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Conspiracy abounds today on the podcast, as Mike Bara joins THC to discuss the moon and the strange structures and ancient alien ruins NASA seems to be airbrushing out; as well as other topics from his book “Ancient Aliens on the Moon”

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  1. At about 15:00 Mike states that Mars has “a really elliptical orbit”. Not true. The eccentricity is only 0.09. Put another way, Mars’ aphelion is only 20% greater than its perihelion. Mike has been told this but apparently he does not believe it. It’s a documented FACT.

  2. At about 40:00 Mike says that the belt stars of Orion were at 33° as Apollo 16 landed. I checked using the Stellarium software, and that’s not true. The whole of Orion was below the horizon from the point of view of the landing site. Mike is mistaken.

  3. At about 23:30 Mike states that lunar glass is twice as strong as steel. This is definitively NOT TRUE. In his book, Bara cites a paper by Rowley and Neudecker in support of this pseudo-fact. But Rowley and Neudecker do not discuss the question in their paper at all. A paper by J.D. Blacic in the same journal does give figures for lunar glass, but Blacic DOES NOT state that lunar glass is 2x steel.

    Here are Blacic’s actual figures for the Young’s Modulus of structural materials:
    lunar glass: 100 GPa, cf. alloy steel 224 GPa, terrestrial glass 68 GPa.

    Both papers are online, so anyone can verify what I have written here.

  4. Hello, TheCarlwood. As somebody who, as a young man, was highly thrilled by the brilliant Apollo program, I can’t help regretting that swashbuckling has not been much of a feature of NASA since then. At one time I was very much in favor of a permanently manned Moonbase. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Augustine Commission was right, and President Obama was right, to nix that for this generation. I rather like Buzz Aldrin’s plan for a Phobos expedition.

    Is that the “moon situation” you meant?

  5. FYI here is a video in which Mike Bara shows how to fake up the “Data’s Head” rock to make the red stripe appear. Notice that in order to achieve this he has to do two operations, both of which are basically photo-vandalism. First, he white-balances an image in which there is NO WHITE. Second, he cranks color saturation all the way to the max. Even then, he has to admit that he doesn’t know exactly how Richard Hoagland achieved the “shiny red” effect. This is all very, very unconvincing.

  6. Mike also wrote that light from the sun can penetrate our deepest oceans before being reflected back into space from the ocean floor. This is demonstrably false. Mike should stop pretending to be an engineer, and stick to peddling pseudoscience with the likes of David Wilcock and Richard C. Hoagland. A veritable trio of opportunists.


  7. “Star Wars” or other wars, No thanks. The evil Empire: religion, armies, monarchies and politicians…are the causers of all wars, while monarchs, politicians and of all religions pontifex in their golden palaces were eating partridges…

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