Michael Tellinger Interview on The Anunnaki and Enslavement Ancient Aliens on The Higherside Chats Podcast

THC 62: Michael Tellinger | The Anunnaki, Ancient Sound Technology, & The Long History Of Monetary Enslavement

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In this weel’s podcast interview we have, Michael Tellinger, author, scientist, explorer, has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. He stops by THC to talk about the conspiracy that human have been engineered as a slave race, the monetary system of control conspiracy, and how we can break free from it by adopting to a model used by tribes in Africa called UBUNTU.

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  1. Unfortunately michaels explanation of how to move to ubunutu communities sounds exactly like how we got into this mess in the first place. A council of wise elders in charge of the communities wealth? Trading with other communities that don’t produce the the goods you do? The only way for a money less society to work is to eliminate trade and teach each individual To be completely self sufficient to the extreme. Sparta is a good example of a moneyless non-material focused society and they never invented free energy machines.

  2. NuRe: moneyless society…

    There are always finite/limited " things.

    There is only so much waterfront property on Hawaii.

    Who gets it?


    There are only so many seats available at the Super Bowl. 

    What about original works of art, or extremely unique talents/abilities.

    Maybe there are thousands of people who want a house built in the style of a gothic cathedral, but there is only one person or team of people who can perform that feat,  and it takes several year to accomplish?

    Who is first in line for his/her services?

    The obvious answer to these questions, is some sort of lottery system…which doesnt seem like it would satisfy people…especially those who are talented enough to feel they have "earned" more than they are receiving.

    I love the idea of necessary goods being available freely for all…its just the unnecessary goods issue (of which there would be many, especially if people are free to follow their bliss rather than work 40 hours/week) that throws a monkey wrench into things

  3. I disagree about your no money concept. It will create freeloaders. allow me to be the 1st one. I'd like to join your utopia. I've got no skills that I think I can apply to your society, but I would still like room and board. Will you feed and house me for nothing? 

    I don't think we need a world without money. We need a world without government.
    Wow. As I'm listening, I hear Micheal say, "we need to stop using government money and start using our own alternative currencies." So you've totally just shot your own no money argument in the foot. We agree, having some unit to transact in is a good thing? 

    dude, no  the longer I listen, You're just creating better capitalism is all. Work among yourselves and cooperate, and then "SELL" your excess to the neighboring community for a better price than those greedy capitalists were already providing themselves? That's capitalism bro. 

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