Chris Knowles Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Chris Knowles | A Ritual Tour Of 2020, Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest, & The New Cult Of State

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Hallelujah! The legendary Chris Knowles of the Secret Sun Blog joins THC for an 8th time!

Don’t sleep on He Will Live Up In The Sky, the novel any THC fan would love.

PLUS Content

  • More aspects to the rituals of 2020.
  • The Wayfair story.
  • Ghislaine’s secret husband.
  • More signs of the times.

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  1. ACE!

    ..I live on a WindyHill, Shipley..Overlooking the "other" Bradford! In my Republic of Yorkshire…whaddya want to know? Master Kn"owl"es! Haha! & I Thank you! Master Carlwood! heart

    Lurve & Peas! ;Q xxx

  2. Yes, yes! Two of the best. Thanks so much and, I must apologize being dismissive of prior episode. I truly look forward to each show and all guests. With a buffet of podcasts, THC is still private reserve-top shelf product.

  3. Providence Catholic hospital in Medford, Oregon does not have a room 13 in the emergency department and the rooms on the main side of the emergency department only go up to 17. 

    This has been in my minds curiosity bank everyday for the last ten years. 

    I have never been able to figure out why my favorite numbers are 13 and 17; 17 being my favorite age. 

  4. 15mins in…….Bigfoot do love Carlwood.  

    Every plus member on this site is beautiful.  although we all possibly disagree on many different things, we have to stick together. 
    we have to stick together.  


  5. I enjoyed the discussion, yet am a bit surprised that there is a conception that masks are wholly ineffective. I recognize the narrative is there are larger/deeper reasons for "entrainment", which I frankly do not or cannot deem as impossible. I guess I scratch my head a bit that there is no mention of the largest creation of camps on mask-wearing which has been the white house. To be clear, I am a subscriber, so conventional thinking is not necessarily what I am after, but I see a pattern of deference to the white house when all I see is clear criminality and gaslighting…I am troubled by people that hold our current WH occupant as some kind of savior, moral, or otherwise. Keep the good shows coming.  

    1. Totally agree. I quit after 1hr. What feckin bearing do elections, I mean really, ELECTIONS have to do with ANYTHING at this stage in the game? Why even bother wasting everyones time.  I feel really dissapointed. He should have knowles his audience better…

      1. You don't think a suspension of elections, or the perceived integrity of election dissolving, would have an effect on the wider population and might send a lot of people over the edge they're already close to? 

      2. Personally, I feel 'they' have a lot more control over the narratives we hear through the media then the elections themselves. I think Trump was allowed to run but expected to lose vs Hilary. They underestimated the power they actually have. Hence the efforts to control and sensor online since then. Consolidation of Social Media, which all just so happen to learn way left…  They seem desperate to get mail in ballots, without signature verification, as a means to gain more influence over the election (mail in masses of ballots from whoever or wherever). 

        This could all just be much ado about nothing, and Trump may have been the plan all along. Much of the power structure seems desperate to get Trump out. I have played the 'not voting is my vote card' so far, but no longer. My corrupt Governor is both clamping down on our economy (which shut work down for me and my wife) and is withholding unemployment benefits, because he wants to blame Trump and make him look bad. He doesn't care what kind of situation he is putting us in at all. His daughter in law is on the BoD for the B n M Gates Foundation, which is basically funding this Global vaccination plan. The media treats him like some great guardian of the people. So I will vote for a new Governor and the same Pres. Hope to get my State reopened and not test subjects for Gates n friends. Also hoping the arrest and investigations continue on Epstein n his connections. Have a feeling more firing/suicides may have stopped any more investigations if Hilary had won, or perhaps if Joe wins now.  

        I forget if it was the Greeks, but there's an insightful quote about play politics or be played by politics. Not an exact quote, but that's the basic point.

      3. Did y’all grow up in one of these lead tap water hotspots or something cause I know the link is more obvious now lolololol

        Elections are going to be hairy unless we all see through the bullshit together

  6. Another brilliant show, Greg. 
    It’s looking like we’re in for another four of the evil orange buffoon. Not that it matters, since the alleged “other side” is just as bad or worse. So, maybe the election farce gets postponed, as Chris suggests, or the red wing of the corporate war party “wins” and we get Trumpo the assclown, again. Whatever. Either way, we’re well and truly fucked. I’m ignoring that stupid puppet show as much as possible. 

    As for the retarded covid op, please . . . It’s such a fucking joke. What freaks me out is the willing compliance of the masses with all the draconian protocols. I see these morons driving around by themselves, with a fucking mask on. I also see them alone biking or walking their dog, with a goddamn mask. I’ve gotten so used to it, I don’t even roll my eyes anymore. 
    I’ve been booted out of more than a few retail establishments for refusing to wear the obligatory face diaper.  Now I have one on which I’ve written HOAX. On an other I have written THIS IS BULLSHIT. The one I get the most comments on is the one on which I have affixed tentacles. Unfortunately, the one I have to wear for work is blank. I need to keep getting paid. 
    It really does look like religious hysteria, especially those ridiculous plexiglass barriers. Like the masks, they do FUCK ALL to stop any virus. 
    It looks to me that this covid bullshit is simply the powers that shouldn’t be ramping up the war on all the rest of us. 


  7. Sorry guys, couldnt make it through this one. I know looking at synchronicity and the interpretation of symbolism and ritual can be a tad flaky and highly subjective at times. This however, was a masterclass in how to ramble on incoherently, and quite relentlessly, making absolutely no sense whatsoever. Blurting out names and events and continuously jumping around from topic to topic never finishing a single point he may or may not have been trying to make was infuriating. What happened here?I'm familiar with nearly all subject matter discussed and I'm more confused than before. My head actually hurts. I look forward to listening and do so relaxing in the tub. I am the opposite of relaxed. These are serious times and though i enjoy the occasional distraction such as bigfoot (unexpectedly excellent show) people in the know need to get there shit together quick smart and start thinking and acting practically. Lay your points out one by one and make them clearly understandable for those you wish to help. Please. For the love of God and all us simpletons. Thank you and goodnight.

  8. Headaches to heartaches. Ugh. I feel some of your listeners forget who they're tuned in to. You are a diverse host with an abundance of guests and opinions; which I personally relish. Yet another eye/ear opening discussion. 

    Thank you Greg. I appreciate all the hard work you and your staff for. 🤗

  9. Headaches to heartaches. Ugh. I feel some of your listeners forget who they're tuned in to. You are a diverse host with an abundance of guests and opinions; which I personally relish. Yet another eye/ear opening discussion. 

    Thank you Greg. I appreciate all the hard work you and your staff do


  10. Hey Greg, great show. This is one of my favs so far ❤️ I really love listening to your wisdom and Chris’s too.
    Just a curious thought. I’m in Maine not far from Conway NH, but also near Bath Iron Works., BIW for short. I found it interesting that BIW was hiring 400 employees last fall. Positions they needed to fill by December. They also just a couple weeks ago put out a call for another 200 employees. I also found it interesting that a couple months ago as my husband and I were driving by the ship yard as a shift was letting out, we were stopped in the middle of the road while hundreds of employees crossed the road in a huge herd with no masks and no social distancing. BIW builds ships for the Navy. Just some food for thought. 

  11. Interesting show! I haven't worn a mask anywhere yet, and don't intend to. I don't think delusion should be humored 😉 I had a thought when the discussion turned to the reasons for the masking – ritual submission, etc. and one thing that it accomplishes that wasn't mentioned, was that it solidifies the paradigm of germ theory. Everyone's hyper aware of invisible germs floating around and hanging around on surfaces. It keeps us thinking of disease as something with a mechanical transmission rather than possibly an energy-oriented one. Can't have the plebes knowing their personal energetic power. 

  12. Been a plus member for 3 years and never commented before. I will say this is by far the best podcast ever. So many perspectives on here!!! Thank you, Greg!!!

  13. The name of the house Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested at is called "Tuckedaway." Thought it was odd how much attention was drawn to the name. The media even provided a photo of the rock with the house name carved on it. 

    The numerological expression of "Tuckedaway" = 33. 

  14. It was like an epiphany when I discovered Sally and the Weston Price Foundation. Those nutrient dense and fatty foods were what I had always gravitated towards but kept trying to fit in more veggies and just felt gross and bloated. Veggies are healthy, dont get me wrong but in small doses. I love how Tom Cowan calls them natures vitamins. I think hes right on the money.

    Great interview, Greg! I love listening to Sally talk. Learn something new every time. Hopefully you can get Dr. Cowan on here too! 

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