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Darren & Graham of Grimerica | The Vaccine Conspiracy, Homeschooling, & The Art Of Podcasting

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Podcasting Peers, Vaccines

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast, with host Greg Carlwood, as he talks vaccines, homeschooling, & podcasting with Darren and Graham from Grimerica.

We should be well aware by now that throughout most of human history the power pyramid’s capstone cabal has wanted us to be nothing more than weak, subservient pawns in their game of thrones.
Between deadly pesticides on our food, toxic chemicals provided as our primary energy sources, and a tainted water supply- it’s safe to say they’ve honed in their sights and we are all in the cross hairs.
Frighteningly, if that wasn’t enough, they have stepped up their game to add the final nail in the coffin in the form of forced vaccinations and today’s guests, Grimerca’s Graham and Darren grace The Higherside stage to discuss the epidemic.
4:00 Kicking things off, Greg and the guys start by unpacking the what and why behind their recently peaked interest in vaccines. Darren walks through the feedback they’ve received throughout their journey, how his kids helped him kick-start his exploration, and the polarization surrounding this topic. They also discuss the need for more personalized medical treatments, the rise in forced vaccinations and the noticeable effects in today’s kids. Darren also addresses his choice to homeschool, the benefits of nature kindergarten, and the surprising aspects of homeschooling.
16:00 With mainstays like electricity, refrigeration and refined agricultural production contributing to the overall improvement of society’s health, infectious disease deaths began flat lining around the 1950’s. Greg and the guys discuss the Polio vaccine, Greg’s personal experience with meningitis, the tale of Alton Ochsner and SV40’s link to the cancer epidemic. Darren also touches on vaccine court, the lack of liability for vaccine manufacturers that was inevitably exploited, and the devastating aftermath in the form of today’s Autism crisis.
34:00 Narrowing the focus on vaccines, Darren gives his take on the most alarming vaccines recommended, such as Hep B. Hard to contract at a young age, Darren contends this is a shining example of an unnecessary vaccination in infants. Greg and the guys also discuss the effects of Aluminum on cognitive function, the exorbitant amount in vaccines, the side effects of Aluminum Hydroxide, Polysorbate 80‘s ability to carrier things across the blood-brain barrier, and Thimerosal.
41:00 Darren reads the staggering vaccine schedule. He also covers the previously recommended schedules and highlights the growing number of vaccines, especially when compared to the past. Greg and the guys discuss the abundance of corporate corruption at play, malfeasance run amok at the C.D.C. and the revolving door between civilian oversight agencies and the private sector.
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– trading stories about what it’s like to be conspiracy podcasters

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