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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Texas’ Rock Wall, Scientology and the Hollywood machine with guest, Josh Reeves.

We know the world is largely run by unseen hands- in a vast web of international corporations, banking oligarchs, secret societies, think tanks, bloodlines, religions, disinformation agents, and alphabet agencies- and it’s not an easy task to deconstruct. As soon as we examine the power and influence of one far reaching network, we’re exposed to another with dominion over a different sector of societal control and the pattern repeats until our dying day. Yes there are many hands in the cookie jar and today we’re going to look at some threads on this spider’s web that haven’t been brought to light as much as others. Today’s guest is a great documentary maker and all around master of multimedia and he’s put together some really great films that avoid rehashing the same old conspiracy 101 bullet-points that cover well sourced information that’s hard to find any where else.

2:25 With elements of older films helping Reeves make some of the connections in his most recent work “The Spellcasters”, Greg begins by discussing Josh’s background and some surprising influential forces along his pathway. With his previous work the “Secret Right Volume 1” offering insights into some of the more nefarious forces at work such as the Council for National Policy, Reeves was able to follow the breadcrumbs while researching the Rock Wall for his film “Lost Secrets of Ancient America.”
5:00 Following his “Secret Right” series exploring networks of power on the right side of the American two-party system, Reeves produced the “Lost Secrets of Ancient America” series focusing on a frequency emitting unnatural structure shrouded in mystery dubbed the Rock Wall. Constructed from a variety of rare crystals, rare Earth metals and minerals that have been sourced from various locations and brought together to create composite stones, the Rock Wall consists of non-indigenous materials such as Zircon, Garnet and Tourmaline. A particularly perplexing aspect of the Rock Wall is the presence of Niobium, a material discovered in the 1800s that can only come to fruition through the extraction from the element known as, Columbite. Aside from the paradoxical materials sourced to form the Rock Wall, their alignment to the solstices and equinoxes is also rather puzzling.
12:42 After discussing several enigmas relating to the Rock Wall, Greg and Josh pivot to exploring the possible uses or purpose behind it’s erection. Clocking in at 20 miles in diameter and encompassing most of the modern day city of Rockwall, Josh contends that along with acting as an ocean barrier, the wall served a variety of uses. An interesting piece of evidence found was underground tunnels leading to nearby water sources. A few of the wilder speculations circling around these tunnels includes the legends of an underground cavern found to contain some disturbing artifacts, and the wall doubling as a safe haven for people from cannibalistic giants roaming the area.
25:24 Switching gears to “Spellcasters”, Greg and Josh tackle the topic: who really runs the Hollywood machine? Stepping beyond the gross over simplification of chalking it up to the Jewish elite and further dissecting the evidence, Reeves puts a point on some of the finer details. In an effort to circumvent the east coast Edison Trust monopoly of the film industry, a group of industrialist Jews moved west and began building an empire based on Nickelodeons. Following a successful and profitable start, coupled with the shifting of powers after WWII, the Hollywood elite recognized and began unlocking the potential of mass manipulation and psychological warfare through media.
32:20 After previously touching on the coinciding world changing events taking place in 1947, such as the establishment of the entire national security apparatus, culling events involving Hollywood’s blacklist, willing participants allowing the government’s takeover of Hollywood, the formation of Scientology, and the beginning of black ops programs such as MK Ultra, Greg and Josh discuss the key figures from theOSS, such as Sumner Redstone and L. Ron Hubbard, connecting these events. Listen as they discuss the origins of Scientology and it’s role in Hollywood, as well as Hubbard’s connection to Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and the O.T.O.
43:00 Continuing with the their in-depth discussion of Scientology and it’s hidden agenda, Greg and Josh analyze the role of “alien souls” called thetans. Josh contends that these thetans are in fact demons, repackaged in a more appealing way. Similar to Freemasonry and the O.T.O, Scientology contains a set of successive levels, each containing traditional rituals meant to further open the body, mind and spirit to the control of a spiritual entity or thetan.
56:00 Coming full circle to connect the previous discussion of the “Lost Secrets of Ancient America” to Scientology, Greg and Josh examine the perspective of each and their spiritual quests. With Scientology striving to bring entities into the physical plane and ancient cultures erecting structures to elevate humans to the spiritual plane, one has to wonder whether there are parallels between them or any underlying themes.
1:08:00 Changing directions a bit, Greg and Josh discuss the current conspiracy landscape. Reeves elaborates on his take of who the biggest disinformation agents are, their connections, and their agendas.
1:23:00 Greg and Josh discuss the rising tide of people trying to remove evolution from schools. Despite the surface appearance of being crazy Christians, Reeves explains a more nefarious plot is afoot.
1:48:00 With people being programmed and mislead through mainstream media and alternative news, Greg and Josh ponder what the culmination of these events will be and what the elite hold in store for our future.
Want more Josh Reeves? Check out his website The Global Reality where you can find his works “Spellcasters”, “Secret Right Volumes 1 & 2”, and “Lost Secrets of Ancient America”.

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  1. One hell of a show Greg… Fuckin hell of a show. Mind Blown. Im in the grips of shock. It hit me hard on lots of levels. Happy to have us all keep on going down this path. Truth no matter where it takes us. Thank you so fucking much brother!

    1. nice. excellent timing too. it’s a public holiday here and i have to work. luckily it’s fairly mindless outdoor labour today so i was looking for something good to listen to. now i’m looking forward to work. life is good.

      1. It is? With all due respect, please indulge me as to what is so good about life after listening to a podcast as sobering as this. I’m obviously missing something. I think this place we occupy and a large number of the people on it are pure evil.

  2. As a long time fan of Jim Marrs, having met him and even discussed the JFK shooters with him, maybe thirty years ago, and having just recently seen “Going Clear,” Jim’s name mentioned with G. Noory and A. Jones (with those two, I wouldn’t be shocked), as Scientology disinfo agents made something in my head kind of snap. I am currently in the middle of watching “Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States,” Stone’s name tossed in there creates a discord for me as well. I don’t know about others, but I would like to hear them get some equal time to answer J.R.’s charges. What do you think?

    This show, if I could really invest in everything I heard, could lead me to suspect that I too am a CIA and Scientology disinfo agent. At least I have no notions of any missing time. If they did ever get to me, I missed it.

    1. I recently listened to Jim Marrs, himself, on a show promoting an (at the time – this was earlier this year) upcoming event in LA in honor of the book “Battlefield Earth”, then he said L-Ron Hubbard was a ‘great sci-fi writer’. I don’t know anyone, but Scientologists, who actually think L-Ron was a ‘great writer’ (lol). But, recently he HAS been on the whole ‘ancient aliens’ kick, and hearing him shill for L-Ron was enough to convince me that he’s a true believer, or at least in one of the Scientology ‘auxiliary groups’ that Josh mentioned.

      Good show!

      1. To run off topic slightly, while I have not read the other 150,000 odd stories LRH wrote, I read ‘Battlefield Earth’ as a teen, knowing nothing of the man, and thought it was a pretty fair bit of work. It borrows heavily, but it has been borrowed from to an even larger degree since.
        In an effort to play the ball, not the man, that particular book stands up, in my view. And if ‘great’ means prolific, then I guess he was.
        It would be hard to shit-can LRH, but then say Crowley was a ‘brilliant mind’,( not saying you did; just saying….) they are peas in the same alien-contacted-pod, for me.

        Perhaps when you get deep enough into this, you don’t care who they are, or to some degree what ball they got rolling, if they agree with and bolster your world view……

        In my mind, Jim, LRH and Crowley are same-same; take in the work, glean what you can, and then move the fuck on, before any of it sticks!! 🙂

        1. I’m only commenting on the earlier interview where I heard him talk about L-Ron (which I wish I could find and link to). As a Sci-Fi fan, and someone in that community… he’s not really well-regarded as an author outside of his followers. The church pushes his fiction on their followers, and they make them go to Sci-Fi conventions to try to sell them (that’s where I first encountered them.) That doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining or good pulp fiction, mind you. It may have deep content about the Annunaki, which would make it interesting to researchers. But, I don’t expect the Library of America to do a critical edition of his works, any time soon. I stand by my comment – half joking – that no one, except Scientologists, actually consider L-Ron to be a ‘great Sci-Fi writer’.

          I didn’t say Crowley was a ‘brilliant mind’, that may be someone else’s comment.

          I JUST heard another interview with Jim that is relevant to the discussion, though. This was with Linda Moulton-Howe, and it was about ‘ancient aliens’. I think it is new, or at least, it was just uploaded to youtube (search recent videos – Jim Marrs + Linda Moulton-Howe). His sources for this, apparently, were the remote viewers from the CIA Stargate and related remote-viewing projects – Pat Price, Albert Stubblebine, the writings of Ingo Swann… all of the stuff he was talking about for his Ancient Aliens research tied back to Scientology or research done by Scientologists and the CIA, directly.

          I’m not willing to dismiss ALL of his research based on his current possible religious beliefs. But, I’m highly dubious of his current Ancient Aliens stuff, considering the sources he quotes are all remote viewers who came from Scientology to work for the CIA (this is the official story in their own books on the subject – not conspiracy theorizing). That being said, I’d still read his book on the subject.

    2. As we will probably never know who the true disinfo agents are, and they may well be being played themselves by puppet masters above, it seems wise to go with gut instinct.
      My gut instinct tells me Alex Jones is a cul de sac to nowhere though.
      Enjoyed the show, I have not heard of the ‘rock wall’ before so will be looking into that some more as I have an interest in crystals.
      Another good show Greg, love the way you are churning them out but keeping them top quality.

      1. I hear you on the crystals and Rockwall. That is just fascinating. I only learned of that place in the past two years. Too bad the research has been so slow in coming. It points to Atlantis for me.

    3. I was/maybe-still-am a Jim Mars fan too. I wouldn’t say “take this stuff with a grain of salt,” because that’s sort of dismissive of Josh’s work, but just keep it in mind when you listen to Jim.

      I’d still have him back on, but I’d hesitate to bring any of this up because I’m sure I’d just get a “No I’m not affiliated with Scientology” and then I be on his shitlist. Who knows how far and wide that could effect the show.

      I think it’s better for everyone to just make their own decisions. I personally find it highly suspect, but I question the logic of a lot of people because of their religious beliefs. So is this a case of a good researcher who just has some wacky religious beliefs I have to ignore again, or something more nefarious? Maybe Marrs is a bit ignorant of Scientology’s agenda and legitimately just likes Hubbard’s Sci-Fi stuff. It’s possible. I’m not sure it’s so cut and dry, but getting deeper into Scientology itself will probably make that clearer.

      1. “but getting deeper into Scientology itself will probably make that clearer.”

        You are a braver man that I, Sir! 😀
        There is a vibe around all of ‘that’ that is just Wrong.

        I met Tom C. in 2002, very briefly, not in a fan/fame sense but ‘on the job’, so about as real as it could be, and while he was a very personable bloke, and could be whoever you wanted him to be/whoever he needed to be, there was something ‘other’ in there, that is very hard to put a finger on, that was very, very strange.

      2. It dawned on me recently that most of the processes we use in many healing modalities came from Scientology. It was something I realized myself during the last 6 months. I am a bit of an expert in muscle testing, dowsing and energy psychology as well as Human Design Specialist. I remember hearing about the history of Kinesiology. One kinesiologist healer mentioned Hubbard, the light went on. Although pendulum has been used long before that, I realized that what the device Scientology uses is the same principle as we use when we muscle test. We also look for the truth and the secrets that the body holds. Your interviewer mentioned NLP, I can see that the origins could be from Scientology and it found its way to be massively used. Granted, it took decades, but it is spreading fast. NLP has been partially adopted and absorbed into couple of modalities I use. Here is the thing, it helps people to heal their mind, body and soul. One of the people who has been in Scientology is Peter Moon. I cannot remember if you interviewed him. I read all his books. He absolutely got my attention. Is he leading us around as well? Are they all just spreading stories and lies around? I know that the lie is different at every level and so is the truth. Honestly. What I have found is that sometimes both are true. Sometimes at the same time, and sometimes at different times. I have spent a lot of time muscle testing everything including what I ate. There were times the body did not want me to eat something, but other times it was fine. Body chemistry is influenced by so many factors. When the food is eaten, with whom the food is eaten etc. This reality isn’t as solid as we think. The energy and information flows and it changes. However I agree with Josh and with what he says. From his point all that he says is true. When you try to get to the bottom of JFK stuff, you cannot. Too many different stories are intertwined just like when you try to figure out where was Obama born. Why was he chosen for the position of the President etc. I stopped following Jim Mars, Alex Jones, Coast to Coast and David Icke years ago. Funny. David Icke’s show is coming to town next year and I bought tickets. Go figure. I thought about going first, but decided not to. When I told my husband, who only gets what I tell him about these people, he wanted to go so I went back and I bought the tickets. I will be paying extra attention. I will watch him very carefully :). Going clear was a very good documentary. I listen to everything but I believe only what I experience and what I experience when I work with clients, which is far out as it is. Joseph P. Farrell has my attention because he only talks about what he can find supporting documents for. However those can be also false. Body doesn’t lie. This stuff is coming from somewhere. We are all under the influence of the Program, White and Black Magic. What we open ourselves to has to be considered very carefully.

  3. Wow! Took me 3 hours and 3 bowls to get through that. Amazing show. Synchronicity strikes again when i had just heard yesterday about the Hubbard handwriting analysis. Ive been a plus member for a year now and its shows like these that remind me why it’s the best $5 i spend all month.

  4. Excellent show! I’ve yet to disagree with this man. I have a ex-sister -in law from Hell who’s a Scientologist. Yep. A crazy bitch like her would certainly be attracted to an organization like them. And altho I like his hat and the way he talks, for some reason I just can’t watch Jim Marrs speak. Listen to your own Inner Voice. I love to learn new info even tho I have to throw out old info. It’s what we are here for. I know that Love is a real and true force in the Universe. Earth is a school. It’s not Home. We all feel this. Love. That’s my one belief. Everything else is knowledge. But there’s a REAL difference between knowledge and KNOWING.

  5. Thx you mr. Carlwood for this, ive followed josh’s work for a long time, and been waiting for this for almost as long, he Deffinately knows his shit and could probably teach us all a thing or two and you could even have him as quaterly guest, (i know i wouldn’t get bored with it). I was starting to think id never hear him on my fav cast, and just yesterday his jpl stuff popped into my head! Boom, its ment to be! If we could only get a show or two with michael tsarion in here, well that would really make more than a few of us happy, im sure. Wholeness!

      1. Well he was THE first conspiracy guest on THC over 5 years ago. He doesn’t seem to want to come back. I’ve tried. Maybe a flurry of listener messages will persuade him?

  6. Something about this chap just didnt sit right with me. Perhaps it’s his glib use of superficial terms like “black magic”; apparent limited knowledge of the Crowley/Jack Parsons/L.Ron as a “medium”; his (apparent) falling for the Sitchin/Annunaki scam. It was NOT the Sumerian mythos, but Sitchins misinterpretation of it (financed by Rockefeller I understand?).
    Perhaps it’s because I live in England, but I found his general style quite suspect. That aside, I just love Gregs interview style which gets better with every episode imo.

    1. I listen to all and follow none myself! I wasn’t too keen on the style of the guest myself. He came off like someone who has poked around the edges of oddity but never really jumped into the deeper depths. All in all I’d say…meh. Greg is doing great though!

  7. Great show Greg! Scientology as a MK Ultra/CIA mind control op makes so much sense that I`m surprised no one have made the connection before. It explains a lot. As for the shills, I`m not surprised at all TBH, but that is not the most important issue. Making a solid case is the important part.

  8. This guy seems like a disinfo agent…

    Starts off with discussion of Rockwell TX… seems to be totally unrelated to rest of episode… except that Rockwell is on the shore of Lake Ray Hubbard (L.R. Hubbard) boom! 😉

        1. Yeah I was jokingly making the ridiculous implication that Josh is discredited because of his connection to “L.R. Hubbard” through Rockwall, TX.

          It is kind of a weird coincidence/synchronicity though, isn’t it?

  9. Mind blown! And I agree with Julie sunshine . It’s really about learning about love. You are a great interviewer though and we will all try to seek out the truth about all the nefarious info agents . Keep up the great work my man Greg Carlwood yes!

  10. As an Alex Jones fan for about a decade now, I don’t understand how Josh can assert he’s a shill or gatekeeper for Scientology. The evidence given was, he and Jim Marrs went on some show once that also has Hubbard fans on? And that he built his media empire with ad revenue from prepper gear vendors? And because the websites are aptly named “Infowars” and “PrisonPlanet”?

    I just don’t get it. AJ talks about the same stuff Josh does in this interview and would agree on it all with the only exception of Trump. And I don’t see a vote for Trump as an endorsement of the left-right paradigm which AJ tried to expose through both R and D administrations. To say that AJ is some kind of deep cover plant to act as controlled opposition makes no sense to me. …now with Ted Cruz… likely.

    I get AJ’s support of Trump. Trump is the conspiracy theorists’ candidate. He has taken the key components of the narrative outside of the boundaries of the controlled left-right paradigm. The only conspiracy as revealed by recent Wikileaks is that, yes, the Clinton campaign and media conspired early on in the race to “elevate the pied piper candidates” Trump, Cruz, and Carson because they thought that elevating the fringe would split the Republican Party (which it did) making way for a sure H victory. The only thing is that they miscalculated how big the “fringe” actually is making this a much harder fought election than planned.

    Trump is the trickster candidate… he wanders into the globalist party acting like a buffoon. At first everyone thinks he’s there merely for entertainment, but eventually things get taken to a new level and people aren’t sure whether he’s wise or lucky, but it’s obvious he’s making a mess of their plans.

    I can kind of get the notion that AJ is a spiritual cul-de-sac because some people get totally wrapped up in doom porn and prepping, and never move on to other areas of awakening. But I think more often than not, challenging authority and mainstream narratives in one area leads to many others including spiritual.

    Anyway, when people aren’t willing to acknowledge the 95% of good things someone has done and accuse them of being a shill or controlled opposition based on a handful of relatively minor disagreements… that just seems to me like pride (and/or legitimate controlled opposition).

    1. I have to agree with you. AJ backed Ron Paul (running as a Republican) and Trump is the first non-incumbent politician to run for awhile. When people like the guest go on about how AJ spreads fear, I sit and scratch my head as an adult. I don’t feel fear knowing what the (meaningful) news of the day is? I wish AJ would pass on the day to day broadcasting to calmer people, but I never feel fear from hearing him? A good interview might be with John Stadtmiller, who gave AJ his first shot at radio when he owned GCN, who then had a falling out with him seemingly involving guns. John owns and would probably be up for an interview. It would be neat actually, since AJ is a contentious character, to have a show with various peoples take on him. John obviously, Mike Rivero (who has had an on and off relationship with AJ) and someone like David Knight who works with AJ now. Hmmmm…Mr. Carlwood….an AJ roundhouse? And of course the AJ speaking to any and all charges aid against him.

  11. The first litmus test on any truther/disinfo should be their take on Judy Wood. Gold standard. There is not getting around the fact that the towers dustified (not my favorite word but I appreciate her trying to be accurate. I think disintegrated or dis-integrated might be better). Seismic and visual, just to start. Where did all that steel go? And the rest. So this tech actually exists and we all saw it work. Any nano thermite/nuke stuff is controlled oppo bs. After that, use discernment, but if they are Judy averse, they are either not worth paying attention to or disinfo. I heard Mars shilling Battlefield Earth and though he was just ignorantly using it to back a point. But on further consideration, one should expect a conspiracy investigator to trig to that. I think Reeves was awfully quick to add David Icke to that number with Mars and Jones. My bs detector has always twitched with AJ and JM. Icke, I initially dismissed for the crazy lizard stuff but later gave a chance and found to be different from others in his walking his talk. And that most of what he says can fit with electric universe and Judy Wood. And that his message is positive without being totally pussy passive.

    1. Really? Judy Wood is the litmus test?

      There is no such thing as a single litmus test for controlled opposition. A person’s position on 9/11 is pretty important but I wouldn’t even go so far as to say anyone who is a non-truther must be controlled opposition. Sometimes people are just misinformed or have personal biases that they can’t get past.

      I’m an early signer of the petition at and the thermate evidence I have always found to be very strong. I’ve never dug into Judy’s stuff because I never saw the need to look for alternative explanations and I’m kind of well past 9/11 and on to other topics. But so many people seem to find her material worthy of exclusive devotion that maybe I should check it out just to be able to comment on it one way or another.

        1. What I’ve looked at so far from her doesn’t appear to be credible. But that’s fine she can do what she does and if people are into it, that’s great. But why is it someone must be a disinfo agent if they think 9/11 was an inside job but don’t agree with her particular sect of trutherism.

          The key to the “MindWar” is to split up your enemy. Prevent any unified opposition with constant division and quibbling over non-essentials.

          1. The way I see it, Judy Wood asks some questions of the others who couldn’t miss that 9/11 was an inside job, but who can’t get beyond their own theories, when really, there still could have been some thermite in place, but still again, it could have just been a layer of redundancy, because whatever the instrument of the directed energy attack was, it’s likely it had not been tested at that stage and scale, at least on this planet.

            How’s that for one sentence?

              1. That is exactly it. NO way someone would not twig to 911 being fishy, but keeping everyone fighting and distracted continues to hide the big secret, namely a whole secret branch of physics. The cabal can not have critical thinkers pulling the same strings as Judy. Because once something is KNOWN to be possible, lots of people will figure out how to replicate it. And demand answers. Any explanation that does not account for the seismic evidence is invalid. And anyone who dismisses Judy’s stuff is suspect. Real truth seekers should be thrilled at such in your face objective evidence of scalar physics (or whatever you want to call it).

                1. Right on! Let’s hear it for Dr. Judy Wood.

                  Now, considering the 2nd Amendment, let’s get to work on our own hand-held dustifiers. Then we step out into Main Street at high noon, face down the powers that be, and say, “draw, stranger!”

                  Just kidding of course. But that’s something to think about, eh?

                  Light into the darkness is the main thing the darkness cannot bear.

  12. Holy shit man….like I still haven’t pressed play because I’m a little queasy over the YouTube version….like shit man, this is explaining a lot of stuff for me I thought I wouldn’t find answers for….damn haha what’s more to say. My phones freaking out on me so there must be some truth to it (does that alot when I listen or talk to people that take me a little closer to my truth, encrypted but you know how that goes)….thanks!

  13. Great episode Greg. ***BUYER BEWARE*** I first hear this guy on CTM and ordered Lost Secrets Volume 1. I enjoyed it so much I ordered Volume 2 DVD, it never came. I called Josh and he said “I’m a one man operation you’ll get it soon.” It never came…I even called CTM to see if they could get in touch with him and get my DVD. CTM said they could not reach him. That was 2 years ago… His research is solid, but buyer beware!
    Greg if you can help me get the DVD I paid for, it would be greatly appreciated.

  14. The take away message in this interview is EVERYBODY is disinfo agents, except for Josh Reeves.
    Is there anyone who is not a disinfo agent? It seems like according to Josh Reeves, he is the only angel in the field.
    I am really really really weary any time someone accused everybody as disinfo agents and hold himself high as the only truthful person.

    1. I agree. It is all smoke and mirrors bollocks when people resort to “naming” other researchers. I am extremely wary of anyone who devotes their time to trying to “out” others. We can make our own minds up thanks. I too noticed that he slipped in the David Icke reference. I’m in England and afaik Icke is legit. Anyway, he has done some pretty solid research back to the late ’80’s when it comes to highlighting the endemic paedophilia within the British hierarchy and pretend “royals”.

    2. I get what you’re saying, and it’s common for some researchers to start pointing a bunch of fingers willy nilly, but Josh is consistent in that he’s only calling out people who have had connections to Scientology.

      1. Fair enough, but he did mention Icke and again, afaik, Icke has no connections to Scientology. I believe the Scientology card is way overplayed tbh. LRH was, it seems, a very good occultist as Jack Parsons rated him enough to have his involvement in the Babalon working. Their relationship has very much in common with Dee and Kelley and to some extent LRH’s shenanigans with Jacks missus and Jacks $ echoes that of Kelleys behaviour with Dees missus. Paul Weston has a very good article on LRH and also the Babalon Working on his site (it doesnt seem possible to include a link on here for some reason). Also, Peter Grey, Gordons mate, has many articles on the Scarlet Imprint blog re: Jack and LRH.
        Scientology either ignores LRH’s involvment or cloaks it in a typical sleight of hand, piece of historical revisionism by claiming LRH infiltrated and broke up Jacks Black Lodge, which is utter nonsense.

      2. I think it is well worth the effort to expose all connections to Scientology; however, the nature and strength of those connections have to be evaluated before accusing someone of being part of a Scientology conspiracy.

  15. Josh hit on my current hot topic at the end on his discourse on dividing us. Not sure about the negation of the indivual,though. Identity polictics is the corner stone of the gender neutral trend. It is very liberal p c to support transgender rights, but it needs closer examination. The science around this is counterintuitive, as pointed out.

  16. “All religion boils down to one thing: mind control.” I couldn’t agree more. The question is, will you control your own mind, or will you give control to someone / something else?

  17. awesome episode!
    I was just telling my wife that Scientology appears to be either a continuation of MKULTRA or a legit branch of CIA. Remember Operation SnowWhite – it was the largest infiltration of the US government of all time (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc) & it was “perpetrated” by Scientology. Also, Jonestown, to me, appears to be a test run for Scientology. Many tie-ins… very, very interesting stuff.

    1. It is the council on foreign relations. They put out a magazine called “Foreign Affairs”. They ask for money in the mail sometimes, to which I reply that I do not give money for lies (And they have to pay the postage, Heehee). They and The Hoover Institute at Stanford are the very reasons why the USA illegally invaded and occupied Iraq. Or they were just the tools, and the agenda is far deeper.

      1. No, Josh is well aware of the CFR. He was talking about two lesser known think tanks. The CCHR was where the list was and the other is the Council on Foreign Policy. The list is in his film, but I wouldn’t know where to find it otherwise. Sorry!

          1. If a potent figure, crud, I don’t even like defending him…doesn’t have a complex background I would distrust them! I’m ex-OTO, have various degrees in Wicca, am a Cathar Monk for the most part. Who came from a half Jewish family…blah blah…I could go on but of course, of course the ‘white hat’ wearers in the alphabet agencies would raise their kin to high enough standards to attempt a strike on the system from the outside.

  18. If the nefarious were not muddying the waters with dis info then we can all pack up and go home, I mean really!?.

    Having never looked into scientology I could but laugh to hear of their ‘soul catching’ agenda. If we are honest there doesn’t seem to be a part of the planet’s culture that doesn’t involve some form of risk to spirit possession.

    From esoterically named pubs and alcohol to the CIA/MK Ultra drug agenda inclusive of the music industry (Great rap video re alcohol feat’ Michael Tsarion)

    From ritualistic freemasonary to churches and mosques being built on Ley lines.

    We know that the elite are pathological psychopaths and there is enough proof out there showing these psychopaths do not possess the human quality of empathy or love. And are in control of all of the above

    Therefore, is it a given that structures such as Rockwall were built for humans to elevate to the spirit world? Or should we perhaps be looking at the possibility that they are gateways for entities to come in?

    And at every turn there is someone/something for you to give your power away to.

    So when do we get a guest on who has studied, researched and pieced together the possession/psychopath/non human entity connection. It is the elephant in the living room (pun intended)

  19. The mention of Alex Jones does not surprise me. He has always seemed too good to be true. I have always been skeptical of him and his show. Great podcast!

    I live in Dallas and I am planning on going to visit Rock Wall with a friend sometime soon. I’ve only been there once, but never have I heard of the wall that buried underground.

  20. Great show Greg, as usual ! Scientology certainly has its nefarious aspect. My late-husband experienced it first-hand during the 1960s. He was an advocate of the clearing sessions and encouraged many of his students to go through the process. While he thought the sessions were very helpful psychologically, he soon discovered that personal information was being shared. A fellow music /composer collaborator found the same and renounced Scientology. As a result my husband was told to disconnect from him. Finding this entirely unacceptable, he publicly denounced them as a cult on a national radio show when he was the evening’s guest. As a result, my husband was officially listed “suppressive”, lost half of his students (by Scientology demand to disconnect), and felt his life threatened. He also participated as a witness during a tribunal against Scientology for tax evasion. His career as an upcoming opera singer and voice teacher in NYC was thwarted and blocked from then on. They mean business. I tell this story because if they bothered with someone who didn’t have national fame/visibility, imagine what they do when you do.

    1. Whoa. They definitely are well prepared for quelling negative public opinions of them

      Funny enough, the main THC (free) website was hacked 2 nights ago. They got in and attacked the CSS Style sheets. Which as I understand is where all the formatting and “style” of your website comes from. My web guy was up all night fixing it and it’s still not 100% back to normal.

      This sort of thing has happened maybe 3 times in the 6 or so years of the show. This was also the hardest to fix. I’m actually very lucky I separate free and plus because nobody has ever attacked the Plus site, and it would be a little harder to do (I think, I hope) because it’s such a closed system. I didn’t even think about it, but my web guy asked if this was the first episode on Scientology we’ve done, and of course, it is. He thinks the hack might be related. Could be paranoia, but we call out very few groups that are as well organized and on high alert for negative press.

      The time before this when it happened was 2 days after being on Chris Jericho’s show. Probably the biggest exposure I’ve gotten to date. I tend to think that’s connected too. Maybe no more than some tech savvy wrestling fan that just didn’t like his favorite podcast wasting an episode on me. Just another guess though.

      1. I urge you not to feel paranoid, although for many years I thought (silently to myself) that my husband was. I didn’t don’t know him during those years, but in retrospect he was too talented, too gifted, too handsome, too capable, too charming – beyond the norm- to have not succeeded in the “business”. There was something else afoot – and that FOOT was the tentacles of Scientology.

        Actually, if you are targeted by “them” you could wear it like a badge of honor! Like I read recently: “if you are not on the CIA target list, you should be ashamed of yourself”!

        Again, thank you for doing what you do!!!

  21. Great work Mr. Carlwood! This reminded me of a documentary I saw about a year ago that was quite eye opening. Anyone interested in diving a bit deeper should check out “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief”. Some scary shit from whistleblowers who wanted to leave the church.

  22. He is talking about the CFR: the Council for Foreign Relations, not the council on foreign policy.
    Josh really got me to thinking. I left CtoCam insider a year ago after about 5 years of downloads (which I bought and kept, George!), and just barely missed it. George was uninspiring. It is a strange cognitive dissonance to listen to a guy who was a PR worker for the US Navy, … and I have met him. I got to the point where these military metaled people are the last people to trust in your life. My heart is with the average low-level soldier. But if the person is elevated to officer positions, my trust in what they say just dissipates. I don’t intend to insult anyone so please don’t take it personal. I need to know you to trust you.
    I Heard Josh on a podcast (red Ice maybe) long ago and he got me to thinking about ultimate agenda of Richard Dolen. I had to agree with Josh. Dolan isn’t all that authentic and I have met him. Honestly, I have lost lots of interest in people like Stanton Friedman. I have even lost respect for him and do not trust him, … and I have met him. I believe Salas, probably because there were so many people attacking him online and newspapers and on the ghastly, power-mongering agenda-laden site “Unexplained Mysteries”. Those attacks cause effects that go in the opposite manner of the intent of the attacker, IMHO. You know you are getting slower to truth when people come out of the woodwork and attack your idea and insult you. Also people need to know about NTREPID, when it comes to these attacks: Sometimes, it feels like the entire board is attacking you when it really is just one person with multiple IDs, a government worker who just sits there all day just to monitor the web and control people’s perceptions.

    I wen to a dynanetics book burning party once. It was fun. Got all the books from the used bookstores and 451-ed them

    Good job, Josh. I remember hearing you before.

    1. Two different groups actually. Josh knows about the CFR, but it was the Council on Foreign Policy group that he noticed to be a revolving door of Alex Jones guests. That info is in his “Secret Right” films.

  23. OK, one more post and then I will stop.
    Paul Levy wrote a book called DISPELLING WETIKO. It tells you how mind-control memes, ideas and thought forms spread and how to stop them. I think he is good for interviews. I think his ideas are brilliant. To stop the viral memetic infections handed to you, all you have to do is recognize that they exist and note when they occur. That will stop you from spreading the “evil” without knowing it, He writes like Jung. It is not a book that you start and continue till you finish. You read, saturate with the information, put the book down, see how it applies in your life, and then you pick the book up again. I think it is a classic.

    1. My problem with Levy’s theory is that he says we are ‘of’ wetiko, that it is a part of us, basically inherently evil. I concur that this evil par se is outside of us, that it is an infection that we are all infected by, to some degree.
      However it is a grey area and at first glance Levy’s theory does allude to the important aspect of working on our own issues. Otherwise we are projecting them out on to other people all the time, paradoxically feeding these parasites in return.
      Being royally screwed (pun intended) by these psychopaths/parasites whether it be globally, in a personal relationship, at work or at the traffic lights they affect us far more than we are are willing to acknowledge, through the domino effect as explained above.

  24. This was such a fantastic interview. I love Josh Reeves and his approach. He’s so well researched… and the field work is highly commendable. So happy to have him on the show, hope he comes on again soon. Thanks Greg 🙂

    1. There isnt any. Icke appears to be anti-scientology from what his various articles imply. It seems to be a well used technique to imply a connection when there isnt any by name dropping without an explanation. I get very fed up with it in the so called alternative sphere. Discretion and discernment is the order of the day in my opinion.

  25. Greg,
    thank you so much for asking him how can all these sites still be perfectly aligned with celestial bodies if we spin and woble for so many thousands of years! Not only spinning and wobbling, but shooting through Universe at unimaginable speeds. If we fly on our ball so faaaaaaaaaast we would have had traveled trillions, gazillions, bazillions of miles since then – and they are still aligned? It`s not possible. Not to mention that after half a year we should see different stars at night because we would be on the other side of the orbit around the sun. So the answer (he actually did not even answer that!) from him about engineering knowledge ect is just fantasy. Earth spins and flies in 4 different directions at the same time, wobles, Universe expands all the time, gravity, black holes ect – it would be IMPOSSIBLE to calculate that perfect alignment, at least perfect for our time 😀 . Why would they ever build a site with us in mind? It`s all just laughable. How about Earth being stationary and celestial bodies orbit above us all those thousands of years? That would make the alignment possible through all that time with no fantastic and unprovable theories involved.

    Oh, one more thing. He said that “people back then did not live that long (50-60 years)” – how the fuck could we know? I get kinda pissed off when I hear this. Even my homeopathic doctor said that one time. I mean, how can people NOT live that long if they had a clean fresh air and water and the best food! Read Hilton Hotema or google oldest people – some lived more than 250 years. Not to mention legends, myths, bible that say people lived for thousands of years “back then”.

    I`m 40 min into the show.. interesting stuff so far, cuz I`ve never looked into Scientology.

    1. It helps to think in terms of the scales involved. The solar system is moving 143 miles/second with respect to galactic center. This means the sun travels 1 sun diameter every 101 minutes and travels 1 AU (distance from sun to earth) every 7.5 days.

      If we scale everything down so that 1 inch equals 1 AU so that the sun is a grain of sand and the earth is a spec of dust 1 inch away, the nearest star would be 4.3 miles away, the Orion Nebula 1340 miles away, and the center of the galaxy would be about 27,000 miles away and the length of the sun’s orbit around galactic center: about 170,000 miles (6.8 earth circumferences).

      So imagine moving that grain of sand one inch every 7.5 days and continue until you’ve circumnavigated the earth nearly 7 times, and that is one galactic year.

      Or think of it this way, in 10,000 years, the grain of sand would have moved 7.7 miles and Orion is still more or less 1340 miles away so it’s relative position in the sky wouldn’t have changed perceptibly.

      With the exception of possibly the very closest ones, the stars’ locations in the sky wouldn’t change much even in 10,000 years.

      1. Also, for assumed motions in the farther reaches, consider that the red shift is only assumed to indicate observable celestial objects moving apart, while the affect of distance itself on the speed of starlight is an unknown. Physics, as it is known today, takes a very lot for granted. But it’s all okay. The scientific view will change, “one funeral at a time.”

        Enjoy the cosmic show.

  26. I just noticed that about the time that I had given up on checking if the forum ever came back to life, it did. If anyone on these comment threads ever mentioned that it was back, I missed it.

    Well, it’s back, and I hope it gets to cookin’.

    So, this is just a non-sequitur heads up fo y’allz.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

  27. I’m about 2 years in now in trying to figure out the who, what, where,why and when of this world. This gentleman describing hitting that second wall if you will describes me to a ‘T’. To hear that there is that much controlled opposition out there is disheartening to say the least. I’d never given one though that I have possibly listened to one of those creeps on this venue but it certainly is possible and probable. That makes me ill. I’ve certainly listened to guest on here that I haven’t agreed with or understood completely, but I’ve always been pretty damn certain that they believed whatever it was they were pushing. Sometimes that has to be enough. I’ve never listened to a guest and felt I was being wholesale played. YIkes. I’m at the second wall. I feel out of gas. Sorry, but I just do.Where do you go for the truth? Where do you go?

    1. “Where do you go for the truth?”

      Only one place: your own heart.

      Remember, words (and numbers too) are symbols, and like everything in this physical sphere, only can have a meaning that we, ourselves, give them. Forget about finding truth within the changeable. Make few demands of the world. Take things lightly, and enjoy the ride. The Truth is not out there. It is IN there.

      “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.”

  28. This is just an aside but does anyone remember that Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin movie Bowfinger from ’99’ I believe? I didn’t know jack squat about Scientology (other than their creepy as hell commercials) until this interview but for some reason about half way through I thought about that movie. Then it hit me I never noticed before but that movie is choc full of Scientology jokes and jabs. And this is pre millennium so way before Scientology was the mainstream religion it is today. When Josh was talking about that Tom Cruise interview and he kept saying “KSW KSW man!” It reminded me of Murphy’s character and his mantra KIT! KIT! or Keep It Together. He gets this mantra from a Hollywood “spiritual organization” called “Mind Head”. The character is so easily convinced that Aliens are trying to kill him because of his studies at “Mind Head”. And last but not least the licence plate on the Fed Ex truck at the end of the movie (literally the last thing seen on the screen) reads “T3THANS”. Like I said nothing eye opening or mind blowing just funny. The movie is pretty hilarious if you haven’t seen it.

      1. That’s too funny. Gonna have to check that one out.

        ASE, you should definitely check out the documentary, “Going Clear.” I might wonder if the makers of that film are being picked off now.

  29. I know I’m probably pointing out the obvious here but seen as it hasn’t been mentioned in the forum or on the show I just thought that the word play that goes on in Magick and the ‘spell’ing of words that casts spells how would you pronounce satans if you had a heavy lisp? Just a coincidence?

  30. I thought I would add a comment here concerning Jim Marrs. After reading “Rule by Secrecy” about 3 months ago, I fell in love with his writing style and well-sourced material (not as well-sourced as works by other conspiracy authors – he doesn’t use footnote numbers and his referencing system is a little difficult to understand at times, but nonetheless still well-sourced) and subsequently read “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” and “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy”.

    The one question that always plagued me concerning these books that I didn’t answer for myself completely until listening to this episode was why he stuck with such a mainstream publisher as HarperCollins (a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp). In those three books that I have read, he has never addressed this but is more than happy to sling mud at Bertelsmann AG, another one of the English language’s top publishers. In my opinion, Jim Marrs has a conflict of interest here that I have not personally heard him address.

    Furthermore, I agree with JulieSunshine. Before reading his books, I was always skeptical about Jim Marrs. There IS something about the way that he talks and presents his material in lectures and interviews (C2C AM, for example) that seems off. Why Linda Moulton Howe chooses to associate herself with him is another mystery to me.

  31. Hey Greg,

    Before I get swamped with dismissive vitriol for having a negative opinion of this interview, I want to say how much I love your show. I signed up for plus the other night and have been enjoying re-listening to so many interviews I’ve heard over the last few months in full form. I find most of the recent guests are really top-shelf. Been loving Laird Scranton, Peter Robbins, Austin Coppock, David Mathisen, those 4 have covered some of my favorite topics. Earlier highlights for me are Russ Baker (always 1st rate!), Walk Thornhill (<3 E.U.!), Corey Eib & Todd McGreevy (gotta make my ID before next Tuesday, amiright?), and Robert Guffey, who's cultural analysis and story telling is totally fucking exceptional. I feel all these people possess some kind of innate wisdom, humility, erudition and expertise that offer something extremely constructive and compelling. And I love the platform you offer them.

    I had to say that, since I'm kind of a newbie here and I'm sure some people might be tempted to respond by calling me a sock-puppet. I promise this won't be my last comment, and I could only wish some evil organization were paying me a salary to get blazed and listen to your show, ya know?! So to my dissent…

    I am SO not vibing on this dude, Reeves. Too much empty name dropping, too much lumping, too confident, way too much over-simplification, too little understanding, too little curiosity, too sloppy in his language, shitty story teller. And way too much faith in spirit materialization and way too much cartoonish depictions of evil. I find he can't compose a single persuasive statement that doesn't implicitly bully me into just nodding, "yeah, man! They're totally out to enslave us." He makes me feel like I'm at a political rally.

    I can see how some of his approach may be familiar and you can get wrapped up in the charged tone. I could tell how much you enjoyed the show. Or maybe there's a tolerant bonhomie between broadcasters, and I respect that. But I just feel like he's just mixing up a shit-ton of Member Berry Soup and its losing all definition. It's easy to hurl slurs, claim to see 'direct connections,' and make bold, sweeping assertions about Scientology, CIA, 'the Jews,' (whatever the fuck that means), but for god's sake, man, if Reeves is trying to improve people's lives by providing them with helpful information, then he should take a disinterested approach. Enough vitriol, enough certainty.

    So even if he's innocent of mal-intent and truly just into promoting his message, trying to get at some truth, and expanding his fanbase, I kinda feel like he's effectively doing the work of the disinfo agents he sees lurking behind every image.

    Take it for what it's worth, man, take it for what it's worth. I guess all I'm saying is, I'm skipping him next time you have him on the show.


    1. No worries and welcome! It’s very common to dislike a show, every guest/topic isn’t for everyone. People may disagree, but everyone on this side of the paywall at least recognizes it’s sort of a club, and I think they’re generally friendlier with their discourse. It’s not 100%, but it’s not YouTube either.

      I always TRY to listen to a guest’s responses as if I didn’t have the context of just combing through their work for the few days before an interview. It can be tough though, and sometimes if a guest moves too quickly through something, it can come off as sloppy on air. That doesn’t mean the research in their book/film/etc. is sloppy though, which is another thing.

      Josh is also one of these guests who wants to leave the details for the documentary. He’s trying to sell a film, so he doesn’t want to run through every detail in a free interview. I totally understand his position. Books and films take a lot out of a person to make, and it can be like pulling teeth sometimes to get enough support to make a living. (Not here, you guys are great and plentiful!)

      But in my opinion, and this is just me, it always turns me off as a listener to hear any reference to “Lets leave the details for the book.” or “I don’t want to give away everything.” and those types of things. It’s like an actor stopping in the middle of a scene to say “Guys, you know I’m just doing this for money and attention, right?” We all KNOW that, but we don’t want to be reminded in the middle of being entertained. Again, just me. I’ve also never been discouraged from picking up a book or watching a doc after a compelling interview because there was too much detail, or I didn’t feel the need to explore the source material.

      I guess my point is, there are factors that might make some listeners overly skeptical or turned off, but it’s really just a guest trying to be entertaining, make a living, or whatever unrelated thing it might be. He’s also from Texas, so there’s that.

      I really liked having Josh on. I thought he was pretty exceptional with his recall of details related to the Rock Wall, which wasn’t even supposed to be on the table, and I find probably even more interesting than The Spellcasters. That was a Plus for me. I like a guest who tries, but I agree about the sort of broad stroke use of terms like “black magic” and “Satanic.” That’s an issue for me too, but I often just overlook it cause it’s so damn common.

      1. “He’s also from Texas, so there’s that.”
        HA! You rule, Greg. I think you may have hit the nail on the head.
        That state is Satan’s spawn, save for Austin.

        It’s true that I don’t expect to embrace every guest, and I welcome the challenge of those I’m not down with.

        But speaking of “satanic” and “black magic,” considering it from the analytical/academic side, is there any chance you’ll have Kent Bain on again? I loved Episode 53, the portion left on youtube, at least. His art-critical eye is super sharp. Not to mention, we have the symbol-laden film “Arrival” to be released on 11.11, 3 days after the election (!), and I’m keen to hear his thoughts.

  32. When y’all were discussing the end goal is for spirit/entity possession, it made me think of growing up Christian how we would get people to “accept Jesus into your heart and soul”. I know it’s been talked about on the show before, so it’s not a new idea of a gnostic type deity flip (communion basically being a blood sacrifice ritual), but I couldn’t help but think it’s kind of similar.

    With scientology/mkultra or whatever they’ve found that the more you break a person down the easier this transfer or possession becomes. Damn, I’m really not intelligent enough to better explain why my gut reaction made me think this was similar, but I thought I’d mention it.

    I know I’m commenting on this late, but does anyone have any feedback on this idea that “accepting Jesus” is a form of accepting entity possession?

    1. I was raised Catholic, kind of as a mutual choice with my older and influential brother, in a family with a Methodist father. Neither I nor my brother liked the Methodist church services that we got to try out. They separated us from our parents and into a basement with kids we didn’t know for Sunday school. So, as we were given the choice, we went to mass with our mother.

      As an ADHD and dyslexic kid, I couldn’t cut the mustard later on with the catechism studies. I have always said, “I flunked out of the Catholic Church.” Nonetheless, something in me made me a spiritual seeker. Perhaps it was just a strong drive to know what I was doing here, what it was all about. I tried damned near every church I could find in my late teens. My first brush with Scientology was in my early twenties and involved a good friend who went a short way into their trap, and then backed out. Then an acquaintance’s son stole much of the family fortune , feeding it all to the Scientology beast, and I was the lucky peripheral witness to that. Call it a vaccination of sorts to the Church of Scientology virus.

      Anyway, along my path, at eighteen, I checked out a Baptist group/church that worked the street corners of San Francisco and Oakland, with nice young girls, picking up young sailors, marines, and soldiers, and busing them to their social club, where, after some punch or soda pop, ping-pong, dancing, and just hanging out, they sat you down and hit you with a stump speech/sermon, closing with, “will anyone raise their hand and accept Jesus as their personal savior?” I bit on my second visit. I stayed ‘saved’ for only a few weeks, as the high of having my presumed sins lifted away by the blood, faded after I missed church one time and had guilt pitched at me for that. I could get that from the Catholics. I was gone.

      At twenty three I tried hashish, mescaline, and acid, and then later I moved on to mushrooms. It was the first real spiritual blast for this particular identity that really showed me there was a something real, beyond what I could hold in thought.

      As time went by and I got half way through my twenties, I came into contact for the first time with something of the Hindu traditions. This seeking of spirit through experiential, rather than mental/intellectual means, rang much truer for this one. But, my ADHD brain chemistry made for real difficulties around the practice of meditation. I just sort of fell away from the first group that had introduced me there. What my takeaway was is what is called, “Karma Yoga,” or selfless service. I made this much of my life path, right up into my sixties. While this was not what directly opened me to Self, it was great as a holding pattern.

      One day, just two years back, at 67, in a set of life circumstances where I was forced to see that I really had no answers, I had a change of perspective, and a wider seeing of the play, as it were. This change led me to seek something with which to anchor this new perspective, and it was then I found what is called, “Advaita Vedanta,” or something much like it. I would say it is one means to Self possession, its basic focus is in questioning in the way of, “who and what am I?” I then remember reading about that in my early twenties in some books by Alan Watts. I had loved those books. It was time for that to start taking hold.

      Ultimately, this is not about accepting anything short of your own experiential truth, and it requires one to be fully honest about what can be known, or not known, about any identity we claim to know ourselves as. The enlightened humans who can assist in our explorations will eventually get it through to you that you are It, that which you seek. But It will inevitably not be what we think, as It will never be constrained as any form of thought. We are not only _not_ what we think, we are infinitely beyond thinking’s ability to hold in it in that way.

      So, yes, if we see ourselves as separate entities, sums of memories and ideas, we are always open to having that version of identity become possessed by another set to thought forms. The most ancient forms of wisdom have always directed us to “First Know Thyself.” Demand the means to do that, and be free of any fear of any other. When Self is known, there is no other.

      I will end this with this quote:

      “The discovery of truth is in the discernment of the false.
      You can know what is not. What is – you can only be.”
      ~Nisargadatta Maharaj



      1. Wow! What a great reply. Thank you for taking the time to contribute your firsthand knowledge from years of seeking. If you don’t mind, what was the catalyst for the recent change in philosophy? Seems life altering, but if its too personal. . . . . .

        Understanding yourself and your perceptions of external stimuli seems like it would be the best first step before you can comprehend what reality really is without your “observer effect” in uhhhhhhhhhh . . . . .. . . . .. . . .effect. So it intuitively sounds like the right path.

        One more thought concerning a deity flip is the power of positivity and the possibility of human perception manifesting reality. As a kid getting baptized or “saved” never seemed negative. I always felt good afterwards, whether or not it was some kind of placebo effect is beside the point. If we really do create our own reality if we think it’s a good thing then it’s a good thing we feel bad about it then we make it bad.

        Man do I sound like a hippie just droning on and on. My bad

  33. A couple years ago my son, his dog, and myself were on a road trip, went to Rockwall, TX.We weren’t able to see much of it. If you go, plan to spend some time chasing stuff down. We also went to Moundville, AL outside of Tuscaloosa, which is named after a chief who was a giant. That place has some kind of power and impact on an individual. The workers there I did not find to be at all esoteric – nice, but bland. They didn’t seem to know much about the place where they worked. The site itself was pretty amazing.

    What is up with the Judy Wood comments? Of COURSE, she was speaking truth! If not, she would have been celebrated and paraded thru the streets. Somebody would have bought movie rights to her book! That’s how the world works now – until more of us get a clue and start listening WITH and TO our hearts. Hearts and minds – when is this so-called age of Aquarius gonna arrive?!

    I really like Josh’s work, and the interview intrigued me. I vote for having him back. Thanks, Greg.

  34. This conversation is even more poignant….. now, after the “election.” Looking at Cruise’s Sussex Palace, and what’s about to happen – the “holy wars” – it seems that those of us with well-directed souls and clear conscience need to stand-up, unify, proclaim the truth and give-way to the future. Or, maybe I should just get another bottle of Grey Goose, watch tv and wait to get trumped?

  35. Greetings….. I’ve always felt that the Abrahamic religions are a recipe for disaster, and probably the original implementation of a control structure. To now Google pictures of Tom Cruise’s preposterous UK estate and Religious Centre – to take in the size and scope – leaves me shocked with the possibility that he may be moved into the position of being the spiritual leader of the post apocalyptic New World Order. It’s impossible to imagine – right? Oh, wait, Donald Trump is scheduled to become President of the United States in January of 2017. I tend to think that most journalists are happy cashing their checks and not fighting for truth, but I also don’t believe they all got it wrong about the election. I think the voting machines were rigged…. damn, what if Trump has been telling us the truth all along? It’s now time for people with big voices and a sturdy pulpit to speak the truth, otherwise, it doesn’t seem that free speech, freedom of expression or even humanity has much of a chance going forward.

  36. Good show. I actually purchased the Hollywood video from Josh’s website. I give it a B-. He put together some good circumstantial connections between Hollywood and the US government from earlier in the 20th century, though nothing really new. But it was also too long-winded in places. I found his arguments about the secret right to be a bit odd. Fair enough if he does not like Alex Jones but some of the claimed links with Scientology and other name players in the alt media seemed a bit tenuous. Better to just stick with not liking him. Some interesting stuff on Scientology though.

  37. Awesome show! I just got finished watching his film “The Spellcasters” and I thought it was definitely eye opening. Though I don’t know what to think about his thoughts on flat earth. I’m sure that he has done his research, but I have been agnostic to the topic until I find definitive evidence for myself.

    I came across Alex Jones when I first became privy to conspiratorial information (08 – 09 ish) but didn’t listen follow him due to his message not resonating with me. Anyways keep the good shows coming and I’ll check out more of Josh’s work!

  38. Last time I heard Josh talk about Flat Earth he bashed it. But he hasn’t really looked into it at all. I like Josh, but he is like Freeman. Just sit on hands and wait for what? I think Trump election was step in right direction. But they bash him too. Sit on hands and what?

  39. Greg, this show needs to be MANDATORY LISTENING for people, both new and old. This guy really puts the target on the head of so many of the names that we have almost all fallen for at one time or another. Really, really great stuff.

  40. Get Josh on again…All the info he puts out can vetted & confirmed. Its Josh’s voice you hear on the original intro to Freeman’s show, so he’s been around a long time and has since even called him out as suspect too. I know Freeman has “friends” at Disney, but he has never rang true with me anyway so I just dont listen to his show. Like alot of us were, Josh was a fan of all these people he calls out at one time too. We all just have to go where the facts take us, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

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