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Dave Zed | Dark Projects, Portal Openings, & Horseshoe Crab Blood

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Dave Zed of the Generation Zed Podcast joins THC to talk about his ongoing coverage of deep state projects, secret operations, & his journalistic attempts to corroborate the wildest claims of the various whistleblowers we’ve seen emerge from these places over the years.

PLUS Content

  • Operation LOTUS: the biologist who exposed the genetically mutated Nephilim program.
  • 5G and the lizard people.
  • The Highest aims of these deepest projects, and how reality is structured.
  • The F.I.E.L.D: The Holograph-Induced prison where non-complaint EBEs are sent.
  • What’s going on at the Vatican Observatory.
  • Operation CRAC: stockpiling ET livers to power the 14 sacred books that ripple our dimension.
  • Donald Marshal and the cloning centers.
  • Messing with human spines.
  • Rh negative blood.
  • Island portals & plasma wormholes.
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Greg, I mean Russ, I noticed all your tracks are outputted in mono.  Corbett's done the same thing, so don't feel too bad.  This apparently wasn't a problem for my old headphones, but for a new pair, I only hear your show through one headphone, which is annoying.  For this and future shows (you have a large back-catalogue I am not eager to go through this whole process for each show track individually), I can use Audacity to stereo mix that mono channel (WikiHow, 'How to change a mono track into stereo track using Audacity'), but you may have other listeners with a similar complaint or situation, and therefore you might consider outputting your show mp3's via stereo.  I assume that change would not affect much for listeners, other than improving the listening experience for some.


Oh, well-I guess if there is a good reason to keep it at mono.  I'm not aware of any specific channel settings on these (bluetooth) headphones, but it may be a situation particular to only some headphones.  I can use an older pair or wired headphones and get mono output on both left and right (or output your shows individually to stereo on Audacity), but I suggested this since I figured other listeners might be in the same boat.  I also checked some other podcast files from other sites that I have, and they output their content in stereo, which is nice for me with these new headphones.  To each podcast their own channel output settings, I guess, though.

I'm also trying to refer a THC show I listened to recently, with kind of a laid-back guest and the relevant topics included Hunter S. Thompson perhaps directed a child snuff film, the Franklin school cover-up and other child trafficking discussion.  There's a lot of good interviewees discussing this on THC, but if anyone can remember that specific guest or show and could share it…never mind, I found it (searched 'Jonbenet Ramsey' [Philip Fairbanks]).


FYI Update: if you also bought bluetooth headphones off Amazon that are manufactured in China, and there's ostensibly only a stereo listening option with them, I used dbpoweramp converter (which I have been using for some time to convert from FLAC to mp3 audio, primarily [and which can be found on torrent sites]) to convert audio track from mono to stereo in advanced settings.  You can also select multiple tracks this way (versus singly in Audacity), making the conversion process much more convenient when presented with multiple audio files from, say a podcast.  I haven't checked all the audio files I have, but a cursory selection noted that maybe half of what I listen to is outputted in mono (as Greg noted, I guess this is commonplace in podcasting, or at least as commonplace as stereo).  

Steven Singletary

Thanks babe


I enjoyed that. Several of those subjects I would like to hear much more about. The guest sounded much better with you than on his regular short programs – which started to make me wonder if and when he would run out of new above top secret programs to mention. His program does show a great collection of classic and less than familiar pictures of aliens and technology. Two hours went by fast and pleasantly – even the outro music and length was o.k. Good show Greg.


One of the most mind-bending shows yet! This gentleman was exquisite!  



man. I've been trying to digest this guys videos on YT for a while now and its always hit and miss for me. If there is anyone than can help us make sense of this info, its you greg. thanks


This line up is bangin’ lately 


I always find it interesting when researchers such as the subject of this episode,  delve in to and are open to the extreme "out there" subjects…

Yet they apparently buy the official narrative of 9/11.



Back in the day, people equated a weak spine with a weak personality. I’ve believed for some time now that “they” are purposefully hunching us over and making us sedentary because we are easier to control this way, and perhaps as Dave suggests because it keeps us from being able to fully align our chakras. Some psychologists used to believe that you build up the mind in parallel to building up the body. If the body was slouched and crooked, so were your morals and thought processes. But these days this is dismissed as ableism. How convenient.  

It is extremely hard to find information about these beliefs about spine, though, and easy to find examples of them being ridiculed and dismissed. or I’m just a bad researcher due to my own twisted spine!


Great show! I had almost forgot this was the reason I started looking for alternative sources. Not so dark and heavy. A conspiratorial retreat episode almost.

Ceven Seven

For 5g mind-control potential, just look at the data that is being transmitted.   

People spending hours on TikTok each day watching dancing videos has it's own impact on energy, control.


This one was wild. Loved it!


Loved the winding strangeness of this one. I’ll definitely follow this guest on Instagram. Blue blood crabs, oh my!

Maria McCarthy

I liked the song at the end of the episode, it's funny. 

Steven Sopaul Lal



Gregg, you such an amazing interviewer! Any chance you could cover sabbatai zevi and jacob frank's influence on bolsheviks and marx,,, and how its philosophy has taken over much of the world?

thanks for considering


Where is Les Wexner???????????????????????????????????????????????


The Paris catacombs are exactly 💯 like that. 10,000s of skeletons. Look it up. X 

P.s. another great show 


interesting re the islands … I knew it jogged a memory … have been told this since a child , I had totally forgotten it … great episode 👍


Have you ever thought about maybe making the rate at which you put out shows more consistent? I’m not being critical at all just making a suggestion. So for example sometimes you put out two or three shows within 5 days then it’s awhile before another comes out. You could take the ones that come out quick and space them out a little. Your literally my favorite show so sometimes it sucks waiting. 


I'd never heard of this guy before but I'm really glad you had him on. I like the way he breaks down his reasoning for believing each of these topics and the need for verification. I started following his YT channel because I have to hear more about this stuff. 

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