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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood hosts Peter Robbins to discuss the life and work of Wilhelm Reich.

Known for his brilliant mind, Reich’s work wondered into areas such as unknown energies, weather modification, and UFOs, ultimately devolving into a fascinating tale of establishment attacks, character assassination, historical marginalization and an unfortunate untimely death.

As an amazing UFO and abduction researcher, Robbins has spent the last 30 years familiarizing himself with the research of Reich. He has gone on to author and co-author several books including “Halt In Woodbridge: An Airforce Colonel’s Thirty Year Fight To Silence An Authentic UFO Whistle-Blower”.

2:30 Greg and Peter begin by discussing Reich’s background and, as an expert in the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, Peter validates his credibility by elaborating on exactly how he found Reich’s work and where he began over 30 years ago. After first reading Reich’s, “Character Analysis”, Robbin’s knew he had discovered the work of someone special. The science Reich had created, known as Orgonomy, is a hybrid between the words organism and orgasm. Orgonomy, whose operating functioning principle is how energy functions in the living and non-living realms, became a major focus of Robbins’ studies. The study of energy sweeps through many sub-sects of science; similarly Orgonomists, or medical physicians that became psychiatrists and completed training in the Reichian method, have a cornucopia of education.
7:30 As Peter explains, despite Reich’s success, with eyewitnesses observing firsthand his weather modification and the fact that Orgonomy itself has several useful applications, the groundbreaking level of research Reich was conducting was perhaps too ahead of its time. With some of his key findings challenging social and moral underpinnings of society, as well as accepted physical laws of the universe, Reich was demonized and painted as a quack.
10:30 After serving in WWI and graduating medical school, Reich became not only a pupil of Sigmund Freud but also worked as his primary first assistant over the course of six years. Unfortunately, they parted ways in 1929 after Reich approached Freud with his hypothesis that all human neuroses, even the deepest forms, is rooted in some kind of sexual dysfunction. Although Freud had become infamous for his pioneering research of such topics, Reich’s absolute assertion that all neuroses are a result of sexual dysfunction was a hypothesis too extreme for Freud. As a result, Reich departed from the Freudian ranks creating a backlash of resentment among many of his colleagues. This is where the seeds questioning Reich’s mental stability were sewn.
18:00 After having narrowly escaped Austria then Germany, Reich settled in Norway. Aided by a core group of  researchers and colleagues, Reich began to devote much of his wok to the study of the formation of cancer cells. It was during this time, Reich wrote “The Impulsive Character”, “The Cancer Biopathy”, and ” The Mass Psychology of Fascism”.  After a nasty campaign in the press to discredit Reich and his work, Reich emigrated to the US in 1940.
21:00 During his time in the US, Reich began to heavily focus of the energetic functioning in people. His primary focus involved dissolving the chronic muscular contractions in patients. After moments of trauma, humans tend to withdraw to their core and revert inward. This resignation can create a physical armor in our musculature.
26:00 After describing the details of construction of Reich’s orgone energy accumulator, Robbins continues explaining the science behind it. Organic material holds energy, whereas inorganic material reflects energy, and the strength of an accumulator is determined by the number or layers or inorganic and organic material.
34:00 A rather remarkable moment in the life in the history of Reich was in December of 1940 he sends a carefully worded letter about his work, specifically focusing in on the energy experiments (T0- T) to Dr. Albert Einstein. Several days later, Reich received a response from Einstein, requesting he demonstrate his experiment in Einstein’s labs. The meeting was arranged by Einstein’s secretary, Helen Dukas. After  demonstrating his  experiment in the labs of Einstein, with them both observing the energy in the form of light Reich described, Einstein acknowledged the presence of the light, but refused to rule out what he referred to as “the subjective element”.
41:00 Helen Dukas becomes a key player in the Einstein-Reich saga because, at the time, she was screening all of Einstein’s mail. Her motives for dismissing Reich’s claims may have originated from the fact that when she and Eisenstein entered the US, both were placed under strict FBI surveillance because not only were they leftist-leaning scientists, but Dukas was believed to be an agent of the Soviet. With the Soviets actively seeking to destroy Reich’s reputation, and Reich’s research threatening to dethrone Einstein as the time’s superior physicist, this sinister plot concocted by Dukas doesn’t seem so far-fetched.
49:00 Taking into account what he had learned about how energy functions, Reich built a simple apparatus that came to be called the Cloudbuster. Water is an energetic attractor and so Reich’s thought was if he could ground the energy and the water acted an an attractor, he could begin to create movement in the atmosphere. By drawing the moisture rich air from the Atlantic, Reich hypothesized he could increase the humidity in the air and ultimately create rain. It was at this time, UFOs began appearing on Reich’s property, sparking his interest in the phenomenon.
55:00 As Reich began to research the phenomena of UFOs, he considered their propulsion mechanism more advance and something that went beyond any type of motorized mechanism. Reich concluded that UFOs had harnessed a sea of atmospheric energy which they used to move through the environment.
Want more Peter Robbins? Check out his website here. Peter has authored several great books including,  “Left at East Gate: A First-hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, It’s Cover-Up and Investigation” as well as “Stolen Fruit:The Tropical Commodities Disaster”.
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  1. Anything Wilhelm Reich and u have me at hello!!. Can’t wait to listen to this! Just woke up, going to make a cup of tea and lay back and get deep into the brilliance of Reich! Awesome way to start the day.

  2. Just as a side note before any of you start gushing too relentlessly, Reich intentionally set himself up as a martyr because he knew it would take his topic more public and into the future. And he was right !

  3. A bridesmaid again;[ Good one Greg. I’ve been hearing references about or attributions by Wilhelm Reich for years. Many thanks for an expert discussion. Papa Dave loves THC+!

  4. Another interesting show! I have heard Reich mentioned several times, I believe Tsarian would often talk of his brilliance. I shall look further down this rabbit hole for sure 🙂 I had a feeling that the Orgone energy was going to be ether and the like.

  5. Carlwood sounds a little smug impatient clipped on this one. Because Reich’s got a rep/cult following maybe ? Not the usual “Golly gee” country boy naivete’s approach….Maybe Robbins was irritating somehow ?

    1. Let me get this straight – you pay to troll? Wow. I understand THCP membership is inexpensive, but you should really consider putting that money toward a hooker instead.

  6. Thank you Greg! The free listeners owe you quite a thanks as well. I was wondering how you were going to break this down as it was running so integrally at well over an hour. Good for you with that generosity. It will surely pay you back, as those who aren’t inclined to subscribe won’t be doing so anyway. But those who appreciate what was given will likely reciprocate.

    Peter Robins’ delivery of the overall story line was so excellent that it’s easy to see why you just let him run. I try to imagine a GN at CtoCAM doing that, even if there were no goddamned commercials, and I can just hear his inane comments and injections.

    I kept waiting to hear the name of Trevor James Constable come up when talk turned to others doing cloudbuster research and operations. I have just read of Constable’s passing at age 90 this past March. I found this article ( with some info on one particular record setting weather modification he did. It was one for which I was present at the time in 1986 in the San Gabriel Valley. I stood outside my mother’s house in an amazing thunderstorm in total awe as an intense drought was broken. I had been there putting a new roof on her house and the heat had been nearly unbearable. That rain was such a treat.

    TJC had filed the proper weather modification forms with the proper government agencies before his 1986 “Operation Pincer II.” No scientific groups paid any public attention to his accomplishment, nor give any credit. However, I heard that someone who had suffered losses due to the the flooding (intersections in downtown LA were submerged) tried to sue TJC for damages. Credit no, liability yes. Makes ya shake your head.

    Keep coming up with shows like this, Greg, and you will continue enhancing the pleasure of living for this old man.

  7. Greg, re: the orgone/cloudbuster/UFO connection that he rather skirted over/wasnt aware of.
    Andrew Collins done a summers worth of research in an area that you know in England (Alton Priors/Avebury area). He used cloudbusters in and around Tawsmead Copse and Woodborough Hill which are very well known for anomalous lights and UFO activity. He wrote it all up in a pretty dense read called “Alien Energy” and cites Trevor James Constables previous research as well. Although Andrew moved on to other areas of research in Egypt etc he returned in the last few years to lightforms in a recent book called “Lightquest” which I havent as yet read. It may be a good call to try and get him on at some stage.

    1. whoa. That’s interesting. I did sort of feel like anything that wasn’t in his script, he hadn’t really thought deeply on: Orgonite sculptures, psychedelics/UFOs, Circumcision/sexual trauma, that Orgone relates to alchemy, etc…..but I still think it was a good show. He knows what he knows.

      1. Glad to hear his perspective, what a rich source of information about Reich. I agree he has not branched out much from the original Reich observations. If he had he may have understood the alchemical implications for the black powder that coated Organon during the DOR incident (when radioactive matter was put in the orgone accumulator). What Reich concluded was that it was some sort of pre-atomic material precipitated by the black DOR clouds. This has implications for etherially derived and life-negative matter with regard to black alchemcial practices possibly incorporating this into energy-sapping devices or spells. This also has implications for the recently awarded Nobel Prize in physics for “exotic matter” that has everyone talking about pretzels and bagels and sounds very reminiscent of Kelvin’s knot model of the atom. This “exotic matter” has quantum properties that come straight from the ormus playbook.

        Then there is the orgone accumulator. I brought up on the Ether & alchemy episode that one of the drum designs utilized by the Sonora Aero Club discussed by Walter Bosley was made of rawhide mixed with copper chips or shavings which is similar in composition to that of orgonite. I also mentioned Karl Weltz the inventor of orgonite, here on his website you can see his development of orgonite strutures as an extension of his previous work with orgone accumulators where he utilized and expanded upon the principle using information he had gleaned from alchemical texts:

        There is also confirmation of Reich’s understanding of the function of the orgone accumulator from the works of Karl Von Reichenbach’s “Od vats” and observations of Russian scientists on their own version of this energy called torsion physics where they have shown that mettalic atomic arrangements cause this energy to reflect and organic arrangements store and release the energy.

        After Welz then came Don Craft who added quartz to the mix which gave the energy a life-positive poliarity and increased the power meaning that the pieces could be smaller as the layers were more condensed.

        The unfortunate thing is that most of the orgonite being sold today is not really very good, this is because it is made to be more decorative than functional. If you can see through the piece it is not doing it’s job because there are not layers of metal in there to provide the main effect. Additionally the crystal must be embedded in the metal-epoxy matrix or it is not performing it’s function. The most powerful orgonite out there is made from very fine ground quartz and meal made from precipitated metallic salts in the cheaper and harder brown epoxy, and it looks like a slightly glittery hunk of shit. But that glittery shit works extremely well.

        Buliding upon the orgone accumulator in the realm of alchemical connections there is also the theory developed by Laurence Gardner that the Ark of the Covnenant was a form of orgone accumulator and discharge device that was filled with ormus material.

        1. Thank you shamangineer, saved me a job re explanation of orgonite and really appreciate you telling the members about the correct way to make orgonite. I can hardly believe that orgonite vendors would think that chucking a quartz crystal into resin would work effectively, when the whole point of Reich’s experiments was to place organic and non organic materials side by side.
          One more note that Robbins really should have made clear is that accumulator boxes should NEVER be made within 30 miles of a nuclear power plant due to the risk of the radiation particles becoming amplified.

        2. Shamangineer
          These links and videos have been and are fascinating. Thank you
          I have studied many of these topics since the late 70’s, I still couldn’t put it all together very well, It’s such a webby topic. I seem to learn things and understand them in dreams and I think I have it!… Nope, I can’t bring it all back.
          So much to talk about, I don’t know where to start. Clearly, This and your interview are my two favorite for the year.

        3. Shamengineer,

          This might be a crazy notion or a shower thought that belongs in CST, but here goes. Considering what Orgone energy is, I recall as a child having that “feeling” that you get when you are at a place that has presence, such as a good concert at Red Rocks, Yosemite National Park, or a Cathedral……. Specificallyn reference to the cathedral, an organ is constructed quite similar in fashion to a cloudbuster, is it possible that organs were cloudbuster’s for the soul given the right construction, setting, and hz??? I hope somebody finds this interesting as well, either way, this episode definitely got the gears turning. I love this podcast.

  8. Right. So you we’re a little exasperated at his Reichian cult of personality tangent. That be what I was picking up on. Also no mention of dod funding his AZ experiments. Navy’s got cloudbuster originated gizmos on board now too.

  9. Absolute boss show. I’ve had a half dozen Reich related conversations with friends over the last year or so, and was left not knowing where to direct them to good introductory material / context. This show is the perfect 1st stop on the journey for anyone who wants to learn more.

    I enjoyed hearing Peter clearly lay out the territory during the first hour, and appreciated Greg’s willingness to let it flow and not interupt the material that was coming across. Not every host has the chops to back off and not interject for so long, even when the signal is coming through clean.

    Can’t wait to share this one with friends and fam.

  10. Good interview. Reich finding his mother with her lover and the consequences of that, namely the death of both his parents in fairly quick succession would surely have been a catalyst for so much of his investigations into the role of sexual energies. Whether his connections with the CIA and the MK Ultra program preceded this is certainly worth investigating. The socially engineered sexual revolution has certainly been a contributing factor to the breakdown of the family unit in western culture. Always another rock to turn over.

      1. Hi, thank you for your reply. I was at the end of a 3 year counselling/therapist course when I began to find out that so many of the ‘godfathers’ of psychotherapy had links with the CIA/Esalen Institute/MK Ultra. Of course it would have been easier for the cognitive dissonance to turn a blind eye having studied so hard for 3 years but my investment is for Truth so no rock is left unturned. Here is a link to the whole web (so far) of the intelligence community/MK ultra etc

        I began making orgonite in 2012 having read the accumulator handbook. However due to some very interesting experiences and witnessing some very disturbing ones I stopped making orgonite until I have a better idea on wtf is going on. Personal experience is always the prime educator 🙂

          1. I saw the same thing, even clicking on names connected down the line to bring everyone in the consciousness/psychedelic sphere into some contact with CIA/MK Ultra. Look out for that Alan Watts guy, he’s a CIA plant. Everyone and their cat is suspect now. Seems ridiculous as proof of anything.

            One name in there, not far removed, was Alfred Hubbard, the so-called Johnny Appleseed of LSD. Now there is an interesting character. He was the inventor of the Hubbard Coil at age 17. Later was arrested for rum running, became a nark and ratted out his employers and coworkers, denied the truth of his free energy apparatus and became an OSS spy. He made his fortune in uranium, and turned media moguls onto acid.

          2. Hi, I wasn’t expecting anyone to just look at the web brain as automatic proof, far from it. However a closer look into the research of may provide people with the opportunity to look into the possibility of the whole psychotherapy/psychedelic movement being a manipulation for the leading of the social structure, after all we are all here because we know the game is rigged and that they can only do this by being several steps ahead of us. I am more than happy to share my experiences but it would take an evening+ to type it all out. However, so as not to shine some light on the subject, Wayne Bush’s material on is on the money as was Cameron Days 2014 interviews regarding light workers and dark workers serving the same agenda. My orgonite experiences included work within a ‘healing circle’.

  11. Great episode and a great guest. Very well spoken, knowledgeable and objective.

    Did everybody know Kate Bush wrote a song called “Cloud Busting”?

    From wikipedia (

    “The song is about the very close relationship between psychologist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich and his young son, Peter, told from the point of view of the mature Peter. It describes the boy’s memories of his life with Reich on their family farm, called Orgonon where the two spent time “cloudbusting”, a rain-making process which involved pointing at the sky a machine designed and built by Reich, called a cloudbuster. The lyric further describes Wilhelm Reich’s abrupt arrest and imprisonment, the pain of loss the young Peter felt, and his helplessness at being unable to protect his father. The song was inspired by Peter Reich’s 1973 memoir, A Book of Dreams, which Bush read and found deeply moving.”

    Great song too:

  12. Thanks Greg, this topic deserves attention. I have personal experience of Orgone through a longtime physicist friend who has been researching Reich’s work for decades and taking it further. I encourage everyone interested to visit his youtube channel which demonstrates Orgone and the devices he designed to measure various energies;

    Thanks again for highlighting another misunderstood topic Greg, keep up the great work.

  13. As Mike Emery said on gnosticwarrior not too long ago when asked what Humans could do to better The Situation; ” Meditate on a pristine Earth every day, preferable at noon,( and preferably seal it with an orgasm….;) ) and start making orgone devices, and don’t stop.”

    Recon even I can handle that! 😉

    I second the “Boss show” call, and the thanks to Shamangineer.

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