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Natalia L. Forty | Decolonizing Puerto Rico, Caribbean Spiritualism, & Tarot

Show Notes

Natalia Forty joins us today from her home in Puerto Rico. Natalia is a writer, a reader, and a cartomancer who’s work can be found on her website Mist & Ether. She talks about her passion for narrative, poetry, spirit, & finding your own place and purpose within your environment.

Natalia’s website:

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This will be an interesting show to listen to given my path as a Divinitive Deck creator & having Taino Heritage. I even just did a whole video wood burning a Taino inspired box on my channel, so talk about that synchronicity at it’s finest!


As difficult as I think some who live outside the US and perhaps even some who do, as I listen to how the guest feels about colonization and not knowing where or who one truly is, I think many Americans born and raised feel this same thing. Our Ancestors all came from different Countries, leaving behind lifetimes of Culture and Heritage in the process. Yes, American’s can identify with being ‘American’, but deep down there seems to feel as though there’s some disconnect. Most American’s, unless they are Native American’s, do not truly have a connection with the land they stand on. I think this may have something to do with American People feeling so disconnected from Nature and Reality and what seems to be so easily manipulated and controlled. I don’t know, and I am not comparing what other Counties and People have had to experience and live at the hands of US foreign policy. I’m kind of just ‘thinking out loud’. Thanks and interested to hear the rest of the interview!! Greg did mention this right after I wrote this!


Exactly what I was going to say! Thank you for stating it so eloquently. “Western” culture is purposefully empty. The European tribes were being colonized starting with 1 A.D. I read somewhere that there are no “native” people of the Caribbean that exist anymore because they were all genocided hundreds of years ago. Just to clarify, it was ROME that took over “Puerto Rico” via the District of Columbia. . . . D.C. is on the of the three Vatican City States and Puerto Rico will never be one of “the United States of America” because the United States is now under Executive control via the Vatican with all Congressional Powers held in abeyance until the “State of Emergency” has been repealed (which will never happen). Puerto Rico is where the off-shore foreign trust operates from that runs “The United States” from D.C.


Excellent as usual, Mr. Greg. Much love and blessings to us all. ????????????


You know, I think this was a great show, like that thing I was expecting but can’t find a word. Like, you know, I thought I can convey it better. But, my feelings, you know, about this one are great. You know?!

Like, my thought is here, but now it’s there. And I didn’t prepare to write, you know, this comment. So next time, maybe, you know, I will write some bullet points and prepare a bit more. You know, if I was an up coming comment writer, and I had the opportunity be interviewed about my comment writing, then I’ll prepare. Because it will reflect very poorly on me and the host who gave me the opportunity to talk about my comment writing!

You know?


I blame companies like Gramerly, who make individuals seem intelligent on the surface. This is only a preview of how dangerous machine learning and AI can be in negatively impacting society.

People can easily be deceived when reading an article someone wrote, only to find out it was written by someone else. Or worse, have been produced using AI/ML software. This makes it difficult to conjure in the reader’s mind the true sentiment being conveyed by the writer. Because there is no personality attached to the writing whatsoever. It’s tasteless and sounds artificial!


Ya Know?, this was the first episode, yea/no?, that I only made it 40 min. into before, ya know, I had to stop listening. Ya, know?


I literally came to the comment section to see if anyone else felt like I did: aggravated, impatient and disappointed. I feel this way because I had to force myself to listen for 22 min and then could do so no longer. I intend to go back, if I can find the strength and perseverance, because the subject should be interesting and seems important; and of most people, her perspective and knowledge is likely at the forefront of what anyone else has to offer. But omg, delivery matters.
It is (and was for those few minutes) painful for me to listen to someone who seems to struggle to put together a coherent thought or sentence every time it’s their turn to speak.
I really don’t want to be insulting, but if one is to be interviewed, especially as an “expert”, they have to step up their game and be READY with their thoughts, positions, and facts. Even if listeners don’t lose confidence in that individual’s expertise, they will lose patience in waiting to hear what they ultimately have to say.


Greg, are you running out of people to interview? Because the last series of podcasts you released were fantastic and some extremely well done! What happened?


As Terrence McKenna once said “culture is not your friend”. Today the culture encourages you – a person who has never oppressed another, whose ancestors were themselves of a serf class, to take on the burden of shame and guilt as though you are in some way responsible for the crimes of Empire. That as a “Westerner” (whatever the fuck that means) you must “De-Colonise” your mind! You see how awful the language is? How poorly it sits on the tongue? Forget that the history of humanity is a flow of populations, that all peoples migrated at some stage of the past. No, only you “Westerner” have no attachment to land, only you are responsible for the degradation of peoples – forget that you are oppressed by the same system, that you have no agency in the machinations of the machinery of Empire. You’re responsible for people littering in Puerto Rico for fuck’s sake! Didn’t you know? We will get nowhere until we free ourselves from the guilt of crimes we did not commit, take responsibility for our own condition and rediscover the beauty of language instead of these mangled, politically loaded jingoisms.

Alejandro McCommas

Good message, atrocious delivery.

Next time Greg.


I haven’t logged into the site in a while, but I made sure to do it just to rate this episode. I think it’s one of the best and most fun ones you’ve done recently. I definitely appreciate the different point of view she brought to the show. Keep up the great work. Greg!


“you know” whenever I hear people explaining spiritualist practices I’m left wanting. I then remember how unhappy the American people were when they found out Ronnie and Nancy Regan were making decisions based on her personal astrologer! Why is it we are happy to suspend disbelief when it’s just about us, but we feel uncomfotable if someone is deciding things for all of us based on these kind of ideas? Interesting that scientology “is all about you”…btw did you know Ronnie Regan had the largest collection of occult literature in private hands, while in office!!


Another great episode man! Glad to be plus again. The second hour is always entirely worth it. I’d love it if you’d have on more guests talking tarot sometime. Look into Camelia Elias! I think you guys could have a great discussion. Gordon did an episode with her and it also ties in with your idea of wanting more foreign guests given she grew up in Romania. Been wanting to hear more from her and you’d be perfect


He just posted a new episode with her after I commented this and it tripped me out pretty hard lol


I thought this was a great episode. I like hearing from someone who doesn’t do interviews often. And I really appreciate hearing a little bit about Puerto Rico in the wake of hurricanes and political change. You don’t hear much about it and you NEVER hear about what it’s actually like on the ground level. Puerto Rico is ripe for conspiracy speculation too!
I only wish you’d asked about one more topic and that’s the recent dna study done in Puerto Rico. The traditional story is that Puerto Ricans are about 80% Castilian and practically no native and the Tainos were wiped out. Turns out the Castilian elites were always a slim slice of the population and Puerto Ricans are actually more like 80% Native! Not only does that tie into her thoughts on connection to the land, it sheds a little light on the background of spiritus, and that study was released just before the hurricane hit and suddenly The US gov doesn’t want to assist hurricane victims? Haiti isn’t US and we helped them but not Puerto Rico?! Whether you believe in weather manipulation by the elites or you just realize racism is alive and well, there’s definitely some threads to pull on here…


We are “Latinos” here… but we have almost all other ethnicity. Even the biggest Japanese population, outside Japan. But there are regions with peculiar characteristics and _all have_ at least a bit of Europeans plus Africans plus Natives. And the “connection to the land” is blatantly evident for all intents and purposes.
So that Puerto Rico example is a tinny spec of content in the vast ocean of the Americas.
Anyhow, nice to watch guest with an amateur speech for a change…


I have tried 4 times to listen to this interview…what a snowflake…ya know (?) (every other word)….like listening to a high school report … com’on man …


Words and talking style, painful.

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