Tolec | The Andromeda Council, Underground Reptilians, & The Big Conspiracy

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Alright Higherside Chatters, we’ve been around long enough to realize that the political circus we see on the surface of our society is merely a show for the masses- and the real game, the real deal-making, and the true players and agendas that drive the direction of the S.S. Earth – are all deeply hidden from the view of the unsuspecting public. The real question though, is how deep does this actually go?

We’ve heard many bold claims over the years that try to make sense of our “position in the dark” but there are some persistent themes that seem to re-emerge regularly:

-The reoccurring notion of non-human elements in play, even pulling the strings of our own puppet masters from backstage.

-That a “slave system” was covertly crafted to suppress our spiritual evolution and contain our consciousness. Leaving man to be not much more than the ignorant cattle in a sophisticated human slaughterhouse.

– That humanity itself could very well have been built from the ground up, under a hierarchy of intelligent beings we aren’t even aware exist.

Of course, we know the planet has a long history of strange sightings and encounters- both craft and beings that are not to be talked about outside of conspiracy circles; and our history, sciences, and political spheres are so full of misinformation- that we find ourselves going to some pretty exotic places on our search for truth.

Well today we’re going to just such an exotic place seeking the insights of today’s guest: Tolec.

Interestingly enough: Tolec is an Earth human representative of the Andromeda Council, an intergalactic, interstellar and inter-dimensional governance & development body of aligned, benevolent star systems & planets of sentient intelligent life for worlds in both the Milky Way & Andromeda galaxies. In deep space, this governance body is known by its Ambassadors & Diplomats as the: “Galactic Council.” He’s been given the name “Tolec” as an Earth based, pubic-persona name by his contacts within the Council. They indicate they’ve been in communication with him by various methods… since age 5. His “spirit essence” first experienced life on the planet Dakote’, in the Taygeta star system, one of the seven major stars of the Pleiades. However, in his Earthly incarnation, he spent 17 years in the health care software industry, a brief stint in venture capital and 12 subsequent years in international banking, before leaving the system and becoming a full time discloser of the mind-to-mind messages he’s been getting personally from the Andromeda Council.

PLUS Content

-What else is going on inside the planet outside of the now defunct reptilian bases. -Descriptions of other beings, up to 9D entities. -Coming changes in the financial system & the blockchain. -DNA changes in the coming future.

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  1. Finally getting back to the things that matter!

    On a side note, I hope those of you who actually come to the website like the new additions/formatting to both the comments sections and the show notes display. I think it looks pretty class!

      1. I’m finding that i can’t download the podcasts to my phone anymore. I click download and it opens in a new window and then I pray that nothing happens cause if it gets closed I have to restart the whole episode

        1. If you are using an Android, when the new window opens and start to play the file there should be a little downward pointing arrow. Its right next to the progress bar. Hope that helps.

        2. Press download, new window appears playing the episode, hold finger down on the media player allowing a menu to appear, click save audio, download begins. I hope this helps. I use android Samsung galaxy j3

  2. Am I missing something? He’s a nice enough guy I suppose but uh, what about him is so ‘interstellar’? He knows some details about some star systems, and .. what else? Its nothing helpful or verifiable, just another ‘re-ass-u-ring’ message of benevolence from someone who might say he is not been corrupted; but in a career within big industries like the ones he was involved with, it is likely that he wouldn’t even know how his mind is being manipulated and opinions shaped/controlled.
    Further, he slightly sounds like a tool.
    He calls his flimsy cartoonish descriptions of his experiences, ‘laying out his concepts’ Uh, huh?
    Not denying that the man has them, but i just think there are multiple ways to view the authenticity and implications of what is being said here and IMO,
    “how is this relevant?”
    It’s not.

    1. Well , I slept on it. AAAAnd I’m going to be THAT guy again. I have to agree with @ SSSiren . How is this relevant? When, as so well put in your intro GC, we are basically getting @ss rheemed no lube daily? Listen/Interview to a real brave smart human being, asking for nothing, just Explainig with logic and DIRECT connection- explaining the modus operendi of the murderous treasonous thugs . David Hawkins , Field McConnel They are directly over the target. They have their number. Do they have ALL the info? No, but it sure a heck is PERTINENT. We are nothing but slaves and useless eaters to the cap stone crew and their minions. We are under direct assault daily and will remain the profane, unwashed , uninitiated -if we keep burning up bandwidth on this stuff. Carping on and on in wrong fox hole. We have a lot of treasonous , deceitful, murderous thugs to deal with, to be concerned, real problems as CKnowles has commented , so I don’t want to start a bs bashing deal. No troll hear, no shill. But it’s game time and we keep breaking out of the huddle with nothing but same play, a dead count to draw them off sides. I know it ain’t easy and its a lot of work. Good luck going forward. Still gonna try to contribute in pos way. We’re in this together. Later. ☮️????Out. Flee flicker on one , ready BREAK!

  3. Who Is this bloke again ? Corey ‘s dad? Errr papa smerf? Ok , enough cheap shots. Gonna try to keep it up beat, it’s not a matter of – is he full of decomposed bran flakes, but ” where’s the beef?” I’m not buying what he’s meandering around selling, I have plenty of it. Keep swinging GC, It ain’t easy being cheesy, but this fella is a little lean , would be good primer for the masses maybe for reboot 2.0? Not the serious researcher. Send him over to Alex at Skeptico! Shrrrrred. Have fun , be cool and not fooled. ☮️ Out Molek end of line….

  4. “Yes, I was an international banker… and I’ve watched at least 7 youtube videos to u derstand how crypto currency works and I think it is safe…”


    1. I’m a software developer and I don’t know if it’s safe and I know more about blockchain then I ever wanted too. He seemed a tad over confident.

  5. Greg, you handled this interview amazingly! Love you man!
    As for the guest’s information, even as a made up story, it was very thought provoking in good directions.
    Thank you!

  6. Sorry, but this was the least interesting THC episode I’ve ever listened to. I couldn’t even get past the first half hour. This guy seems to get his information entirely from internet sources and simply cribs from other “researchers” (e.g., Icke, Drunvalo, Bob Dean, Fulford, Barbara Hand Clow, other channelers, etc.) — and seems to find all of it equally credible. And someone just loses total credibility for me once they start parroting the Trump is some kind of Good Guy game changer (according to this Guest, DJT is even aligned with benevolent races….). Back to reality: DJT, the former “swamp drainer,” is now working with and singing the praises of Rudy Guiliani? Ring any 9/11 bells?

    I like the out there guests when they seem to have done some serious research of their own — but please don’t bring on people who just seem to repeat completely unverifiable information gleaned from the internet.

    1. The dude is talking about ETs and reptilians, psychic communication and 9th dimensional beings yet all you got from this episode is that he he didn’t jump on the Trump hate-train? Thatssss why he’s unreliable?

      Come one now, lets not snap back to reality, have some fun with these topics and don’t let the government shitshow be all consuming and get you down.

      I for one enjoy the completely unverifiable guest. I mean anything thats deemed “official” seems to get coopted or monetized. The random, off the grid, possibly delusional dude talking to aliens? Well I like him and would like some of whatever he’s smoking. At least he’s having a good time.

      1. Please. You’re missing my point. If this guy’s legitimate — i.e., he’s regularly experiencing OBE’s and alien visitations and he’s sitting on some “intergalatic UN council” with these higher dimensional beings who are observing/trying to help humanity….well, he should have far more nuanced/better/more credible intel than to regurgitate the same false left-right paradigm/control system bullshit (but: Trump’s playing 4D chess so he only appears to be more of the same lol) being pedaled down here — stuff that anyone with half a brain can see through even without Intergalatic UN Council security clearance. Lol.

        I can enjoy a good alien tall tale, but prefer it when it comes from someone who seems to know something original — not someone cribbing the basic talking points available on or stolen straight from the Barbara Hand Clow/Drunvalo Mechelzidek (sp) books.

        1. Your arguments are silly at best and, dare I say, company shill at worst.

          To your point about originality, your idea is flawed in the sense that if someone comes out with a piece of this information before Tolec does and its laced with disinformation (not saying Tolec’s isn’t, just making my point) then that person holds the correct information and anyone to state anything later is just copying and adding their own disinfo or trying to make a quick buck.

          So what you’re saying is to control you, one only has to lie to you before others do.

          This ep is not about Trump but you want to make it all about Trump. If you were even paying attention Tolec states that Trump is a puppet. Albeit claiming to be a good-guy puppet but a puppet nonetheless.

          Also, you seem to expect that the front line soldiers would have the same view of the battlefield as a general.

          This course requires an open mind, not total acceptance of everything stated. Please try harder to at least understand the message being presented in the future.

          1. Jeez. Ok Dude, sorry that I triggered you. Not making it about Trump — apparently you have comprehension problems. Just saying the guy doesn’t know anything beyond what he’s reading on the internet. And no — not relying on the first to lie to me — tend to think most of what’s out there with respect to the “alien agenda” is made up delusional bullshit attractive to people with no or low discernment skills or else intentional disinformation targeting the same audience. But please go on with that wide open mind of yours where your critical reasoning skills fell out, join your 7 foot tall ponytailed imaginary intergalatic UN Council friends, and have a nice day.

        2. How on earth do you know what it’s like or how people operating in 5D should act here?
          Some of the best leaders 5D are flat schizophenic in Earth life.

  7. Greg, I felt sorry for you having to listen to this. Unverifiable, unconvincing and inaccurate. Thank you Andromedans for your gifts of technological wisdom otherwise we’d be stuck in 1978! Come on!

  8. Your question at the end asking him to ask the beings to contact you for verification was brilliant. I sure hope you’ll let us know weather or not they do. I for one am not holding my breath.

  9. i apreciate this episode. it greatly resonated with me and made sense. this is the type of stuff that makes sense with someone who already understands/has experienced what Tolec is talking about. if you have had out of body experiences, or traveled and communicated on the astral plane – this information is a lot more understandable. if you have spent a huge chunk of your life learning how geopolitics relate to ETs, reptilians, and the universe at large, etc, you’ll understand Tolec’s message better. like he said, people who want proof typically can never get enough of it. this is some cosmic information that you know is true deep down when your soul is ready for it. totally understandable that people don’t beleive this.

    thanks Greg! ????

  10. When Trump and his blue avian buddies rip up my promissory notes, reduce the scraps to ash, and UFOs start dropping gold bullion from the sky I will become a true believer. In the meantime I’ll keep it filed under a mountain of salt.

  11. This is the dumbest shit I have ever heard in my life. I thought Donald Marshall was insane, but this dude Tolec is downright schizophrenic.
    Tolec is just blabbing about random crap that no one could ever verify. Yeah the Chromasism district in the eighth orbit around the sentrinium galaxy blah, blah, blah. If you believe this dude then there is no hope for you.

  12. I gave this dude about 15 minutes, which was 14.59 minutes more than he deserved. Doesn’t alter my love for THC though. It goes with the territory that every once in a while, a guest will be an absolute raving conspiratard blessed with both a noxious personality and an annoying voice.

  13. I saw “Galactic Council” and knew that I didn’t want to touch this interview with a 10 foot pole, and yet I was still intrigued as to how the community would respond and I have to say that I am thoroughly entertained by the commentary provided in the majority of the previous 25 comments. Thanks to you all for your good humor, biting sarcasm and erudite dot-connecting (Fulford, Drunvalo, et al Hack-Spooks aimed at disorienting and disempowering those new to conspiracy or with low discernment faculties). Now please excuse me as I have to go check my mailbox for my Prosperity Package, I heard NESARA will finally be pushed through and that the mass arrests will follow.

  14. So I had to look this Tolec dude up on YouTube to see what he looked like. And it’s confirmed Tolec has a mustache! Never trust a dude with a mustache, he is just a used car salesman in the conspiracy community!

  15. I mean, I guess it was a fun story. I don’t really belief it though. Especially when he claims to have discovered this govt. galactic website, but it disappeared without a trace, just days later! At least we covered lizard people! I’ll take it.
    I would like another episode with Michael Mott.
    Please look into it Greg!

  16. If you would like to hear Tolec’s story, ALMOST EXACTLY, told by a far more interesting and informed person, and twenty years ago:

    Alex Collier Alien Structures on Moon and Mars 1996

    Alex’s story is interspersed with Moon and Mars talk, so it’s two hours, but it’s a fun listen.

  17. First off, this guy mentions 33 a few times. Things like 3:30 pm, etc. Automatically makes me question what is is talking about. He sounds like a nice guy, but he has no evidence for any of his claims. Also, I kind of feel like this guy is a functioning person with outpatient schizophrenia.

  18. Loved this wild story – joins up a lot of things hearing and from friends who have energetic experiences – feeling the waves and getting physical symptoms. Also being fractals of other races – that’s an efficient use experience. Liked how he said he didn’t know some stuff – didn’t get that from last week’s guest which was mainly what bugged me! Thanks Greg x

  19. I know it is cool these days to badmouth David Wilcock, but the notion that he never cites sources is idiotic. The source he cites regarding the heating up of the solar system is a paper on Enterprise written by he and Richard Hoagland and refers to NASA data as the source. Tolec rarely cites any sources and doesn’t cite an actual source for his energetically upticked solar system except to refer to unamed Russians led by “Dimitri Somethingov”. He only cites his own experience and, in this interview, it is all stuff I have heard before from none other than David Wilcock. Everything Tolec talks about is in David Wilcock’s archives. Maybe we should have David Wilcock on THC? Read one of his books and take note of the voluminous footnotes and source material he cites. I am leery of people who claim, as Tolec does, that ET does everything for us and decides our fate for our own good. Sitting on our asses and waiting for ET to save us is a sure fire way to welcome in the permanent enslavement of humanity. Get real, Tolec of Vulcan.

  20. Yep tried to listen to this twice now. It doesn’t piss me off the subject (reptilians etc) okay far fetched but it’s a theory and fun to think about. What does piss me off is that guys self aggrandisement. Its rich considering he offers nothing in the way of sourcing and rambles his way through the interview.

    Gregg you’re the BEST interviewer when you had good guest on. In cases like these where the guys truly a nut job i think I’d prefer to hear you challenge them a little rather than let it go on. At least then you could be the voice of the majority listening who are screaming into their phones saying “fuckkkk this dude” Howard Hughes on The Unexplained does a good job with this, he has the crackpots on, but at least pushes them which makes it more interesting

    As it stands I’ve got through 30 minutes, twice.

  21. Greg, thanks for being respectful to this guy. If you want to be respected by people who might think you’re a kook for being into fringe topics, then respecting those you don’t agree with is the place to start. Is this guy for real? Maybe, but probably not. I like to hear what’s out there and that’s why I listen to this show.

    Keep bringing in the weirdos.

  22. I rarely do this, a 2nd comment on a THC+ show but…Do you folks remember on the old psychic web sites and “after midnight” infomercials where at the bottom of the screen, the producers would put a disclaimer…”For Entertainment Purposes Only”. All the while, Sister Cleo or Mama Zelda or who-the-fuck ever would be selling their asses off to make believers. Well Greg, you found the “Sister Cleo” of ufology. “For Entertainment Purposes Only”???

  23. There are many histories involving Reptilian, Draco, Annunaki etc, through many schools of Mystery and thought.
    DNA upgrades are the buzzwords of our times, allowing ascension of lightbody and physicality through Stargates.
    There is no doubt in my mind that “Channelers” have influenced the Times since before formal written records.
    It seems NDE’s take the place of Sacred Geometry Encodings.
    That these “walk in’s” occur, should get every Solomonic Magi’s bells ringing. That so many are amused by their stories, and that these changeovers of soul are always in communion with other benevolent seeming beings, should also be an indication of just how thin the veil of seperation between D’s is.
    The more I listen, the less distinction I can find between the Demonic and Angelic beings, neither of which I’m convinced are “human” beneficial. In my opinion the most worrying pieces are the establishment of yet another hierarchy over Earth and her beings (though I know you don’t mind hierarchy Greg, they bug the shit out of me) also these other beings admitted inability to feel emotion and taking it for granted that we would like to be like them, but they are so much more advanced and would just like to study and “ride” us for a while.
    It’s as if they are attempting to steal a line from our song.
    Thank you for interviewing Tolec, not my cup of tea, but it pays to be up in the way different tribes are forming associations.

  24. Wow, a lot of skeptics in here… I mean flat out calling the dude a weirdo. Isn’t this the place for progressive thinking????? I thought the whole interview was compelling and well spoken by Tolec. I found the interview Greg sited on YouTube – I highly recommend listening to the Deep Disclosure series. It’s blowing my mind!

    It’s unfortunate that the truth is stranger than fiction. Probably one of the most difficult things for most of us to ever come to terms with (without thinking themselves insane) is that the monsters are real. We’ve made too many movies about them for this to ever be taken seriously…and it will push us further from the truth. But I also think a global awakening is inevitable and it’s happening gradually. I’m hopeful from this. Thank you 🙂

  25. My first show as a plus member — worth the 3 months’ subscription on its own. Love it! Thanks, Greg & Tolec
    For all of you who think there’s a single right answer that must be proven and verified otherwise it’s conspiritard — this ain’t math class at school. Universe is a little more complicated and broad-theme-based than that. If you can’t prove it isn’t possible, by the same standards you demand of others, that some of this is true, then take your cynicism and shove it. You’re more interested in looking cool and afraid of being wrong than you are interested in exploring the possibilities.

  26. I’ve tried twice to listen right to the end and you know I might get through it.
    I dunno, just found it all cliche’d, to hell, there wasn’t a new age catch phrase that wasn’t poorly dropped into that story???.
    And who calls something that is still happening or did really happen to them a story???? hmmm
    I kept getting turned off by all the name dropping and referring to Trump being a “different kind of President” that just screams agenda to me. Seems like there is a push to steer all new agers this way.

    What I would have found interesting would have been to hear a believable account of his “work” off planet.
    Did he get paid?? who did he work for??
    It was all to vague and there were way to many etc. and etc. and so on’s and so on’s for me.
    I just didn’t find him believable and I normally can’t get enough of this kinda thing.

    1. Off planet work is only paid if it’s FedGov or some shit, like Mars Patrol or maybe Mars Colony.

      Money is an Earth thing, which is why Earth is a prison planet.

      Money is a time-based resource. They’re interlocked, money and linear time.

  27. I for one resubscribed to hear THIS episode.

    Hear me now believe me later.

    Tolec said the Reps are on their last stand here, that there would be a false flag to make it seem they are the saviours and that they’ll appear as Tall Whites.

    *I* have been saying that most of the crap blamed on Reps is really Tall Whites stirring the pot and shifting the blame. Reps like the reputation. People don’t fight back or ask a lot of stupid questions of Reps because they’re thought to be savages.

    Anyway, food for thought.

    I know Taka.
    I don’t remember him very well, but a few things Tolec said bumped some neurons. Journaling now.

  28. Ohhh guys!!!!! Im listening to this thirdx (july 17 2018) and Tolec was right!!!!! He said that a space somethg was going to b announced soon and Pres Trump just told us about his space program…Tolec just rings true in my heart even b4 any confirmations! Thank u!!!

  29. Hi Everyone. First of all I love the show Greg. Secondly, and this is not so much of a ‘but’, it’s more of a ‘Given what has just been said, how are we to interpret this?’ and then I will go on to what I mean – which please take in the right way, not as criticism, more of a question.

    I have just listened to this episode with Tolec and at 26:06 he talks about having listened to David Icke (DI) give a talk in the Spring of 1994 in Tucson, Arizona (if I have the correct context? – I do not live in the USA and I am not an US Citizen) about reptiles. As far as I know DI only started talking about reptiles in his book ‘The Biggest Secret’ which came out in 1999. I am also very interested in the work of DI so I pay attention to these things.

    Tolec later goes on to say at 1:07:39 that he has “great attention to detail” and so I am questioning how he could say that DI spoke about reptiles in 1994 when the information was only released in 1999? If this is wrong, then what else is wrong? In this scenario (life on earth and the battle for human souls) I would myself prefer to be wrong. If I am, then would someone please let me know, and why. Thank you.
    Best wishes to all !

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