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Gordon White | Mutual Flourishing In 2020, Conspiracy Yoga, & The Timeline

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You know him, you love him. The great Gordon Magic-makin White of RuneSoup returns to THC for the 11th time to discuss keeping our boats afloat amidst the rockiness that is our times, stretching out our conspiratorial ideas, & how the models of Empire are sometimes harder to get past than one might expect.

Get more Gordon @ and find him on Twitter @Gordon_White.

PLUS Content

-What does Gordon think is history’s “greatest lie agreed upon?” -Medical conspiracies in deeper history. -Herbology, poisons, & witchcraft. -Breaking down Greg’s magical failings of 2019. -Post-death spirt traps and the moon. -The 72 most RuneSoup movies of the decade. -Gordon’s pick for the conspiracist’s hopeful moment of 2019.
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