Francine Kelly on The Higherside Chats MK Ultra Interview

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After searching for information on MK Ultra in the wake of the seemingly staged Aurora, CO shooting, I received a strange e-mail from a self described MK Ultra mind control victim, CIA asset, and reptilian agenda whistle blower, Francine Kelly claming that she had information that she must get out publicly.  This was our conversation.

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  1. Deep diving the archives. Not sure what to make of this one. If you read this Greg, have your experiences interviewing so many people led you to believe there’s any reality to the reptilian aspect? Or is this a projection of our dark nature that we’re still processing on a collective level? 
    In 2020, many things said seem more poignant than ever. Could we be setting ourselves up for a “mud flood” by uncovering all these threads, as the Epstein case seems poised to expose so many in positions of power and fame. 

  2. I randomly selected page 36 and hit this episode without prejudging but from the vantage point of the futre- 2021 harking back to 2012?, most of what Francine was telling us seems to be our current reality. Re: genocide attempt ramping  up with the trojan horse plandemic, killer toxic vaccine & the biggest killer of all, 5G and all the Gs really.

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