Ben Davidson | Pole Shifts, Space Weather, Earth Changes, & The CIA

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The great Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers fame joins THC to talk about his work into incorporating the global electric circuit and solar activity into weather models that can predict earthquakes and cyclones with great accuracy, ancient warnings of catastrophic cycles, the mysteries of the sun, CIA suppression, and a whole lot more.

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-The connection between solar activity and human progress throughout history. -The polar vortex. -Underground tunnels and cities from the last round of solar intensity. -Ancient gold cultivation and radiation deflection. -The sun changing from yellow to white and the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. -Why the Plasma Universe Model is suppressed.

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    1. I have to say I have always expected these Earth and societal changes. In some ways I was born expecting them and I came into existence now to be here for this. I am currently 49 years old. All this is set in SW Australia. When I was a young teen 10-15 I had many dreams that came true, some the next day, some months and others years later. These were often just mundane things. But a couple that are yet to fully occur were of events described in this interview. The most dramatic was the sun rising but then stopping in the sky an hour or so later. It then stayed there for most of the day. When it finally set it went back the other way. Darkness came about 11pm at night. Another dream fragment I remember was of a flash of white light (like a small sun) appearing in the northern sky. We somehow knew it was time to go indoors for 3 days. The bath tub was filled with water. Another was of a large group of people, stressed and tense, like refugees on the family farm. A man (who exactly matches my brother now) was walking beside me asking what to do about them. My answer was they needed to be convinced to go much further inland. I was also shown after these people left that some lingered and they were very peaceful. I also seen a handful of people tilling the soil with hand implements in an area of the farm previously unused. In the dream about the very long day.. it did not show the sun returning. Just a group of people I did not know at the time sitting in my mothers lounge room doing what I can only describe as calmly meditating. I wonder if we were expecting death graciously. The furniture in the dream was dark brown. As it now is. It is odd that now this may be a reality how strangely calm I feel.

        1. I hope that is the case, that this is just something that stays a dream (or an alternate time line).. but given the sheer volume of accurate prophetic dreams, telepathy and ESP, astral excursions etc I’ve had throughout my life and add the scientific data coming out recently, I’m not so quick to dismiss them as I once was. More open scientific study is needed in relation to sun/earth etc.

  1. I don’t buy into that bit about the US Authorities hiding a catastrophic pole flip from the populace… with a ‘for your own good’ intent. To put it simply… the only difference between suicide and enlightenment is ‘Ego-Controlled Death’ vs ‘Surrender’ (as in, “It’s OK if the world kills me… it is going to anyway”)

    Even more relieving… “It’s OK… the human species is also ‘just a thought’ in the awareness of infinity.”

    In effect, a mass catastrophe would present a command to take an inward journey (loud and clear)… a mass awakening of sorts. Sure… there would be resistance, rage, and chaos in portions of the populace. Programming and ego-scripting to resist ‘in whatever way possible’ is strong (even if the behavior is irrational); however, I suspect there is a much larger portion of the populace that is quite capable of shifting gears in behavior and awareness the ‘other’ way… enlightenment (relief… no weight upon the shoulders).

    By hiding such an event, the time for human awareness to adjust is withheld… the time to find that calm aspect of awareness that ‘does not die’ and is always ‘knowing’ (not dependent on historical memory or ‘knowledge’) is greatly reduced.

    Intuitively, I suspect we are figuring it out anyway… regardless.

  2. Damn but Ben nailed that, though I think he purposely down played how imminent this all is. He didn’t mention Douglas Voigt or his research. Regardless, so happy to see this out there. Sharing it all around. Much thanks. ????????✌️????

  3. Missinformation with bits of truth here and there. Notice he never said what the sun is or what is made of. They don’t know what the sun is. They can only make shit up. Entertaining episode though. One can also learn from missinformation.

    1. That’s what I smelled too… starting with “trained as a lawyer, didn’t want to be a lawyer”… sensationalizing in the nasa paradigm from there. I could only take the first hour

  4. Greg, thanks so much for this episode. In my opinion, the magnetic relationship between Sun and Earth, the pole reversal of Earth, and the weakening of magnetic field around us are the most important science that is not discussed in mass media.

    The situation is more dire then we think unfortunately, since the last time that this reversal was recorded in the clay pots in the history, the strength of the field was higher than what it is now. Most importantly, we really don’t even know how the magnetic field is generated for the Earth.

    Question for the speaker, have you noticed any correlation between fracking and weakening of the local magnetic field of the area?

  5. Nice afterthought to throw in that none of this may happen for 1000 years if ever.
    I’ll just keep on keepin’ On.
    Ever hear that Carrie Cassidy interview with the guy that worked for Otis Carr, (assistant to Tesla)? He said he remembers dying of cancer in a hospital, then just walking out feeling fine.
    I like the idea that time doesn’t exist and there are infinite realities all at once, that everything you can and can’t imagine is happening right now, so imagine love.

  6. One of the few people I would consider an intellectual peer. Although as you said I don’t think he has delved deeply enough into the depravity and adrenaline-soaked evil that the elites are willing to inflict on others to avoid the slightest inconvenience or loss of power. The whole they aren’t telling us the truth for our own good line has never rung true given the horror they are willing to inflict on others. But that’s not his bag, he has enough on his plate, and does damn good in his primary areas of research.

    The fact of the matter is that the elite do not consider themselves like us, and their hatred of any democratic institution is a reflection of this. They absolutely consider themselves more important than the rest of us combined and will put themselves at the top of the evacuation list when the time comes, but for their own good – not ours.

  7. Interesting episode. I’ve watched some people accurately predict earthquakes using the sun on /r/conspiracy and 4chan in real time. I didn’t realized this was basis. This guy is so narcissistic though. I can’t stand the whole, “if people knew what I knew there would be mass panic and death” line. It’s the most narcissistic line of thinking; I can handle it, but everyone else can’t. Populations have been faced with immanent existential doom countless times throughout history without collapsing. It’s in times of existential threat that people come together and find solutions. In short, I found the data interesting, but the overall worldview naive and narcissistic.

  8. As I am trying to develop my intuition I am going to say this guy does not feel real or authentic – he relishes passing on bad news too much. He gives NO basis for what he is saying just declaims everything and since it is so full of fear he really needs to evidence it a bit more. He also seems to love NASA too much or at least have too little cynicism about it. I’m not buying it.

  9. Hmm, perhaps the sun is communicating with the earth, photons contain messages for us type stuff but bursts of its energy control us and earths functions as part of the human simulation. Whatever it is whoever etc. cool stuff thanks for the great show!

  10. Good interview.

    Ben’s SO news on Youtube is quite good, one of the first five channels I watch each morning.

    Thought he was gratuitously bleak here, but at least he did not reach the Ed Dames level on the old Art Bell show.

    Gloom-and-doomers come and go, but the worst mostly never happens. We work, we live, we retire. Yellowstone does not explode, Cumbre Vieja stays where it is, asteroids continue to miss us.

    Except for that, worth hearing again.

  11. My hackles went up when he spoke of moon landings. Sorry, I don’t believe it ever happened. Imminent catastrophe seems to be a theme coming from many sources. Is this a collective awareness, or is it a case of a theme deliberately circulated via social media? It was reassuring to hear Gregg take issue with the PR for the elites. Devout Christians and Devout Jews became our elites? What? So, they did JUST ONE evil thing?

  12. As a subscriber to Suspicious 0bservers I’m used to hearing Ben sound way more upbeat and cheerful but still serious.
    He sounded really down and flat and I guess its the burden of going on the record and saying it all out loud.
    Plus backing up the reasons why he thinks the data from his field of research is telling him that we’re all pretty much f@cked.
    The first time that I saw two planes crisscross chemtrails from a plane, I almost spewed!!
    I’ll never forget that moment, I thought it was a real thing but I didn’t want it to be.. that kinda thing.
    Ben obviously believes in the catastrophe cycle and wants to forewarn people and I can’t imagine how hard that would be with a young family.
    Dunno if you have fully researched the Rothschild’s and Elites Ben, or is that your ticket in.
    Really enjoyed how the chat touched on consciousness and the electric universe, big thumbs up overall.

  13. Yeah I’m not sure Ben understood who exactly he was talking to, it felt like every sentence began with “I don’t know how much you know about…” – well, as the host of The Higherside Chats for years now, he knows quite a lot actually…

  14. Re: the “missing Trillions” and the work of Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts exposing this, and the story Ben provides about where this money may be going reminds me of a true story CAFitts tells. Before she was being ‘thrown out’ of the establishment and hammered by the DOJ, she said she was invited to become a member of the CFR. She declined and a ‘colleague’ who is a member told her something like..”Do you know what this means? If you do not take the offer to be a member? That means you are out, and out for good.” She then goes on to give her impression of what that may mean and imagined her ‘name being torn off one of the lockers of the underground bases. She also said that she would rather be up on the surface with Humanity than ‘trapped’ down there w/ the people like Cheney and others like him.” Interesting there’s that connection because it’s obvious these so called ‘missing T’s’ are being used for some kind of ‘breakaway civilization or elites self preservation and survival’. Problem being, among many, is who does that Trillions really belong to? The self selected groups of establishment/elite families who are hoarding it for their survival OR Humanities, tax dollars being siphoned away? Or both? Who knows the Truth and Reality for sure…I sure don’t. Also, I can’t help but to think about WHY the atmosphere is gone or dwindling away, the very protective shield for Earth. All of those nuclear bombs intentionally set off in the atmosphere, creating gaping holes may play a part. I’m not an expert or know much about this scientifically at all, so I may not know anything at all.

  15. Great episode, I love the alternative science ones! I didn’t know about this guy and I’ll be following him for sure. My favorite thing about this show is the new resources I get. I really don’t care that he has a rosier view of the government, I don’t share that view but I’m not offended.

  16. Even though i like very much the Space Weather News,com, lately that ‘catastrophism mania’ is a bit annoying. If the planet kill all of us tomorrow… so what ?! We are not these bodies anyhow.

    But That BS stuff about the Moon, Apollo, etc… is unacceptable from someone like Ben !!
    There is a torrent: “What Happened On the Moon – An Investigation into Apollo (2000)

    After watch that anyone will think twice before propagate about what there is or there is not in the Moon.

  17. Greg you are the best! It was awesome to listen to you and Ben. Been listening to the two of you for about the same amount of time since round 2014. Such great discussions. Can’t thank you enough. You both are champions.

  18. This was a solid show. The controversy being what he said or did not say and if or isn’t he a shill makes it even better. Why do we have to dissect everything? Greg was talking about “pull up, pull up”, there have been plenty of lunatics and hacks on this show where you know from the first minute or two they are losers. This guy was smart and well spoken. Not to say the hacks are a bad booking. Bring them on as well. This is what it is all about. Lots of people with different opinions on the many facets of conspiracy. Got to love every show to some degree.

  19. Good stuff. Loved the four horsemen bit, lot’s of good info to fold into the world view. By the by, if you cut an apple in half across the horizontal you get a five pointed star – just an aside in view of the wrap up talk…

  20. Just checking my icon status. PS science is about what we know without a doubt: the knowledge is classed as necessarily true because it resulted from deductions built up from established circumstances and relevant evidence. My point? Scientific knowledge is all we have and has two major problems: it is very limited and very contested. Cheers from Australia, which I think might be overrepresented in the THC Plus numbers cause we are funny mob down under.

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