Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Texas’ Rock Wall, Scientology and the Hollywood machine with guest, Josh Reeves.

We know the world is largely run by unseen hands- in a vast web of international corporations, banking oligarchs, secret societies, think tanks, bloodlines, religions, disinformation agents, and alphabet agencies- and it’s not an easy task to deconstruct. As soon as we examine the power and influence of one far-reaching network, we’re exposed to another with dominion over a different sector of societal control and the pattern repeats until our dying day. Yes, there are many hands in the cookie jar and today we’re going to look at some threads on this spider’s web that haven’t been brought to light as much as others. Today’s guest is a great documentary maker and all around master of multimedia and he’s put together some really great films that avoid rehashing the same old conspiracy 101 bullet-points that cover well-sourced information that’s hard to find anywhere else.

2:25 With elements of older films helping Reeves make some of the connections in his most recent work “The Spellcasters”, Greg begins by discussing Josh’s background and some surprising influential forces along with his pathway. With his previous work the “Secret Right Volume 1” offering insights into some of the more nefarious forces at work such as the Council for National Policy, Reeves was able to follow the breadcrumbs while researching the Rock Wall for his film “Lost Secrets of Ancient America.”
5:00 Following his “Secret Right” series exploring networks of power on the right side of the American two-party system, Reeves produced the “Lost Secrets of Ancient America” series focusing on a frequency emitting unnatural structure shrouded in mystery dubbed the Rock Wall. Constructed from a variety of rare crystals, rare Earth metals, and minerals that have been sourced from various locations and brought together to create composite stones, the Rock Wall consists of non-indigenous materials such as Zircon, Garnet and Tourmaline. A particularly perplexing aspect of the Rock Wall is the presence of Niobium, a material discovered in the 1800s that can only come to fruition through the extraction from the element known as, Columbite. Aside from the paradoxical materials sourced to form the Rock Wall, their alignment to the solstices and equinoxes is also rather puzzling.
12:42 After discussing several enigmas relating to the Rock Wall, Greg and Josh pivot to exploring the possible uses or purpose behind its erection. Clocking in at 20 miles in diameter and encompassing most of the modern day city of Rockwall, Josh contends that along with acting as an ocean barrier, the wall served a variety of uses. An interesting piece of evidence found was underground tunnels leading to nearby water sources. A few of the wilder speculations circling around these tunnels includes the legends of an underground cavern found to contain some disturbing artifacts, and the wall doubling as a safe haven for people from cannibalistic giants roaming the area.
25:24 Switching gears to “Spellcasters”, Greg and Josh tackle the topic: who really runs the Hollywood machine? Stepping beyond the gross oversimplification of chalking it up to the Jewish elite and further dissecting the evidence, Reeves puts a point on some of the finer details. In an effort to circumvent the east coast Edison Trust monopoly of the film industry, a group of industrialist Jews moved west and began building an empire based on Nickelodeons. Following a successful and profitable start, coupled with the shifting of powers after WWII, the Hollywood elite recognized and began unlocking the potential of mass manipulation and psychological warfare through media.
32:20 After previously touching on the coinciding world changing events taking place in 1947, such as the establishment of the entire national security apparatus, culling events involving the Hollywood blacklist, willing participants allowing the government’s takeover of Hollywood, the formation of Scientology, and the beginning of black ops programs such as MK Ultra, Greg, and Josh discuss the key figures from theOSS, such as Sumner Redstone and L. Ron Hubbard, connecting these events. Listen as they discuss the origins of Scientology and it’s role in Hollywood, as well as Hubbard’s connection to Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and the O.T.O.
43:00 Continuing with their in-depth discussion of Scientology beliefs and it’s hidden agenda, Greg and Josh analyze the role of “alien souls” called thetans. Josh contends that these thetans are in fact demons, repackaged in a more appealing way. Similar to Freemasonry and the O.T.O, Scientology contains a set of successive levels, each containing traditional rituals meant to further open the body, mind, and spirit to the control of a spiritual entity or thetan.
56:00 Coming full circle to connect the previous discussion of the “Lost Secrets of Ancient America” to Scientology, Greg and Josh examine the perspective of each and their spiritual quests. With Scientology striving to bring entities into the physical plane and ancient cultures erecting structures to elevate humans to the spiritual plane, one has to wonder whether there are parallels between them or any underlying themes.
1:08:00 Changing directions a bit, Greg and Josh discuss the current conspiracy landscape. Reeves elaborates on his take of who the biggest disinformation agents are, their connections, and their agendas.
1:23:00 Greg and Josh discuss the rising tide of people trying to remove evolution from schools. Despite the surface appearance of being crazy Christians, Reeves explains a more nefarious plot is afoot.
1:48:00 With people being programmed and mislead through mainstream media and alternative news, Greg and Josh ponder what the culmination of these events will be and what the elite hold in store for our future.

Want more Josh Reeves? Interested in more of the secrets of Hollywood and Scientology ? Check out his website The Global Reality where you can find his works “Spellcasters”, “Secret Right Volumes 1 & 2”, and “Lost Secrets of Ancient America”.

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