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Peter Allen | Mastodon Valley Farm, Permaculture, & The Wilderness Myth

Topics Covered: Health, Permaculture, Solutions

Show Notes

Proud Plus Member, land management magi, and permaculture preacher Peter Allen joins THC to talk about his mission to restore functional and productive oak savanna ecosystems. He also talks to us about the pre-Colonial American landscape, engineering abundance, and his own journey towards sustainability by starting Mastodon Valley Farm.

At Mastodon Valley Farm:

They manage like mastodons, plant trees by the thousands, graze herds of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and poultry in mobs around lush valley pastures, ridgetop savannas, and wooded hillsides, just like their Pleistocene cousins would have 10,000 years ago.Sign up for their Meat CSA and get a bundle of their delicious, nutrient-dense meats delivered right to your door – now available Nationwide.Their animals help restore diversity, build soil, and sequester carbon, and provide them with the most delicious, beyond grass fed meats.They offer courses and consulting services, helping people effectively design and manage profitable regenerative agro-ecosystems.

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