Patrick Jordan & Annette | Weaponized Ticks, Lyme Disease, & The Medical Machine

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Today on THC, Patrick Jordan returns to talk about his latest research into the darkside of the medical machine. He’s joined by Annette, a member of Patrick’s research team, loosely called The Little Red Hens. Being someone who has dealt with a litany of medical issues, Annette has been in prime position to test out much of their research and treatment protocols firsthand, and is having some very positive results.

A conspiracy around ticks and Lyme disease has been suspected for some time, but the magnitude of Patrick & Annette’s findings suggested an unprecedented scope.

While investigating Annie’s health conditions both she and Patrick discovered a Continuum where many pharmaceutical drugs are immunosuppressive, that many conditions like MS, ALS, and Lupus have a direct link with Lyme Disease, and that all of these facts are known yet covered up at the highest levels because they are the direct results of weapons of war. The insights that Annie and Patrick uncovered under the sole motivation of getting her well, break down all illusions of mainstream and alternative medicine and re-orders all of what has been historically taught about health and disease.

Patrick’s work can be found at

His website was named such because there are no statutes of limitation for fraud and murder and he maintains that vaccines are a fraud that uses biological weapons to commit murder. He has authored 2 transcriptions of Edgar Crookshank’s 1889 History and Pathology of Vaccination that prove this contention. His other 14 books on original topics based on meta-analysis and synthesis fill in the blanks left by our incompetent ancestors who either neglected or refused or didn’t know what to teach us. Patrick has developed the concept of Continuum Thinking that takes all known facts to relate them back to the original starting place by completing a full circuit with all other known facts. This Big Picture view of what he calls the Master Template allows the researcher and experimenter practical control of the world around us. No longer will anyone be bound by dialectic or rigid thinking indoctrinated into us by schooling. Knowledge is power. Continuum is Wisdom. Now we are the Masters of our own Destiny.

Some resources from the show:

The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island:

Under Our Skin – Extended Trailer:

Borrella Disease – Acute & Cronic:

The Biology of Lyme Disease: An Expert’s Perspective

Part 1:

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PLUS Content

-The root of auto-immune issues. -Inflammation, immunity, & disease. -Antioxidants. -The multi-generational effects of Lyme. -Keeping the infections dormant. -Homeopathy.

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  1. I’ve had Lyme disease since , 1990!!! It went undiagnosed for YEARS! By the time I got the correct name for what was making me hurt so badly all over and there are weird ,crazy, insane things that happen to my body AND my noggin that move around a lot and go off and on. I know that Lyme is a very smart little bastard. IT GOT to be man- created. That crazy S.O.B from Germany was smart and evil enough to create this plaage. I can’t TELL you how awful it’s been , but a close one would be having the absolute WORST FLU of your life byoure exhausted and ALL your joints ache do bad , my entire spine is messed up. Every disk is either ruptured or slipped big time. I SLIPPED MY DISCO ! And every muscle in my back, shoulders, and neck— and my entire SCALP ( HOW WEIRD IS THAT?! )

    1. Julie… may I call you Ms. Pizza? Thanks for your history. Please view the collected works of Alan MacDonald who can explain EXACTLY what medical assassins have been trained to put people in the Nut Hutch for: MIGRATING PAINS. Now, having been exposed to Hulda Clark’s work in the mid 1990s but having studied pathology on my own in 1990, I knew full well you could have parasite adults or larvae crawl through your body giving the 7-year Itch. IT’S IN THE MERCK MEDICAL MANUAL. Doctors ignore this because if they acknowledged it then All Roads Lead to Rome and it would be torches and pitchforks. MacDonald made it clear that Borellia rides inside of filarial worms that come from tickspit. They can burrow through us like Swiss Cheese and once they get into the cerebral spinal fluid then all bets are off. I begged off in the Youtube forum that we have no experience with folks at that advanced stage and it would take a genius to balance the healing with the backlash, but since we are all destined to end up this way (think Alzheimer’s came out of nowhere?) then it is something that me and the Little Red Hens will be working on. Until then, based on MacDonald’s observations where the filaria and the babesia (northern malaria) are concerned, hitting them with Hulda Clark’s anti-parasite herbs is what kept my tickbite sequelae at bay. All the best.

  2. Thankyou so much for this- synchronous with my own life yet again in a few ways- currently dealing with vetenary issues, working with a holistic homeopathic vet but having to deal with conventional vets for bloodtests etc( who I nearly have to physically deter from filling my dog with chemicals without consent grrr)- My own ideas especially on immunity/ autoimmune, inflammation, antibiotics echoed here-just the little pick up I needed – given me lots of extra leads to research too-awesome stuff <3

    1. Kind of in the same boat right now with our little sweetheart. I just ordered her a bunch of supplements, one that has seemed to help was fish oil as well as yucca. Sending some higherside love and good vibes your way, peace!

      1. <3 big love to you and your sweetheart fur friend- havent tried Yucca yet, definitely heard good things about that so Im going to do some more research today_thankyou!!- just started with Boswellia.. fingers crossed for us all !

        NB- My big friend seems to greatly appreciate Rife frequencies.

    2. One of the hardest things I try to communicate with people is the reservoiring of disease between people and pets. I knew three sisters who chronically had strep throat. They got over it , then their dog would get sick. The would take the dog to the vet and the dog would get better and then they would get sick. The vet was sharp enough to realize that the family was passing the strep between themselves so he told that that they all must be treated at the same time or they would never break the transmission cycle. It worked. Please let us know what happens with the Yucca. Isn’t that what they make tequila from to kill the worm in the bottle? I wonder if it was medicine from the start?

      1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply Patrick- from what I can see Yukka has been classed in the Agavaceae family, but I will let you know how I go.The hardest part for me is having a traditional vet not be able to give a proper diagnosis via bloodtests/ urine tests/ xrays ( and still want to prescribe ridiculous things) and my homeopathic vets suspicion of systemic scleroderma of the GI tract, which manifests multiple symptoms, mimics other illnesses and creates anomalous migrating pain etc.I have read a little of the association between Scleroderma and Lyme, What are your thought on this Patrick?are they connected? or is the collagen overdrive aspect of scleroderma just another facet of Lymes in disguise?

        I very much hope whatever is going on with my dog is not being passed between us- but given the state of everyone walking around full of toxins.. its very possible.

  3. This was so timely. Son of close friend just discovered he has this – got it at same time as his friend when they were planting trees in the south west of Scotland. Have friend who was bitten by tic in the central east of Scotland. 16 years ago seems to be a crucial time so 2002. We have signs up everywhere in the countryside warning of getting this disease so they don’t waste a crises! We have beautiful countryside but can’t sit down anywhere now – I sat on bit of rough grass in July on a little island of the north west coast of Scotland and got a hand covered in hundreds of tiny tics! Lovely what they’ve done with the place. Well I don’t consent to weaponised insects and wonder what “they” will have to suffer to restore the imbalance they have caused. Really great info and I didn’t mind at all tht there were no solutions being used to “their” solutions which are always worse than the initial problem. So thanks Greg x

    1. The land o’ the Scots is a wee bit awee from Plum Island, now tisn’t it? If we are to believe Loftus (and I have no reason not to) then a disease that was endemic to North Africa finding its way to the Emerald Isles is as about as likely as me winning the lottery. Lightening strike – maybe. No solutions as yet, but don’t forget that I emphasize the parasite cleanse which is what ALL of the mainstream avoid covering. It is a start. We are looking at ten co-infections at a time so there will be individual variation of the person infected but also the susceptibility of laboratory grade organsims to countermeasures. The labeling it a weapon and not some natural occurance brings us closer to answers because the material that we processed from the veterinary world that had no ‘cures’ either was akin to what monkeys do when the find a football. We’re working out the particular and will always make them known when available since this is a worldwide Plandemic.

  4. So sad to see so many comments across the various places this show is posted, just in the first 24 hours, from people who are effected by Lyme in their inner circle. Really, it seems to be a lot.

    I wish we could have left those people with more solutions, but hopefully a better understanding of what Lyme even is and it’s various manifestations is a step in the right direction. All we can do is try to move the needle I guess. Thoughts and prayers to all thought suffering, thanks for listening!

    1. I very much appreciate this episode on Lyme disease as it dramatically affected my life. Thank you Greg!

      Contrary to what was said in the interview, I believe it is possible to get rid of Lyme disease – or at least the spirochete component of it – with antibiotics. I had Lyme disease. I tested positive for it and had arthritis all over my body. Had to get both hips replaced in late 20’s. I think I’ve posted my story on this forum before. I was fortunate enough to know a doctor who tested/treated people for it.

      I took 100 mg of Doxycycline 2x a day for 13 months. Then I got off it and exactly 1 month later it came back worse than ever. I immediately went back on the Doxycycline for 6 more months and the symptoms faded again. Got off it again and same thing happened: about 1 month later horrible return of symptoms. The 3rd time, I kept a daily log on a spread sheet ranking the severity of my symptoms from 0 to 10. A pattern emerged. About every 2 weeks I had a spike in symptoms that would last 1-2 days then back to “0”. I plotted the data on a graph and the peaks of the symptom spikes formed a near perfect logarithmic decline curve. After about 6 months the curve approached “0” and I no longer had any perceptible symptoms. I stayed on the antibiotic about 5 months after last reported symptoms just to be sure it was gone and indeed it stayed gone and the symptoms have not returned since.

      This is just my personal anecdote, but I would love to see someone do a scientific study on the hypothesis that it takes about 4-6 months of Doxycycline antibiotics after the final report of symptoms to completely cure it.

      I should add that the first 13 month course that my doctor originally prescribed might be the correct length of treatment if one is diligent to take their antibiotics daily (which I was not during that first course because I was still skeptical that Lyme disease was truly the cause of my problems). My experience was that it took 6 months for the symptoms to fade completely, and then another 5 months after that to keep it gone. That is 11 months total, plus another 2 for good measure. So if I had been more disciplined with the antibiotic during my first course that might have done it.

      1. thank you for your thoughtful comment…I have forwarded to Patrick to be sure he sees it…in the documentary “Under Our Skin” there are people that were on doxy for 3 years before they started feeling well again…don’t know how they are today…I wish you the best and am glad you were able to obtain treatment for the time needed. The IDSA worked against Lyme patients getting the care needed and that is also outlined in the documentary. Here is a short YT that sums the entire problem up in 10 minutes… the young girl that posted it was only 14 at the time -Regards, Annette

      2. Hey, Humanetar, you bring up a point that needs to be emphasized because we covered a lot of ground with each thing we listed as being a major pardigm-breaker for both mainstream and alternative medicine so if the concepts were not lost in the flood of information then an individual point might be lost for lack of reference. I do not dispute that your ‘pulsed’ antibiotic use got rid of your SYMPTOMS. But then that is what allopathy is all about: coverup the symptoms. The most important thing anyone can ever learn is what is in the 1972 WHO memos available in my Free PDF section of my website. Most people don’t get the memos so it might help to read them about thirteen times or more. They shut off the immune system of their subjects and then loaded them up with LETHAL virus that then went on to infect EVERY cell in their bodies. The rodents ran around like there was nothing wrong. Until… the immune system was toggled back on. So, those who get antibiotic therapy and have ‘success’ (not everyone has results) will have their SYMPTOMS go away but it is established beyond doubt (Lida Mattman and others) that these drugs take the cell wall off of the organism. Without surface proteins the immune system cannot recognize a threat therefore an immune response will not be mounted, therefore you won’t FEEL SICK. One of the biggest ideas in the history of medicine. I don’t like to promote Breitschwerdt and others because he gets funding from Merck, but these vets are scared shitless that they are getting lyme and dying. I bring up his work because he and Horowitz will make passing reference to the uselessness of antibiotics yet they promote them constantly knowing full well the ability to cause CWD organisms and the effects that has on clinical testing to demonstrate whether or not an infection is gone. Most tests are damned useless. Except for Lida. She’s an international expert on spirochetes and can find one in a haystack with ease.


        This is the biggest idea and gift to the world that Grannie and I can give because it tears down the bullshit and false hope and exposes that the military is trying to create Typhoid Marys who are now spreading CWD organisms to the entire planet under the presumption that lack of symptoms is lack of disease organisms.


        I’m not shouting at you. These concepts are so big and so important that they cannot be ignored because we are in the biggest military coverup of a bioweapon that I have ever seen having studied medicine and history for 18 years without a single damned break.

        So, I can’t discount that your long term use of antibiotics affected a change. I can’t discount that you feel better. Doxycycline also doubles as an antimalarial so it might have had an effect on Babesia as well, if you had that co-infection. But these drugs probably did zero for the filarial worms, Ehrlichia, Rickettsia, BARTONELLA (that scares the vets shitless even more so than Borellia spirochetes), Epstien Barr (a cancer causing virus), etc., etc., etc. Bottom line: Our goal is not to bury the parent shell of the clusterbomb but to get rid of all of the bombies for good.

  5. Thanks for having Patrick back! and possibly again? sweet! Annette adds quite the dynamic in this one, sounds like she’s been thru the hellish phama factory and back, but now fortunately on the right track.. this plum island connection is really something- i got this mystic image of that place thanks to the John Brisson image from last year’s chat.. truthstream media also did a lil video about plum lyme island.. thanks for the links and articulate summaries as always.. there’s solutions and ways of prevention out there and one can find john bergman giving some on youtube- a man who got props from Clive de Carl on THC

    1. Thanks for listening and your kind words. I datamine Bergman often. One thing that I am stuck on is that nearly all internet gurus promote the idea that ‘inflammation’ is almost a disease state of its own and we have to dampen inflammation while ‘boosting immunity’. In Continuum they are the same thing. So the inflammation is there due to a provoked immune response (Lyme, etc.) so if we got rid of the Lyme, etc. then the inflammation would go away. Cart before the pony standing backwards. So I take everything with a pinch of salt (there is a lyme protocol that uses salt flushes to get rid of some of the lyme cronies). Cheers.

  6. Thanks for the show guys. I feel like I’ve found some great solutions for lyme disease. It involves taking two products; One is called “Monolaurin” and the other is called “Bio-fibrin”. You can research more in the links below. I’ve been taking both and they seem to help with a variety of problems including general fatigue.
    Check them out here:

    Also, check out my own conspiracy website which has some other good health info, lots of different resources, and even a link to this podcast as well.
    Check it out here:

    Love the show. Please hit me up if you have any questions. All the best.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I will take a look at them. Being poor I try not to invest in supplements but rather food. Now, I know that monolaurin is a fractionated part of coconut oil so it is concentrated, but I throw the coconut at myself in an attempt to also keep prions at bay (and it’s tasty). Isn’t it odd that there are folks out there who link morgellons AND prions to infections like Lyme?

      1. I’m looking at the biofibrin and it brings up the curious case of serrapeptidase. I’m at my physical limit of responding today but this is a very large topic that needs to be examined because it is another ‘supplement’ that came out of nowhere, took off, yet no one stops to ask why the enzyme from the serratia bacteria in the gut of a silkworm has anything whatsoever to do with the health of a human bean….

        we can pick this up later after I plug myself into the usb port.

  7. My engineer suggestion: Dr. Bob Beck protocol
    – Electrify the blood with a very simple device (i made myself one from Internet sketches)
    – Drink colloidal silver. (The same device that electrify the blood produces that)
    – Zap your lymph glands with electromagnetic pulses (coil) with another device (sketches all over the Internet)
    – Choose an ozone protocol that fit you best.

    1. Bob Beck and his magnetic pulser scares the shit out of me. I studied his early work and would not get near it with at Ten Foot Pole or an Eight Foot Czechoslovakian. Everything about that device and his system was wrong. I might use silver on the outside of my body but not on the inside. Silver will displace critical metals in enzymes throughout the body and the only thing that can displace the silver is gold and that is even more dangerous. I do, however, see merit in ozonated products and the JUDICIOUS use of hydrogen peroxide; but our ability to toggle those radicals back to a tame form has also been destroyed by the Controllers so my first exploration has been how to restore Super Oxide Dismutase without having it turn into a prion itself due to what they did to us. Folks should bear in mind what I found out through much pain: even if you move the lymph – unless the liver is clean, the toxins will have nowhere to go and you might end up sicker than before you started. I’m not dissing ttsoares, just giving an alternate view.

      1. Dude, i have been doing Bob Beck protocol in myself to the last 5 years just as a preventive action and it is fine.
        But i must admit that i am not dong just that…
        Also i drink distilled water sporadically, do clorella and spirulina, mushroom (Agaricus Blazei), sun gazing, exercises, etc…
        So, there is not a “silver bullet” to good health but, yes, “electrifying” the blood with pulsing 27 Volts is a main stream method to destroy pathogens with no harm to the human cells…

        1. Fellow Dude. Check out my response to Humanetar. I can’t dispute that you feel good but what is this crypto-electronic disruption to your cells doing overall. See? In a perfect world there wouldn’t be electronic anything. So the use of tech is artificial and in the words of the bleedingheart New Age nutters: is not sustainable. The Amish say: Electricity IS the Devil. Chlorella is another psyop. You wouldn’t go swimming in a lake with your mouth open and suck in pond scum like a pool vacuum. So why is anyone even eating that nasty stuff that is so tough they have to mechanically break the shell? If that wasn’t bad enough Chlorella virus made the news as being the Stupid Virus, because it was discovered that people just exposed to the algae had severe brain changes due to the virus it contains. All these things when viewed in Continuum not in isolation, again speak of a military operation not some ‘spontaneous health fad’. I also am very suspicious of fungus and especially anything of the genus Agaricus would be 100% off of my list.

          1. great show, very informative!

            Patrick Jordan… Any elaboration on Lugols vs Nacent iodine? Seaweed? and why skeptical of fungus especially Agaricus? Thank you
            i hope included in the next show could be Candida

            1. I cover the entire chemical warfare op of iodized salt in my book Assaulted. Nascent is what we use. It is the only ‘safe’ form that I am aware of. Seaweed used to be a staple food for me until they hit us with SIBO weapons. Now I can’t even eat it. We’ve got some insights on how to defeat SIBO but no breakthroughs yet. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER eat anything from the ocean without cooking it. RAW FOOD IS A PSYOP. ALWAYS check seaweed for snail shells and other critters that can give you flukes that mainstream medicine has absolutely no cure for. Agaricus genus is a collection of the perfect form of fungus that are highly susceptible to viral infections that create toxins that make the user highly susceptible to not only fungal takeover but intoxication (which is the word used for mushroom poisoning). I’m not the kind of guy who would drink the urine of a shaman to get a good Fly Agaric high to get in touch with the universe. If I can’t be one with the cosmos without drinking some peruvian dude’s piss, then I’m out of the game. Candida USED TO BE a commensurate fungus that ate the cellulose in our guts. After WWII it mutated to a killer organism. Currently it is a military weapon of almost scifi alien proportions. I cover it extensively in my book Doof of the Dogs. Candida literally eats us because it thinks we are dead from vaccines (short version).

              1. thanks for responding, interesting stuff indeed. i plan to order a few books when i get back in town, checking out your youtube for the time being. so just to confirm, NO shaman piss?? hahah good times

  8. There’s an inacuracy Patrick stated regarding the conventional cancer treatment of slash/poison/burn. He said the surgery is ALWAYS the last procedure and it’s done after chemo and radiation treatments because the resulting festering tissue can’t be left in the body. This simply isn’t true. I had breast cancer in 2005 and the surgery was the first procedure, not the last. Back then, my self education was limited to information presented by the medical complex. There are factors they consider when determining when or if to do surgery based on such things as tumor size, location, type of cancer, etc.

    I’m pointing this out because, as with everything we hear, we must never take for granted that the messenger has the definitive info or answers. I’m not saying Patrick lied. I think it’s much more likely he’s misinformed. Or less likely, medical protocol has changed. This doesn’t negate all his research.
    Personal bias is a difficult barrier to overcome. Though I try not to be my own victim of it, I know there’s plenty of things I have taken as truth without question because it fits with my beliefs. In other words, I want it to be true. This also applies to those trying to help us navigate through this mine field laden matrix we find ourselves in.

    Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water and always do your own research and pay attention to the credibility of the sources.

    BTW, if I get cancer again, I won’t accept chemo and radiation treatments. My first course of action will be to seek a clinic or hospital outside of the USA that offers GcMAF. Currently, I know of a hospital in Germany, and clinics in Japan and Mexico.

    As long as I’m posting, for those of you that have CFS (and who knows what that really is) I’ve recently started taking the bovine colostrum products offered by Sovereign Laboratories, Inc. It’s been only 2 weeks and I’m noticing improvement! I’m taking the powdered colostrum and the spray. Have now ordered their other 2 sprays offered for the full monty. The only other thing that helped with CFS was GcMAF applied topically via a lotion. That source has since been shut down. I decided to try colostrum because it’s used in the making of GcMAF.

    Fare thee well people and watch out for your own ass cuz nobody’s gonna do it for you.

    1. I will have to listen to the broadcast. What I thought I said was that we learned from a recent cancer patient that her medical team (against her wishes and the MDs agreement) fully intended to radiate her and then they employed used-car sales techniques to pressure her into using chemo because they said it would enhance the radiation kill. After months of this kind of lying and deliberation they then told her (like speaking to a little kid) that she HAD to have surgery (which she didn’t want) because the tissue was going to be dead and they couldn’t leave it in. I did not imply that surgery was the last resort or last step in all cases, but that it was part of an industrialized package deal where the surgery would be step three. Annette indicated that she had mastectomy without chemo or radiation.
      GcMAF is another one of those cryptic nods by alterNOTive medicine that they are in on it with mainstream medicine because Borellia can give Vitamin D a tweak that makes it an ANTI-IMMUNE COMPOUND.
      So, what do we see? fever pitched used car sales that you MUST have Vitamin D.
      Who but me has told anyone that Vitamin D can and will be used against you in a full blown case of lyme?
      Who but me has told anyone that GcMAF is part of the vitamin D cascade?
      Who but me would show anyone that the full Continuum of Autism to Cancer where this substance is being used must by definition have a direct tie to either cell wall competent or Cell Wall Deficient Lyme (Borellia) ??
      To just promote a product and sell it without full disclosure on why it even became an industrial reality is co-conspiracy with the crime. GcMAF didn’t just come out of nowhere with retailers popping up spontaneously. These things take time and infrastructure. That is conspiracy.
      GcMAF is the alarm call for white blood cells. But if those white blood cells are infected with Lyme & Company (and they are) then just calling them to the fire won’t even prompt them to piss on the blaze. They have been zombified.
      Colostrum (I’m anti-bovine) is just another xenobiotic boost to the human immune system that can’t seem to get itself started because it is… well… zombified with infectious organisms living inside the cells including EBV and HSV. My point being that if you then stop all of these exogenous kickstarts that the symptoms/disease will simply resurface because nothing was done to correct the progenitor cell infection that passes that taint on to every new immune cell that is made. We don’t want to wound the beast. We want to kill it utterly.

  9. Many many thanks!

    Please consider the following.

    Dr. Farrell’s new post at describes a newly studied brain function. In it a process called ephatic coupling is referenced which leads me to another process called myelination; apparently inhibiting ephatic coupling. Stay with me here. I know it sounds like brain surgery. After scrolling to the comments, I find this: “Demyelination leads to major disease processes in the body, such as MS. A hallmark of MS is heightened psychic phenomena, just sayin’!” Or could it be the other way around. Does MS (Lyme) lead to demyelination which leads to unlocking increased psychic phenomena?? This is where it gets mighty weird. Are we being retuned by various means to force a heightened state being, as if each of us were a physical alchemical crucible for which to turn our lead into a golden host? After listening to this episode, I can clearly see that, to the globocrats, what has been seeded literally inside us is of more importance than ourselves. I think now that our bodies are being molded to be finer hosts and that is about as messed up as it gets.

    Thanks again everyone!

    1. “I think now that our bodies are being molded to be finer hosts and that is about as messed up as it gets.”

      Well said and most likely true, IMO…thanks for your comment

    2. Thanks for you input. I seriously don’t have time to look into this but what it seems to be saying is: There are insulated wires inside our brains. If they scrape off the insulation then they can tap into our brains against our will. The monatomic gold psyop was all about that as well: it promised the secrets of the Pharaohs and spiritual enlightenment. Well… gold has an affinity for DNA and is one of the best conductors in the periodic chart. Once inside it cannot be removed. Permanent tattoo on the DNA that people already call an ‘antenna’. So we are flooded with radio frequency of all kind from commercial broadcasts to military bandwidths that are not allowed for civilian use. Who is to say that the ‘spiritual englightement’ isn’t some kid at the NSA just playin’ with the herd that was tricked into drinking gold or were bit by ticks that were engineered in labs to take the sheathing off of our Romex? The only end result I have seen of this re-wiring is death and I will have no part of it.

  10. This hits close to home. One year ago, my wife died due to MCAD (mast cell activation disorder) at the young age of 31 years old. She had suffered from the condition for about 5 years and then I stumbled upon the same Quercetin and that helped reduce her symptoms to almost nothing with just a few episodes a year (as opposed to almost every other day). Her doctor found out and told her not to place any faith in something that can be ordered off of Amazon and loaded her up with all kinds of other pills. Six months later, she suffered severe episode and was gone just like that. So much anger and disgust in our medical system.

      1. Thanks. After listening to the whole podcast, I was surprised with how many of the same drugs doctors rx’d her and how many of the same conditions she had as you described. She also had a condition called EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) but it was just the hyper-mobility variant. After hearing how contagious lyme disease was, I now wonder if that played a part in her health. Her brother got bit by a tick and got severe lyme disease when they were children. Maybe she picked it up from him 🙁

        1. Hey Josh,
          I’m glad that you gave what type of EDS she had since there are TWENTY FOUR VARIATIONS listed in the malacard database.

          to let your brother in law off the hook, this speaks more to Vaccine Induced genetic damage than something that might have come from Bartonella from ticks, although there can be many things going on at once and each new thing even a headcold can make the underlying problem worse. I’ve never seen a coverup in the malacards like this one before. Typically they will label a condition a ‘rare genetic disorder’ then have the related diseases section populated with the genes isolated in association with that disease. This claims that it is genetically related but the heading of the condition has no gene references whatsoever and the Top Affiliating Genes are not populated whatsoever. I keep all of this in active memory in my head for when another piece of data to explains it comes by. If we get to the bottom of this I will post my suspicions. Cheers.

    1. My deepest regrets. Doctors are military assassins. Her condition was managed by the quercitin, but the underlying cause was not addressed. Annette and I are working to root out and remove all of the underlying causes so that the need for even natural palliatives are a thing of the past.

  11. Fantastic talk I got so much out of this. I have friends with Lyme disease and it’s heartbreaking to watch the struggle.
    I would love to know Patrick’s thoughts on HELICOBACTER PYLORI… I keep having flare ups, 3 in just the last year, so clearly the drugs the monsters in white coats keep giving me aren’t working, and I VERY VERY reluctantly took them out of sheer desperation due to the horrible havoc it was wreaking on my body and mind….depression, GI issues, coeliac diagnosis, weird rashes showing up on my scalp, all sorts of issues, so I would love to know if this is related? I’m learning a lot and doing a lot of new things to COMPLETELY overhaul my system and already feeling better for the little baby steps I’m taking, like diet changes, getting off the dreaded antidepressants etc.
    Also, you mentioned anyone wanting to help… I’m just a middle aged Aussie girl who has a very curious mind, a lot of time on my hands, and would love to help in any research assistance you may need as I pretty much spend all my time researching just because I LOVE it!

      1. Thanks Annette and thank you so much for sharing your story I got so much out of this podcast so much misinformation out there and I passed this podcast on to my friends who both have Lyme disease and hooked them up with THC

    1. Hey Kristilee. One of the tools of the enemy is to get us to fixate on a target. The airwars of WWII would have a japanese fighter engaging a US pilot and the GI would be trying to get the one in his sights while another japanese pilot would swoop down on the US fighter from a blind spot. Their other tool is that of compartmentalization. We have been forced to think of Lyme as ONLY Borellia and that Borellia is just like Syphilis (it is not even close) and that only horses eating dirt can get Leptospirosis when the monsters shoot whole organism vaccines into pets. I get the creepy crawlies just thinking of us being riddled with corkscrews. So another lie is that we have gut aches from HIGH stomach acid. There might be one or two people on the planet that have that but for the most part they have gotten us into a low stomach acid condition that favors the entrance of any number of bugs below the mucosa. Once nested below the battery acid they live a happy life giving us endless grief. I have not yet investigated the use of mastick (a gum from trees that can come with their own colonies of exotic bacteria inside) but have been playing with the use of hydrochloric acid SUPPLEMENTATION (all of the alkalize or die alternuts just fainted) along with occaisional use of homegrown tabasco and cayenne peppers. Nothing comes without a price. So the hot peppers have been a time-honored method of making any compartment of the body inhospitable for hichhikers so that they move along. Problem is: if we don’t have a program in place to destroy them as they leave the previous organ they were dug into, then they will just dig into the next juicy bit of flesh next door or parts beyond. If that wasn’t bad enough then hot peppers are nightshades so that if you are using the acids in the fruits to chase badguy and haven’t done anything about the solanine then you can get toxicity from that alkaloid and all that comes with it (joint pain, etc.) The solution would be to ferment the peppers under proper anaerobic conditions (MASON JAR FERMENTS ARE ANOTHER MILITARY PSYOP TO GET PEOPLE TO CONTAMINATE THEMSELVES) to get rid of the soalanine but leave the burny bits. Due to industrial pharming I was unable to grow enough peppers to do a ferment last year. This is all to say that I don’t have a clear plan of action yet. Everything is always in process because we have only just learned that we are under military assault by multiple branches with multiple agents and all of my classical education is USELESS in the face of these weapons. Where H. pylori is concerned one of the most important things to discover and eliminate about it is: WHERE DID IT COME FROM? Because even if you were able to get rid of it in yourself, if there was a reservoir in your family (shared utensils, surfaces) or pet (nice lick on the face) or something you eat (contaminated food) you would get it back as soon as you got rid of it. Since you like research try:
      h. pylori, natural microbial reservoirs

      lettuce know what you find.

  12. Really enjoyed this interview, conventional medicine is only good for trauma, broken bones , accidents. I stay away from the devils in white coats as much as possible, they only peddle pills. About Homeopathy , isn’t that what the Queen uses, she has a homeopathy physician ? Must be something there………….please have Patrick back on to discus the other topics he briefly mentioned. I second the HPylori request 🙂

    1. Hi Dowzergirl, I’ve been going down the comments in a linear fashion so I addressed the H. pylori with Kristilee. While the FDA has severely harmed the use of homeopathy in the U.S. the royal jellyheads of Britain use it, so according to the FDA they are nutters that are endangering their lives due to staying away from conventional medicine! Yeah. FDA is military too. I hate to sound like a broken record… a broken record… but THEY HAVE GUNS. Please let us know if there is a specific topic you would like covered because I can blather for hours and not even recall if I touched on something huge, just giving it a one-sentence acknowledgement. Cheers.

    1. Rife is a tough topic. One legend says that he started out using AUDIO FREQUENCIES (MUSIC!!!) to vibrate the buggers to death. Then along came a yahoody who convinced him that unless he MODULATED HIS SIGNALS INTO THE GIGAHERTZ RANGE WITH A CARRIER FREQUENCY that he probably wouldn’t be granted a patent. So, Rife as we know it has already been severely altered. I will repeat what I keep trying to get people to grasp because I think it is important:

      TECHNOLOGY GOT US INTO THIS PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE so I don’t think that technology can get us out. That is why I favor herbs, (some vitamins and minerals as stopgaps since they are all artficial), and homeopathy. In a ‘grid down’ situation if your life and health depended on tech you would fall off the twig as soon as the batteries ran out.

      The martial monks practice chanting (back to audio frequency). But since I exist only in reality, despite the lure of such a romantic thought of fixing ourselves easily with low effort, the sad fact is that about 20% (I suspect much more) of chinese monks have H. pylori. Now, either their practices have been subverted or their methods don’t work. There are times when I feel like we are fighting a horde with spears and swords while we only have a toothpick, but if you get me close enough, I will show you what can be done with a toothpick…

    1. Thanks for posting that, Grannie. It was sent to us by another Little Red Hen. I only just started it so I can’t comment on the material, but I got a sense that it will fill in a lot of blanks of what was left out of our classical medical education. Keep in mind that she was also talking about supplementation which merely takes the edge off of what they did to us. We still have to eliminate what they did to us. Anyone listening to these links who then have insights to share please post. The Hens and I can’t process data as fast as is necessary so we need more eyes and ears and a few grey cells would be a big help. Cheers.

  13. The guy Patrick needs to talk to is Dr. Jay Davidson. Follow this link to to see the Best of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit hosted by Dr. Davidson.

    The Summit is a series of expert interviews. You can currently access it for free if you sign up with your email. The fourth year of the summit will air for free starting July 27, 2020. They go deep into everything talked about here and more. Especially when it comes to dealing with the co-infections, parasites, detox, biofilm, heavy metals, and how to properly support the body through it and in what order.

    Dr. Jay Davidson also hosts:
    The Viral and Retroviral Summit
    The Mitochondrial Summit

    He also did a Parasite Summit which is currently unavailable.

    I hope this is helpful!

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