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thegdolla wrote:
The recent Jay Dyer episode inspired me to go out and pick up his new book Esoteric Hollywood. Reading through it and having no one to talk to about the incredible ideas contained within inspired me further.

We should have a forum based THC book club. 6 books a year, one every two months. We can have a suggestion thread for the next book as we all read through and discuss the current one. The books don't necessarily have to be works of THC guests, though I imagine we'll end up with a few of those. Anything conspiratorial, wacky, weird, occult or esoteric would be fair game.

What does everyone think?

LOVE this idea, thank you!! I've been on a reading roll based on THC interviews and would love to discuss with others. I'm more in favor of getting together live to talk vs. writing & reading each others' reviews (though that's great too - but don't really have the inclination to write book reports, would prefer interaction in real time).

Posted : December 8, 2021 3:43 PM
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