Join The Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood hosts Peter Robbins to discuss the life and work of Wilhelm Reich.

Known for his brilliant mind, Reich’s work wondered into areas such as unknown energies, weather modification, and UFOs, ultimately devolving into a fascinating tale of establishment attacks, character assassination, historical marginalization and an unfortunate untimely death.

As an amazing UFO and abduction researcher, Robbins has spent the last 30 years familiarizing himself with the research of Reich. He has gone on to author and co-author several books including “Halt In Woodbridge: An Airforce Colonel’s Thirty Year Fight To Silence An Authentic UFO Whistle-Blower”.

2:30 Greg and Peter begin by discussing Reich’s background and, as an expert in the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, Peter validates his credibility by elaborating on exactly how he found Reich’s work and where he began over 30 years ago. After first reading Reich’s, “Character Analysis”, Robbin’s knew he had discovered the work of someone special. The science Reich had created, known as Orgonomy, is a hybrid between the words organism and orgasm. Orgonomy, whose operating functioning principle is how energy functions in the living and non-living realms, became a major focus of Robbins’ studies. The study of energy sweeps through many sub-sects of science; similarly Orgonomists, or medical physicians that became psychiatrists and completed training in the Reichian method, have a cornucopia of education.
7:30 As Peter explains, despite Reich’s success, with eyewitnesses observing firsthand his weather modification and the fact that Orgonomy itself has several useful applications, the groundbreaking level of research Reich was conducting was perhaps too ahead of its time. With some of his key findings challenging social and moral underpinnings of society, as well as accepted physical laws of the universe, Reich was demonized and painted as a quack.
10:30 After serving in WWI and graduating medical school, Reich became not only a pupil of Sigmund Freud but also worked as his primary first assistant over the course of six years. Unfortunately, they parted ways in 1929 after Reich approached Freud with his hypothesis that all human neuroses, even the deepest forms, is rooted in some kind of sexual dysfunction. Although Freud had become infamous for his pioneering research of such topics, Reich’s absolute assertion that all neuroses are a result of sexual dysfunction was a hypothesis too extreme for Freud. As a result, Reich departed from the Freudian ranks creating a backlash of resentment among many of his colleagues. This is where the seeds questioning Reich’s mental stability were sewn.
18:00 After having narrowly escaped Austria then Germany, Reich settled in Norway. Aided by a core group of  researchers and colleagues, Reich began to devote much of his wok to the study of the formation of cancer cells. It was during this time, Reich wrote “The Impulsive Character”, “The Cancer Biopathy”, and ” The Mass Psychology of Fascism”.  After a nasty campaign in the press to discredit Reich and his work, Reich emigrated to the US in 1940.
21:00 During his time in the US, Reich began to heavily focus of the energetic functioning in people. His primary focus involved dissolving the chronic muscular contractions in patients. After moments of trauma, humans tend to withdraw to their core and revert inward. This resignation can create a physical armor in our musculature.
26:00 After describing the details of construction of Reich’s orgone energy accumulator, Robbins continues explaining the science behind it. Organic material holds energy, whereas inorganic material reflects energy, and the strength of an accumulator is determined by the number or layers or inorganic and organic material.
34:00 A rather remarkable moment in the life in the history of Reich was in December of 1940 he sends a carefully worded letter about his work, specifically focusing in on the energy experiments (T0- T) to Dr. Albert Einstein. Several days later, Reich received a response from Einstein, requesting he demonstrate his experiment in Einstein’s labs. The meeting was arranged by Einstein’s secretary, Helen Dukas. After  demonstrating his  experiment in the labs of Einstein, with them both observing the energy in the form of light Reich described, Einstein acknowledged the presence of the light, but refused to rule out what he referred to as “the subjective element”.
41:00 Helen Dukas becomes a key player in the Einstein-Reich saga because, at the time, she was screening all of Einstein’s mail. Her motives for dismissing Reich’s claims may have originated from the fact that when she and Eisenstein entered the US, both were placed under strict FBI surveillance because not only were they leftist-leaning scientists, but Dukas was believed to be an agent of the Soviet. With the Soviets actively seeking to destroy Reich’s reputation, and Reich’s research threatening to dethrone Einstein as the time’s superior physicist, this sinister plot concocted by Dukas doesn’t seem so far-fetched.
49:00 Taking into account what he had learned about how energy functions, Reich built a simple apparatus that came to be called the Cloudbuster. Water is an energetic attractor and so Reich’s thought was if he could ground the energy and the water acted an an attractor, he could begin to create movement in the atmosphere. By drawing the moisture rich air from the Atlantic, Reich hypothesized he could increase the humidity in the air and ultimately create rain. It was at this time, UFOs began appearing on Reich’s property, sparking his interest in the phenomenon.
55:00 As Reich began to research the phenomena of UFOs, he considered their propulsion mechanism more advance and something that went beyond any type of motorized mechanism. Reich concluded that UFOs had harnessed a sea of atmospheric energy which they used to move through the environment.
Want more Peter Robbins? Check out his websitehere. Peter has authored several great books including,  “Left at East Gate: A First-hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, It’s Cover-Up and Investigation” as well as “Stolen Fruit:The Tropical Commodities Disaster”.
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