crab Blood

Topics Covered: Cosmic, Deep State, High Strangeness, Otherworldly Entities, Portals & Stargates, Secret Projects

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Dave Zed of the Generation Zed Podcast joins THC to talk about his ongoing coverage of deep state projects, secret operations, & his journalistic attempts to corroborate the wildest claims of the various whistleblowers we’ve seen emerge from these places over the years.

PLUS Content

  • Operation LOTUS: the biologist who exposed the genetically mutated Nephilim program.
  • 5G and the lizard people.
  • The Highest aims of these deepest projects, and how reality is structured.
  • The F.I.E.L.D: The Holograph-Induced prison where non-complaint EBEs are sent.
  • What’s going on at the Vatican Observatory.
  • Operation CRAC: stockpiling ET livers to power the 14 sacred books that ripple our dimension.
  • Donald Marshal and the cloning centers.
  • Messing with human spines.
  • Rh negative blood.
  • Island portals & plasma wormholes.
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