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Gordon White | Mutual Flourishing In 2020, Conspiracy Yoga, & The Timeline

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You know him, you love him. The great Gordon Magic-makin White of RuneSoup returns to THC for the 11th time to discuss keeping our boats afloat amidst the rockiness that is our times, stretching out our conspiratorial ideas, & how the models of Empire are sometimes harder to get past than one might expect.

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-What does Gordon think is history’s “greatest lie agreed upon?” -Medical conspiracies in deeper history. -Herbology, poisons, & witchcraft. -Breaking down Greg’s magical failings of 2019. -Post-death spirt traps and the moon. -The 72 most RuneSoup movies of the decade. -Gordon’s pick for the conspiracist’s hopeful moment of 2019.

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  1. The crimes of colonialism are not exclusive to European expansionism. Every continent has seen it, every people have practiced it. It’s absurd to suggest that only white people carry the burden of guilt when a cursory look at history (and current events) will show just how pervasive it is and how cruel every group is capable of being. When acknowledging the terrible atrocity it is to force a people from their land, to disenfranchise them from their connection to place and culture it would do well to remember this and recognise the true scale of it.

  2. A claim was made towards the beginning of the interview that “false flag activists” were responsible for at least some of the fires. Is there some proof for that or was that just an assumption? If it was simply an assumption — then okay, this is a conspiracy show — but I can then discount any such claims (until proven otherwise). My question is, are there any sources — sources NOT coming from people that think Climate Change some global hoax or conspiracy to control us — that back up such a claim? Inquiring minds want to know. Note: I have a pretty high bar when it comes to sourcing and proof, so Max Igan or Sarah Westall videos (etc) and most YouTube researchers will likely not be cutting the mustard (though if someone has dynamite proof, I will take look).

    1. I have seen many reports over the past few weeks that arson arrests have been made over the bushfires, but I have also seen the numbers fluctuate, and some of the reports and videos now seem to have been removed, so who knows for sure.

  3. Delightful. Gordon is as interesting as ever. I also love his breezy style — even when the themes are grave, the presentation is as of superior amusements. Best episode so far this year! 😉

  4. Are the dead also coming back in Europe where in WW1 where estimates range from 20.5 to 22 million deaths and about 20 to 22 million wounded military personnel, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history. Or from WW2 where it’s estimated that 50–56 million people died, while there were an additional estimated 19 to 28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine. Civilian deaths totaled 50-55 million. What about the all the dead from the various communist revolution’s in the 20th century, approximately 148 million. Or do those dead just stay quite because they aren’t aboriginals. This is where I don’t buy all this stuff from Gordon, he’s very selective with his dead and human atrocities. This dead will on start coming back is if you guilt them back. What about he massacres during Roman times, Greek times, Persian times, Mongolians, Chinese, Mayans, Aztecs etc. Did those dead rise up? If he chooses to feel guilty for something he didn’t do, that is his choice. I don’t feel guilty for the sins of my fathers because if you look at history all fathers are guilty. Self haters are dangerous people.

    1. I don’t think Gordon is saying anything about self-hate — quite the opposite. He is emphasizing that we give honor to our ancestors. He is also emphasizing that other people’s ancestors are tied to the land that we (the progeny of colonizers, assuming you fit that category) now inhabit. These ancestors are many and have not been given the recognition and compassion that they deserve. It is about extending love, not internalizing self-hate. It is about working through the collective shadow of genocide so that we can all heal and mature together. This land needs that. It is about recognizing a larger self beyond the individual — a larger self that includes humans, animals, plants, forests, rivers, the ecosystem of spirits, ancestors, etc.

    2. I was at my auties funeral a few weeks ago, and on the way to the church I was hit with a wave of emotion thinking about my mother (she was buried at the same chruch about 20 yrs previously). I wondered if it was her spirit making contact. Once the moment had passed I thought hang on a minute, has my mothers spirit been hanging around this churchyard for the last 20yrs waiting for us to turn up here again, or was it just the fact I was sitting in the front seat of a hearse staring at my aunties coffin in the back of the car in front, and my cousins sitting behind me in a heightened state of emotion? Was it really my mum or had the whole ceremony and environment got the better of me. I concluded the latter, and hoped if indeed there is life after death she would have been re-incarnated into someone/something else by now 🙂

    3. What I got from Gordon’s comments on that topic was that if we do not acknowledge our history, we become disconnected from it, and will be doomed to repeat its mistakes. Like somehow “we” are not the same humanity as “our ancestors”
      Maybe that’s an oversimplification.
      And yes, I do think the “spirits” of those killed in the world wars are still affecting us today, because we are still repeating the same patterns of behavior. Many of the root causes of those conflicts are still not known or acknowledged by the public at large, and so obviously we have not learned all we can from them.
      Time for sorry business at large.

  5. This cover pics got me thinking… maybe the shaved heads of Buddhism is to look more like a Grey alien? Excited for another ride with Gordon and the Carlwood!

  6. Much appreciated episode !
    But: That term “first nations” to refer to the native north Americans (“red skins”) must be corrected…
    This was shown here in the past (forgot the author’s name) that “white” peoples were living for quite some time in America before the times when the “red skins” do appear in the archeological records. So it is plausible to conclude that genocide episodes are the rule not the exception in this planet…

  7. Great episode, just finished my third listen. I find these episodes very much in line with the work I’m doing within my community.
    Being a First Nations I come from the perspective the spiritual and magic is real and the cities/media are the fake part.
    Great episode

  8. Magic etc not really my topic. Hidden science, health is (so I’m loving the current show trend) that being said Gordan had me hooked! My paradigm is changing and I feel like I should learn more in this area. I really really enjoyed it 😁

  9. I don’t believe a word of spiritual and astrological stuff he spoke about but damn it was a great show anyways! Great show Greg! Keep it the fuck up, and I love the attitude you have adopted here recently!

  10. I took a few days to think about this interview after hearing it. I am a white man, living just outside the one percent. I’ve never been on Facebook or Instagram, and never downloaded an app to my phone. I live mostly outside of the social and political structures and have a lawyer take care of all my financial obligations. (And yes, if he wanted, he could take most of my financial holdings without me knowing it.) I have been a part of the Conspiracy World since I learned about Kennedy’s assignation when I was a child. When I watched the Twin Towers collapse, live on television, I knew in my soul that it was a controlled demolition. I joined THC to hear the full Eric Dubay interview when it dropped. I’ve always kept an open mind to new information.

    I feel the need to say I am frustrated by how so many – seemingly all white men – in the conspiracy world are flippant about Trump and his behavior.

    To say that Trump is a result of Democrats not being able to field a winnable candidate is a bit ridiculous. Isn’t it Conspiracy Theory doctrine that the Clintons are front and center within the evil controlling Matrix? If you want to throw out every bit of information that says Trump pulled an inside straight and scored an improbable Electoral College victory, so be it, but where is the evidence that didn’t happen? And, if the election was always rigged, which could be inferred by HRC’s election-night comment, “They were never going to let me win”, Trump was assured a victory no matter who the Democrat was – even a 2nd Coming of Christ. But, looking at Trump’s face on Election night after the victory, it sure didn’t look like he was in on the fix; he looked more scared than his little boy. Anyway, it is all a bit of a horror show, enough about politics.

    What I find most upsetting about the Orange Man is his desecration of the better parts of our humanity: qualities like thoughtfulness, respect, courtesy, and listening to different people with different opinions. Trump is a one-Man show of anger and hostility, greed and stupidity, surrounded by fools who support, validate and echo his indecency. Clearly, his behavior is being emulated, and not just on the political right. People on the political left have become more careless with their expressions, more likely to speak lies and hostilities just to score a point. And what do children think when they see the President gleefully lying and being unkind – is that a role model for their success?

    If you set aside all of the behind-the-scenes machinations that are happening in the realms of politics, the economy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, religious and educational institutions, along with all the bad men (and women?) that are pulling the strings, you still have Trump modeling hostility and stupidity on a daily basis. How can that not harm humanity on a daily basis?

    I see the chem-trails in the sky when they happen. I believe that HIV was created in a laboratory and that most – if not all – vaccines are poison. And in current news: let the quarantines begin! I know the World – this reality – is a scary and dangerous place, and that Trump is just the tip of the iceberg. But, he’s a truly awful tip, not just carelessly destroying the fabric of society, but destroying the fabric of individual humanity.

    Zombies, Zombies, Zombies: in comic books, on television and at the movie theaters. Is that where humanity is headed? Trump certainly makes a great emcee for that circus. Personally, I’ll do my best to go in a different direction.

    It is said that every journey has to start with one step. I’ll probably just drive my BMW…. See you on the journey?

  11. Wow dude, I do not know why you have that guy on your show so often. His impressions of America -despite his ragging on teevee-come from teevee. He has an arrogance about his predictions because he is so far away and they are so vague. His main predictions are such that any idiot could have made them based on currrent events and bonehead “wisdom”. I do astrology and I did not hear anything which gave a hint of him actually possessing astrological knowledge. Capricorn is slow and plodding but not nit picky. Nit pickyness is not the hallmark of Cap. Control, power, structure, ambition. Dotting i s and crossing t s is Virgo. He has no insight beyond the headlines. Get a better astrologer. Beijing my anus. The 90s weren’t easy street. That guy really sucks.

  12. Yet another great show.

    A question to Gordon White aficianados;
    Anyone recall a recent THC show where Gordon gives insight to migraines, his experiences, and, to the effect of … connection to the Zero Point Field?

    Anyone know if  there are any THC podcast transcriptions laying about?


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