Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

Doug Hawes gives THC the scoop on the claims of Jeff Turner in regards to Tuesday Weld’s role as Illuminati High-Priestess, the secret government time-op “Project Kronos”, and a few other topics, before discussing some of the lore surrounding ancient buried technologies and treasures. This also marks the first time my good friend Jake Bender, drops in to co-host. Boom.

You can write Douglas Hawes or Jeff Turner, old school, at:

c/o Secret History

PO Box 1251

San Jose, CA 95108-1251

Hand printed, hard copies of Doug’s various works are available.

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One response to “THC 44: Douglas Hawes | The Jeff Turner Diaries, Tuesday Weld’s Illuminati, & Buried Mysteries”

  1. WOW!! What a dumb hippy. ” I don’t think we deserve rights because some old people wrote it down a couple hundred years ago”. Then this hippies excuse was “because we go to work everyday and man a cash register and that’s why the human race is pathetic”. Hey Carlwood, you hitting the dumbass strain of chronic? Your solution is Zietgeist? You wanna give up your right to free speech to? I was a fan of your chats and then I hear some backwards shit like that. Libertarians like Ron Paul are too over the top for you?? Maybe you should do a little research and find out who’s on your side. At 30 something years old you say you don’t need rights. Wow, just wow!! I’ve been smoking weed for 20 years and I have never seen anyone smoke themselves stupid. You done smoked yourself tarted Carlwood. No mo support for this channel. I thought ole boy was about freedom. 

    The Constitution & The Bill of Rights ROCKS and thanks to the brave Men of the Revolution for kicking those stinking Redcoat British SCUM out of this great Republic.

    Maybe a king decree powers would make you Happy Carlwood!!
    Thanks for your past chats. I very much enjoyed them and I wish I hadn’t come across this chat with those anti- Constitution Comments but I did. I will take my donations elsewhere and I hope your figure out who the good guys are.

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