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The Prophets of Independence-A Call to Action

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Hey, everyone-I have a “quick announcement”/call to action topic for you. I am currently creating a website that I have felt was important to the collective for a little over two years. I have not had the time to make this idea an actual reality, until now. I feel like it is now time to make it my main project but I am going to need much as it pains me to admit that. This will be an alternative news source/consciousness/healing platform where content that is usually scattered all over the internet can now be found in one place. My goal is to help raise universal consciousness with articles containing subject matter pertaining to anything from unbiased news and the goal of obtaining true sovereignty to things like metaphysical healing modalities and self sustaining community how tos. I want this to become a community of sorts for the OG’s and the rookies alike, who are on their journey of The Great Awakening. This will also turn into having a secondary website for the eventual following I hope to bring in where members will be able to connect with each other to discuss topics and ideas they find most important as well as being able to begin creating possible meet ups with people that could be in their area. Anyway, my point of mentioning all this is that I am only one person, and I am asking for anyone interested in donating content to the cause to please contact me. Whether it be your own essays on any subjects that are relevant to this platform or other sources that allow their content to be found on other sites-it doesn’t matter. I just want anything and everything. This is about taking all the research that we have all spent countless hours looking for, all over the internet, and making it all available on one platform. I believe that the easier the information is to find, the quicker we can hopefully wake others up. I actually have been saving my money and was able to hire a company to take on the task of building this website since it needs to be on such a large platform, I just haven’t had the time to teach myself how to put that all together. I even have them aware of avoiding censorship and the site will have plugins to make sure the site stays under the radar of those who would wish to silence the content. The site will be called Starseeds & Stripes with the domain name and the members who are actively involved will be referred to as The Prophets of Independence ✊ (a little ‘f’ you towards the elite and reference to the Revolutionary War) Anyway, I suppose that is it. Below I will list tons of subjects that I have been studying over the years but will never be able to write enough informative and solid content for just by myself. I would love to have anything donated to the cause-whether on the list or not-if anyone is interested in helping moving this Revolution process forward. You can reach me at my email , and I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Light,


Topics of Interest:

*Alternative News

-unbiased political agendas

-Systematic Injustice

-The school world order and the common core agenda

-Weather Weaponizing

-5G wellness/EMF

-Underground Earth and railway system

-The Bankster agenda

-Gematria I.e. sports and all things

-Hollywood and the Sex trafficking agendas and connections to celebrity “suicides”



-The Philadelphia experiments

-Yellow fever and the first plandemic

-Quarantine Camps

-Elite families

-The Science of Fear Mongering

-Exposing truths about what’s in our water

-The unconstitutional activities of the CDC/FDA/CIA/FBI etc.

-The Great Barrington Debate

-Digital consciousness

-Hypnosis/mind control


-Silenced doctors and scientists

-Big Pharma


-Media Mind Control

-Symbols and how they can be used as tools for both sides

-The control of agriculture I.e. livestock, seeds, etc.



-All things Covid and the lockdowns/conditioning tactics

*Consciousness Topics

-True sovereignty and healing together

-Intention Studies

-Alchemy practicality

-Plasma Energy

-Dimension travel and break downs

-All things holistic health

-The Annunaki Eagle/Serpent story line

-The Cosmic Ether

-The healing properties and possibilities of water

-Shadow work

-Numerology, I’ching, etc.

-Tesla’s 3,6,9

-Rick Simpson oil

-Paranormal portals

-Chakras (all things)

-Shamanic Journeys

-DMT, the Grandfather, tripping leading to awakenings and healing

-Sacred Geometry

-Mapping the mind using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

-Astral projection and 5D

-Dreams-prophetic, etc.

-Self Healing

-Biology of Belief

-Union of the self and higher self

-Human design


-Ancestors and generational curse breaking

-past lives-regressions, punishments, etc.

-Indigenous cultures/belief systems

-Lost worlds I.e. Atlantis, Lemuria, etc

-Ancient tech.


-Clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc.


-crystals and using crystal grids

-Fluoride and the penial gland agenda

-Law of attraction

*Healing Content

--Aura reading and healing

-Using symbols to heal

-Copper healing

-Pyramid energy Healing

-Soul recovery

-Moon rituals

-Food and health


-Plant Medicine

-Energy Healing I.e crystals, reiki, etc

-Shadow work, journaling prompts etc

-EFT/TFT tapping


-Cord cutting ceremony

-Healing the Divine masculine and Divine feminine internally and externally

-Generational curse breaking


-Vibrational frequencies/sound healing


-Inner Child healing

-Mental Health



*Self Sustaining Content

-Food storage and the impending food shortage


-Distilling and having own water sources

-Plant I.D

-Eco homes


*Essay topics

-9/11 and the use of free energy

-The holy trinity-mind, body and soul


-Skin Walker Ranch


-Cinema symbolism

-Cell towers


*Hidden History topics






*The Prophets of Independence

- Revolution awareness around the world

-Countries fighting back

-ICAN, vaccines, our right, lawsuits

-censorship and the law

-Big tech

-Medical field agenda/Big Pharma/Doctors are not healers, etc.

-Any and all things shining a light on injustices and how we can better protect ourselves

*Favorite content sources
-YouTube channels

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Helllllooooo gorgeous.

Me and you need to party. Wanna try to talk you out of your enemy focus...

What's your voice like? Don't answer that. Think about it. I'm gonna email you. Gonna take my time with it. Try to woo you. No songs, I promise.

James Fucking Bond.

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My voice has been compared to that of an angelic song bird...among other soothing -other worldly tones. And good luck wooing me-I can not be woo’ed, especially if your tactics are to NOT send me music.

As for talking me out of my enemy focus-I don’t believe I have an enemy unless we are talking about the difference between things that vibrate at either lower or higher vibrations. Our voices (especially mine), will be the medicine, after all. ✊

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My voice has been compared to that of an angelic song bird

I'll be the judge of that, sister.

And good luck wooing me-I can not be woo’ed,

(French accent with bowling pins crashing in the background)- "Entirely my fault."

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

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If gifs are allowed-I do not know how to do them...

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