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Join The Higherside Chats podcast, with host Greg Carlwood, as he talks vaccines, homeschooling, & podcasting with Darren and Graham from Grimerica.

We should be well aware by now that throughout most of human history the power pyramid’s capstone cabal has wanted us to be nothing more than weak, subservient pawns in their game of thrones.
Between deadly pesticides on our food, toxic chemicals provided as our primary energy sources, and a tainted water supply- it’s safe to say they’ve honed in their sights and we are all in the cross hairs.
Frighteningly, if that wasn’t enough, they have stepped up their game to add the final nail in the coffin in the form of forced vaccinations and today’s guests, Grimerca’s Graham and Darren grace The Higherside stage to discuss the epidemic.
4:00 Kicking things off, Greg and the guys start by unpacking the what and why behind their recently peaked interest in vaccines. Darren walks through the feedback they’ve received throughout their journey, how his kids helped him kick-start his exploration, and the polarization surrounding this topic. They also discuss the need for more personalized medical treatments, the rise in forced vaccinations and the noticeable effects in today’s kids. Darren also addresses his choice to homeschool, the benefits of nature kindergarten, and the surprising aspects of homeschooling.
16:00 With mainstays like electricity, refrigeration and refined agricultural production contributing to the overall improvement of society’s health, infectious disease deaths began flat lining around the 1950’s. Greg and the guys discuss the Polio vaccine, Greg’s personal experience with meningitis, the tale of Alton Ochsner and SV40’s link to the cancer epidemic. Darren also touches on vaccine court, the lack of liability for vaccine manufacturers that was inevitably exploited, and the devastating aftermath in the form of today’s Autism crisis.
34:00 Narrowing the focus on vaccines, Darren gives his take on the most alarming vaccines recommended, such as Hep B. Hard to contract at a young age, Darren contends this is a shining example of an unnecessary vaccination in infants. Greg and the guys also discuss the effects of Aluminum on cognitive function, the exorbitant amount in vaccines, the side effects of Aluminum Hydroxide, Polysorbate 80‘s ability to carrier things across the blood-brain barrier, and Thimerosal.
41:00 Darren reads the staggering vaccine schedule. He also covers the previously recommended schedules and highlights the growing number of vaccines, especially when compared to the past. Greg and the guys discuss the abundance of corporate corruption at play, malfeasance run amok at the C.D.C. and the revolving door between civilian oversight agencies and the private sector.
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– Graham’s UFO experiences with ECETI

– Grimerica’s balloon/camera launch GoFundMe campaign to solve the flat/round Earth debate

–  their recent show about charity fraud and what they learned about corruption in that realm

– surpressed cancer cures

– magic, and Graham’s sigil experiment success

– trading stories about what it’s like to be conspiracy podcasters

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Grimerica “Grimerican Roundtables- Greg and Kyle of The Higherside Chats”:
Grimerica #111 “Grimerica Talks Vaccines and The Ministry of Truth with Jon Rapport”:
The Higherside Chats “Ed Haslam | Dr. Mary’s Monkey, The Polio Vaccine, and Lee Harvey Oswald”:
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act:
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25 Responses

  1. Woah, I totally sensed that a new THC had been posted.
    And Grimerica has been poping up so often for me lately.
    Plus I was watching an old Simpsons episode a few days ago, in which Bart is expelled from school and is subsequently homeschooled by Marge. Immediately the public school indoctrination begins wearing off and he shows enhanced attention and reasoning ability. So much is revealed in the Simpsons. It’s sickening at times. I definitely have a different view of it now then when I was younger.
    Anyway, can’t wait to listen. I always love getting more ammo for the vaccine argument.

  2. My daughter was born in 92. She was never vaccinated until she chose to get the first HPV at age 18. She developed migraines and other symptoms and never finished the series. Aside from chicken pox, the common cold/flu and other minor issues she has been perfectly healthy. My family doctor was pretty supportive of my choice and she was allow to go to public and private school in several states in the US. Most of her friends that were vaccinated have major chronic and acute illnesses. Crones, Lupus, cancer… it’s insane. So glad I had friends that educated me about home birth and looking into vaccinations more deeply.

    1. My oldest was also born in 92 and I made the same choice. No vaccines and she was uber healthy all through school. A huge difference with my youngest, who is now only 11. A lot more pressure to vaccinate. A lot more vaccinations. Great show Greg. Very grateful to have found THC.

  3. I love the boys from Grimerica! I just heard them in a heated convo about vaccines on their ‘Black Budget’ Special! Can’t wait to hear this. Especially now, one of my friends (34yr old girl) just died from the Flu out here in Salt Lake City… Crazy…

    Thanks again Greg!

    Have you been watching any of the Winter Olympics?? They are going pretty heavy on the ‘subtle’ North Korean//War insinuations… it really feels like they are getting us ready for something… or at the very least they are trying to establish the framework on how we should be thinking when we think of N. Korea… crazy…


  4. I hope, hope, hope that people will start considering HOMESCHOOLING as a real option to not only enjoy your children’s childhood with them, but to create a sane society. The first few years, you concentrate on the 3 R’s (reading, writing and rithmetic) and once they have those down, the possibilities for helping them follow their own interests is endless…..parents’ job is to help them find the people and resources that they need . … is not at all like conventional school, and the kids are so creative and independent, mature and comfortable in so many life situations…..of course , we didn’t have TV, and it was back in the day of pre-internet……so that’s a new resource as well as a challenge . ….good luck, brave parents, you will not regret it!

  5. Don’t push back on crazier guests. It’s up to the listener to decide if what is presented is plausible, provable or just plain nuts.
    You do a great podcast, and I like the preachiness at the end of the pod…I usually agree and when I don’t, it helps me to focus on what I’m not vibing with, specifically, in the episode.

  6. This was really great – they seem really clear and on the ball – always good to have digestable info on the horror of vaccines. My grandaughter has just started home schooling after years of unhappiness and is learning loads, is able to decide what she is interested in and pursue it and is generally cheerier. Will definitely check out their podcasts! Thanks x

  7. So thrilled to hear homeschooling discussions! We are a happy homeschooling family of a 6-yr-old and it’s waaaaaay more fun and much easier than I thought it would be. Yay! Plus there are so many resources available – from full online curriculum to tips and tricks from most social media. And there are communities everywhere for homeschoolers. When asked the #1 top question of all time – ‘what about socialization?’ – we remind the person asking that both my husband and I DO count as people and our kiddo does interact with us on a daily basis, as well as other people in the world while living life. Some are young, some old, some nice, some cranky, but it all counts. 🙂
    We’re long time fans of THC; thanks for being awesome and talking about this good stuff. xoxoKP

  8. Anyone else just endure the less interesting guests to listen to Greg’s synopsis? ???? I like the outros cause we get Greg’s conclusion at the end and I’m happy to get straight into the show. Podcasts that waste so much time at the start really bug me.. skeptiko is one such contender

  9. I haven’t listened to Grimerica in awhile and Darren sounded so different than I remember him. He was a lot sharper and put together. Always having been my least favorite of the two because he sounded too high on weed and dull – reeking of unproductive waste and sloth. I enjoyed this version of him.

    Loved the straight talk on vaccines. I have 3 unvaccinated boys and there is a definite difference in their health compared to the other kids around us. I don’t advertise my kid’s vaccine status locally because I don’t think it’s safe to do so, but as my Facebook news feed fills with one illness posting after another it makes me want to say – has anyone noticed that my kids have never had an ear infection, never had the flu, don’t have any allergies, eczema or digestive issues? ! I’ve never posted about my kids being sick even once – ever in 14 years. They won’t study vaccinated vs. unvaccinated because they know what the outcome will be – and it’s very bad for business.

  10. I listened to the Grimerica show once a few years ago and they were way too stoned for me to listen again. Or you could say they were lacking format. I am Canadian so I was intrigued by the idea of a Canadian podcast. So I am glad to hear them now, they seem to be sharper. I will give them another go. Their grammar is still pretty bad. It disappoints me to hear Canadians say “less things” rather than “fewer things,” but I suppose it’s inevitable that our grammar heads south, literally.

    About your question, “What do I do wrong?” Nothing really, but I do have some comments on their feedback.

    Your outros are a good way to lend your personality to the show without making it the Greg Show during the interview, like so many others become. Don’t pander to the fans who love you, serve the fans who love your show. Like those two hosts with their heads up their asses, Jimmy ‘steamroll’ Church and Mel Flatugas. (Listen to the Jimmy Church episode with Mel as a guest, to hear them jerk themselves off and then each other! So terrible it’s entertaining.) Bono used to say when he was young that his political opinions shouldn’t matter, just because he can sing. Then he became the biggest turd in the world.

    Ok, so for the feedback. I hear what people are saying about the push back with guests. On the surface, I don’t think you should. But you should steer them. Don’t let them ramble. Stop them to clarify. Don’t let them get away with statements that don’t seem to make sense. Find the sense. And most of all, make connections. Ask them about and make connections to subjects or people that you have had on the show previously.

    Related to this, when you are interviewing your buddies, you don’t pursue proper explanations for your listeners to understand what’s going on.

    I can think of an example of an extreme case, where I would have welcomed some push. The flat earth episode. I found his answers to be tainted with his own beliefs. Example: He was saying that when he flies he just doesn’t see any curvature of the earth. Well I fly all the time, and I do. I would have had trouble not pushing back in that interview. You’re a better man than I, Mr. Carlson. It’s an interesting conundrum: When a guest says black is white, do you challenge them on that; possibly try to introduce a little grey?

  11. 5 stars, all the way.

    Around the 56 min mark, they mention hearing about how doctors/nurses don’t vaccinate to schedule. I can testify to that from my own experience. I work for CCO that manages coverage for close to 100k medicaid/medicare members. We have a large group of doctors, nurses, pharmacists that practiced for decades before coming to our company. We are provided free flu shots yearly. I got some first two years there and got extremely sick. I woke up around that 2nd time (about 5 years ago) and started paying attention to who was getting the flu shots (we get them all at the same time in a large conference room) and noticed none of our medical professionals were getting them. I asked a few of them and they said straight up “Don’t get them. Not for you, especially for your children.” That’s enough for me.

  12. Greg, this is off subject, but you should check out Jake Morphonios youtube channel. It’s Black Stone Intelligence. He has the best Last Vegas shooting investigation that I’ve seen. It would be awesome if you got him on THC.

  13. I was far from excited when I saw this episode was vaccinations, but I really enjoyed it and gave it 5 stars. Lots of great info. It really had me questioning the decisions I’ve made with my daughter. Also gave me a lot of good ideas for the future. I’m already set up to listen to a few of Grimerica podcasts tomorrow.

  14. Greg
    Do you shut off comments on past shows? I tried to write on Sullivan’s talk from September 2017 and this form did not show up so I could not write any comment.
    Also you seem to have no email to write PM’s to…..reason?

  15. Sorry.
    Found this pretty dull
    Even as a father with kids
    These Grimerica dudes had little to offer.
    Turned off when he mispronounced Diptheria
    Was this a kind of ‘holding pattern return the favor’ episode, maybe?
    It felt like a conversation in a preschool playground
    Between stoner dads with google information
    I have those every day
    Nearly as boring as Austin Coppock and the Shaminger-whatsit.

  16. What a fantastic show! Love the subject matter about vaccine choices and homeschooling. We have chosen not to vaccinate our youngest who is one. We have a three year old with autism whom we will not be giving any more vaccines to either. I’m not an anti vaxer, I’m anti schedule.

  17. Great show i havent seen the link to that study that was mentioned about autuisum i would love to see it. I am in process of trying to show my girl friend some stuff on the subject as my daugther is due to be to start all the injections and im not down with them one bit…………

    Been looking at reverse speech recently think it would make a good show.
    Sam (uk)

  18. Hi Greg,

    It was good hearing some of your biographic info as well as hearing you guys talking shop.

    Around 1h:50m you welcomed criticism, constructive or otherwise. So I have one single thing that kills me…
    As “Expresso” is the white “Aks,” when you say “ekspecially” it’s like nails on the chalkboard to me. Please please commit some meditation on pronouncing “especially” without any hard consonants. I realize it’s completely superficial, but I get concerned with how language mavens/academics could deny themselves the chance to enjoy your work by dismissing you on irrelevant grounds like idiosyncratic pronunciations.

    Otherwise, I think you’re perfect.
    Keep it up.


    PS. I’ve never once found you to be preachy. The message to ‘be good to each other’ can never be overstated.

  19. I am the proud father of 2 with one on the way. I read voraciously before the children were born. I was determined to make the best decision for the health and well-being of my kids. I ended up refusing all vaccines at the hospital, and told them that we would be on a selective vax. Schedule with our pediatrician. The pediatrician we chose is excellent, we have not given any vaccines to date and won’t. The kids are in perfect health and have zero allergies, my kids also behave themselves, in the end it didn’t make sense to take a chance on a lifetime of side effects from trying to prevent some disease in the future. I hope if someone you know has to make this decision they get the information they need to make the correct choice.

  20. This podcast is excellent, you cover two of my favourite subjects vaccines and home educating.

    My adopted daughter had the TB vaccine a few hours after her birth and the first part of the MMR by her biological mother. When she was seven years old we had to take her to be dowsed by a homeopathic dowser for behavioural and sleep problems, he found the TB and MMR vaccine in her brain and removed them and also discovered her aura wasn't deep enough. As a result our wonderful daughter had her first proper sleep in the five years she had been in our care that first evening, waking at 10.45 the next morning fully refreshed and full of beans with no black bags under her eyes. You can only imagine the difference this made to our family life also!                                                               While we were with the dowser we asked his opinion of the MMR, he replied it causes autism and he explained that when problematic it lodges in the brain. He then went on to tell us about Tony Blair's son Leo who had been given the MMR (at this point Blair was the Prime Minister and was being often asked wether he would be giving his recently born son the MMR, because of the recent controversey with Andrew Wakefield). Twenty minutes after he was given the MMR, he was taken to Harley Street to be dowsed to have it removed from his body.

    My daughter who is now 21 has been regularly dowsed since that occasion and has not visited a doctor since she was 5. She is a very healthy young woman who never gets ill. She was also home educated. So compared to her friends she's a very confident individual with little or no hang ups.

    Thanks for the great shows that you have and continue to put out there, I only discovered you in July this year so have been going over the old ones that are relevant to my interests. I've also found Crrow777 through your show so I've been kept really busy, which has been very handy through lock down. And now I'll be adding the guys from this show to my list of Podcasters.

    Much love from London


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