Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

CSU Mathematics Professor, Jim Stein, joins Greg Carlwood and occasional co-host Kyle Prindiville, to discuss owning a lion, his new book: The Paranormal Equation, and the scientific approach to the supernatural, paranormal, and psychic phenomena. Boom.

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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One response to “THC 42: Professor Jim Stein | The Paranormal Equation”

  1. I really enjoyed Dr. Stein’s conversation. Not only did his expertise provide interesting historical tales, but they were woven in lay terms into a beautiful philosophical worldview.

    My comment, however, actually deals with the conversation that took place before introducing the guest. The conversation regarding Sandy Hook. Particularly, the conjecture that “they’re” getting sloppy, and the Sandy Hook anomalies and possible symbolism is, so over the top that a hoax seems evident. I would agree with that statement, though I warn to proceed with caution regarding the motives.

    I followed this story, from the beginning, as I had a day off that day and caught the initial reports on CNN and watched the remainder of that day. In addition, my job has a significant amount of downtime where I am paid to wait, so I spend about three hours a day playing on the web. A number of these days have been devoted to Sandy Hook. I haven’t done any research, rather I have reviewed a large amount of the research available, along with the disinformation and ludicrous claims. It is difficult to find the crack in the seams where the truth hides.

    Many of the claims are easily debunked with a google search bar. And, as fate would have it, Dr. Stein spoke of unknowable facts, which there are a number of anomalies, under that heading. Example: the laughing father, Robbie Parker has something weird going on with him. That doesn’t mean anything else. It cannot be added to a list of other oddities, whose sum total equals conspiracy. That could be true, but not necessarily if one wishes to remain logically accurate in their argument. Possible answers: dude is stressed and awkward, resulting in weirdness… maybe, maybe not, longshot? Stranger things have happened. Dude is an actor portraying Robbie Parker, or even the idea of Robbie Parker, because the media needed fed, but the idea of harassing real family members in the wake of this horrendous event was considered crass. Fucked up? Yes. Validation for the “truthers?” Yes. Not the battle anyone wants to win. And this alludes to the message of caution I am attempting to roll out. If the public finds out that the “truthers” have harassed a small town of grief-stricken people only to uncover the hoax was merely to protect the innocent. They would be wrong in coming to the following conclusion, but make it nonetheless: the government was only looking out for us and the media needs to quit running princess Diana into concrete walls. Or farther the rabbit hole, who the hell does a press conference so soon after the death of their child? Pushing through reporters to go inside and have a nervous breakdown? Yes. Do a press conference? Maybe next year. So maybe this guy is a sick fuck, whose daughter happened to die, and he wanted his fifteen. Unlikely, all of these, and an infinite more of explanations just as so, nevertheless unknowable facts.

    Having said this, coupled with the chain of conundrums laying all over the state of Connecticut, it is ever the more unlikely that this whole Sandy Hook Hoax speculation can be dissected and dismissed piece by piece. But not impossible. And here is where it can be scary to pursue such thoughts.

    I think with the evidence in front of us, we can come to two statements that could possibly be that crack in the mortar, where the light of truth shines through. 1) Sandy Hook was in some degree hoaxed for added sensationalism to achieve political goals, think gun control, AND/ OR 2) Sandy Hook happened as reported, but intentionally made to appear as if a hoax had taken place regarding the events. The second is far more scary.

    It is all too neat to be for disarmament alone. If these claims continue to be debunked item by item, if the man in the woods was there to add suspiscion, if the same black and red dress was worn by both Parker daughters, if they found the weirdest people in an already weird town and threw them on television to look weird, if they hired actors behind the “misguided good intention” of sparing emotions, if they, in short, designed it to look like a conspiracy, then why? And this could very likely be the case.

    Gun control? They let corporations rape the Earth and poison the food and water and air. They start wars for natural resources. They publish the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission. They print the money and decide its worth, for Christsake! And they give a damn if Jim-Bob has a machine gun? They could starve him and tax his dick into the dirt. They are giving guns away all over the world on the black market and we are worried they are coming for our guns? Maybe they are. It seems unlikely.

    I think they have got sloppy. I think they were sloppy when they showed us Kennedy’s brains on the trunk, while telling us he was shot from behind. I think they were sloppy when they showed us three towers pancake and said fires did it. I think the people are waking up, albeit slow, to the shitshow that has become recorded history. So, Attack Zone #1: Sandy Hook, might not be about guns, but speech.

    You see, as the half truths and disinformation are being crudely deciphered by hobby researchers and reporters, and plastered all over the web and particularly social networking sites, the media is back burnering the human suffering caused by these outlandish claims. They’re already reporting threats on some of the actors/ weirdos from Newtown. Laws have surfaced to discourage conspiracy theories. They don’t care about guns. They care about the free exchange of ideas and they will use the victims of Newtown to achieve this, if possible. We could have been set up to hang ourselves. Now that seems more like the dark motives of a ruling class trying to distract from some of their more sloppy work in recent years.

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