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Clint Richardson | Gain-Of-Function Research, Word Magic, & The Artificial Matrix

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Clint Richardson is an independent researcher, documentary filmmaker, radio show host, blogger, and book author. He’s known as a former Hollywood sound designer turned full time activist. Today he joins us to talk about his lengthy vaccine & COVID documentaries in the first hour, as well as his book The Strawman Story in the second. (books available):

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PLUS Content

  • Word magic and tricks of language.
  • Price vs true value.
  • Vaccines and prions.
  • The relationship between debt, time, and labor.
  • The pillars of fiction.
  • Lies about space and our environment.
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Let's Go!


Damn Craig is churning out the material 


Ask and you shall receive I was thinking that there would be a new show 

Have faith!

I don't let Russ stand in the way /Greg comes through with a THC+for us today


Russ 😡 delaying our shows 😟 you'll never win you evil man. Back to BestBuy with you!

Esteban P

Is that Seth Rogen? Aka Clint  😄

Alexander Knott

I seriously loved this guy's world view. The Occult inversion was definitely present in his thinking. Great stuff Craig.


Thanks for that Bill Mar clip I would have never heard that.  Its kinda nice to hear a THC+ kinda conversation in the legacy media.  


This dude is so on point. Always loved when conspirafact crossed paths with biblical. 


The guest had a lot of information, but his style of non-pause motormouth semi-shouting was too hard on my ears. Too much like the AM radio political propaganda radio shows that the old folks listen to. Give this guy an inch to answer a question and he'll take a mile to talk. He must be too used to having to fill hours of airtime everyday on shows he hosted. 


Yes, nostalgic! You did a nice job pointing him toward giving insider forum/lab info, about Fauci, real medical/scientific facts and eye opening points in general.

el gallinazo

If cov-d-1984 came from a bioweapons lab:

1)  Why does it have a lethality rate that of what is considered a mild to moderate flu, especially if the hospitals do not execute patients with coma and ventilators?  Why do they have to vastly inflate the cases (based on a fake rt-PCR test), hospitalizations, and death statistics.  If they were going to release a real viral bioweapon, why didn’t they  release one that was more deadly than a typical flu, so they could skip all the government and media bullshit coming from everywhere and turned up to 11?  Even the CDC admitted on their back pages that only 6% of the fatalities were in people who had no other potentially lethal comorbitities.

2)  Why has it not been isolated properly as Kaufman has detailed?  It’s structure our “experts” have admitted was determined by doing a computer simulation using SARS-CoV-1 which had also never been properly isolated. The CDC comes out and says that the two have a 60% identical genome.  They do not mention that chimps and humans have a 98+% identical genome.  The late Kari Mullis who invented the PCR method said repeatedly that it was not suitable for medical diagnosis and often explained why.  But even if it were a suitable test, how can they use this test without having its precise genome?

3)  Now the Russians have come out with a third certified “vaccine,” and it is claimed that it is a “traditional” vaccine which uses a corona virus which they say is not the cv-1984, does not use RNA or cDNA to manufacture “spike proteins” inside the human cells, and gives general immunity to all corona viruses.  Its adjuvants have not been released yet TTBOMK.  How does that work?


You raise some good points, el gallinazo. I, too, have had the same thoughts thinking nothing makes sense. If you research this pandemic and all its contributing parts, you end up on a path that takes you right back to the starting point, namely, nothing makes sense. It was then that I realized that all this pandemic talk is nothing more than a trojan horse. While we are all looking at the trojan horse, they are slipping over our battlements taking away our freedoms and setting up a more restrictive and controlling way of life for us, which is, no doubt, just another step for them towards total control.

I believe there is hope. We are waking up to their game and living men and living women are taking a stand. We all need to do our part by sharing information – and there is no better place to be a part of than The Higherside Chats to gain information to share.


Interesting show. The guest had some interesting things to say but his delivery, I just don't know.  He comes off as a blow hard, and for this type of stuff, that's the last thing you need if you want to get more people open to different ideas.

el gallinazo

I did not care for Richardson's unwarranted hit job on Dr. Andrew Kaufman (THC April 16, 2020), claiming that "he could find no record of his undergraduate major in molecular biology at MIT,” implying that he was fraudulent in that record, and then disparaging him as merely a psychiatrist, as if he had forgotten all his previous academic and medical training because he finally settled on psychiatry as his preferred specialty.  Kaufman is quite open and specific about his background from MIT onward.  I would think in a debate between the two on the question of viruses and exosomes, Kaufman would take him apart if allowed to get a word in edgewise.  I could not help but feel that Richardson didn’t really have an integrated command of his data, but was just reciting it.

I would admit that much of Richardson’s rhetoric against our evil Overlords resounded with me emotionally, but his presentation was really a word salad with a lot of misstatements regarding places and dates.  I am reminded of the basic rule of the Deep State on disinformation, 85% truth that resounds with the target audience and 15% the Trojan Horse bullshit payload.

As to the videos these bioweapon engineers make during their conclaves and then release, are these deliberate releases of disinformation?  These people are by definition psychopaths.  And if not, are they evangelical 16th century academics arguing about how many angels will fit on the head of a pin?

And finally we come to the question of covid-1984, a virus so lethal that it kills less than O.2% of those purportedly “infected,” most of whom are at about the typical average age of life expectancy and have multiple comorbidities.  Even the criminal vsccine peddler, the CDC, admitted that of all their vastly exaggerated “official” cv-1984 death counts, only 6% did not have at least one other life threatening comorbitity.  Those evil bioweapon engineers certainly did one shit job on this one.


I second the request to have a Kaufman v. Richardson debate


Oh man, Greg! I dunno..I sort of want this show to be a full episode freebie so everyone can hear the awesomeness that is included! 

Spend the money people! 

Alexander Knott

I also forgot to compliment the show wrap up. I really appreciated the way you brought us back to reality.

Esteban P

What I heard on the clip you played of Maher is to demonize China! more than to say it was a manufactured virus. No mention of the fact that the lab it is heavily funded by US money and that American researchers work there. And of course the conection with Faucci and the lab. 

Good Cast Greg. 


I actually disagree with the previous comment about the guest questioning Dr. Kaufman. While I might or might not agree with Dr. Kaufman it’s everyone’s right to look up their credentials. I tend to believe going to college nowadays really doesn’t matter as far as what you know but if he is lying about it you may want to question anything else he says. That being said I still believe that COVID is a myth. It’s been over a year and I’ve never met anyone who has died from it. Everyone I know who has been sick had flu symptoms even though that didn’t exist this year. By the way since this is the first time I’ve ever commented on your show I’d like to say I love your show and I never subscribe to anything. My favorite topics are false history and hollow earth. Thanks man!

el gallinazo

"I actually disagree with the previous comment about the guest questioning Dr. Kaufman."

Richardson didn’t “question” Kaufman.  He made a blanket statement that he couldn’t find any evidence that Kaufman got a B.S. degree from MIT majoring in molecular biology, with the strong implication that Kaufman was committing fraud on multiple occasions in this regard.  If one is not a total bullshit artist, this sort of statement needs a detailed summary of exactly how he checked his MIT records.  If Kaufman would sue him for slander, I would send $30 to his GoFundMe just out of spite.


Another great cast overall. More critical pieces of the puzzle! Horrified and fascinated at the same time. Bottom line it's crucial to maintain our connection with Nature or we're fucked. I can't believe that so many still believe this is just our benevolent leaders protecting us from nature. Craziness!

And great wrap up Greg! Loved the Bill Maher segment man!

Can't wait for the next episode! Much love brother!



Clint is a blowhard. I don't think there is much to disagree on with the information he presents- it came from a lab- I get it, the govt and Fauci are nefarious- no doubt! But he evaded Greg's question 3 times in a row on actionable advice. That's not a recipe for a good interview.

Previous guests that talked about environmental and nutrition factors and how they contributed to the living a healthy life in spite of what was released from the lab were more helpful. Nora Gedgaudes, Sally Fallon, Andrew Kaufman even Gordon White fully addressed the question of what to do, how to live a healthy life, in spite of the evil doers. 


Nice work GC… you’re the man!


I liked this show. Good pushback but I appreciate how you let those blowhards blow!  Make up our own minds, right?  Thanks, bud


Again, I have great admiration for how well The Carlwood modulates his tone during an interview. Well done, Greg. Clint Richardson is asinine!


It's obvious to me Richardson doesn't understand what an exosome is and how it operates and why it's not contagious. His dismissal of the exosome theory is astonishing. He tried to explain it in layman's terms and couldn't. Then he read a technical paper and it was obvious he didn't understand what he was reading.


He talks about catching the measles virus. He doesn't know about Dr. Stephan Lanka in Germany and the German supreme Court ruling?

Biologist Proves Measles Isn't A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor (


His character assassination of Dr Andrew Kaufman is quite telling – when you can't argue based on the merits, then use ad-hominem attacks.


Karey Mullis has pointed out that it has never been demonstrated that viruses have a pathway into our body. Here's a Mullis quote from a paper in David Crowe's website.


"A lot of people studying this disease [HIV] are looking for the clever little pathways they can piece together, that will show how this works. Like, 'What if this molecule was produced by this one and then this one by this one, and then what if this one and that one induce this one'- that stuff becomes, after two molecules, conjecture of the rankest kind. People who sit there and talk about it don't realize that molecules themselves are somewhat hypothetical, and that their interactions are more so, and that the biological reactions are even more so. You don't need to look that far. You don't discover the cause of something like AIDS by dealing with incredibly obscure things."


Even Richardson pointed out, using the electric garage door opener analogy, that viruses are custom-made for the part of the body that is the target of the virus, yet he still discusses them jumping from species to species. Viruses can't jump from human to human. They are custom-made within our cells for our own cells and for no one else, and even if the spike protein keys work on our receptor to gain intercellular access, the payloads of the exosome vesicle are custom-made based on our own DNA.


The question that Greg asked, how do we protect ourselves from a bioweapon virus that's out there is flawed with the assumption that the bio weapon virus can be contagious. Of course the overlords are weaponizing the exosome, just like they weaponize everything, including consciousness itself, but delivery of the weapon payload is only done reliably with vaccines. Vaccines are the only way viruses from a foreign source can be reliably introduced into a human being.


Greg asked the question about building up our immune system to protect ourselves from the virus. The immune system is a germ theory concept. There is no immune system in terrain theory. It is toxins that make us sick and there is no immunity to poison. If we have healthy biological systems and cellular metabolism that eliminates toxins once we ingest them, then we can recover from poisoning. Bacteria and viruses are part of the healthy cellular biology to recover from poisoning.  


Because of the major flaws in his reasoning, and because of his ad-hominem attacks, not to mention his snarky presentation, I reject all of Richardson's analysis and explanations, and I'll never waste another session with him again.


I never knew Seth Rogan was so based. 

all jokes aside, awesome guest and interview! I’m definitely diving deeper into this rabbit hole.

Alexander Knott

It just occurred to me and my girlfriend that maybe the CDC is just a washing machine for elite money in the same way that NASA is presenting what they call real science to all the public while they just siphon our tax dollars.

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