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Journey to the center of self. A chronicle of sync.

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The following is me attempting a tame my train of thought and present my intimate experience with the universe.

The following took place between 4-22-15 until 7-22-15

Every quest begins with a trip I suppose. I had been researching shamanism and magik and wanted to make the act of tripping a more sacred experience. I filled the pot with water boiled it and brought it outside into the sun and sat with my wife across from each other holding hands and stared into each other’s eyes and said” I love you And I am grateful to all the mechanisms of the universe that have led to this point.” We then stirred the mushrooms in and took turns stirring the pot with intention on peace and harmony. The day was 4-22-16 Earth day

We sat by the fish pond where the “Fish Holocaust” happened a couple months prior. At some point She asked my favorite color and i replied “TRIANGLES” without missing a beat. In my mind I was going through the concept of duality becoming triality to an extent, I was imagining all duality having that 3rd point of balance. And the important of that balance I then added “Oh color, how about purple triangles”
So we talked about the universe and life and she was laying down on a cushion next to me . I looked into her eyes and saw one of the most beautiful things that lead to beautiful ideas.

A couple months before this moment our neighbor moved out and they tore down his house and all the trees in the yard except for one. This Large tree was now alone towering above us with a Blue clear sky. From the position we were lying I saw the reflection of the lone tree on my wife’s right eye It appeared to be planted in her pupil, similar to this picture but shifted 45 degrees ?zz=1

I thought about perspective being a key to the human experience and that we all have an individual perspectives so that we HAVE to share in order to “Get it”. Also of the eyedea of probability and every little thing that had to take place for me to experience this moment. If my neighbor hadn’t moved, had the house torn down, all the trees removed expect for one, if I had sat on the other cushion instead. So many things that if slightly different would not have yielded the perspective that made me think of particular ideas. Then of course the ultimate synchronicity is Life and the fact that consciousness can analyze all of these forces/elements/mechanisms

After that wonderful enlightening experience I had to go to work the next day, luckily it was for a sign spinning job. Buuut I prefer juggling to sign spinning so I would prop up the sign next to me and juggle next too it. I was hired by proxy so I didn’t know who the “Boss” was . A gentleman walked over to me and I took out my headphones. He yelled “ What are you doing”? I told him “Juggling” he said “I don’t pay you to flail bullshit around, pick up the sign and spin it!” That ticked me off, he didn’t even introduce himself or anything. So I spun the sign and went to my lunch break. So when I got back he wasn’t there, and it was the last day of my contract with them, so I said fuck it and fuck you buddy ima juggle.!

I was actually juggling on the street corner and a woman pulled over and asked if I could perform for her kids and others at a convention for kids with a rare disease. I didn't look at the card until I got back to my car to rest. The card had 5555 triangle parkway as the address., seeing that the day after having a revelation about triangles was a very potent feeling but I was still skeptical.

This was the moment i asked the universe to send me a sign. i went back out to juggle and noticed the Full moon in the full daytime. As i noticed the moon a Grey heron flew in front of it. This was the second time i had seen this bird in nature. The first time was during the fish holocaust at my house. We had a pond with koi and catfish in it. I opened the door to come outside one day and the Giant heron flew past the open garage door darkening the whole area. It was a profound sight. I walked over to the pond and saw the carnage. Fish guts and bones everywhere, just chaotically and haphazardly flown about. All the fish except for the huge catfish were killed. Later that year after winter and the ice on the pond went away there were little minnows swimming around! The fish must have laid eggs before dieing. The metaphors presented to me through this sync stuck with as if to say even if you feel like all is lost. Life finds a way. While I was juggling after i saw the heron and felt the universe swell within me a song came on. Headlights by Eminem. I grew up with Eminem and knew his story about how much he hated him mom and all that. I wept listening to Eminem say he was sorry too his mother and that he was grateful for her even with all her faults. I juggled and wept on a street corner while listening to Eminem after seeing a sacred (to me) animal that shifted my perspective on life forever.

When I got to work after this amazingly synchronistic weekend I saw my coworker chris’s calendar on his desk with a Circle around the April 22nd ( the day of the journey/trip) and in the center was simply a PURPLE TRIANGLE! I asked what the heck that was there for and he told me It represented a Delta Change of Shift for him as he was switching to night shift. Chris is the coworker and my wife is Christy who I happened to share the purple triangle experience with. Do you see the recursive fractal nature of this “Awakening experience” To be continued as it is difficult to explain this linearly, although I will try my best.

My research led me down a series of rabbit holes including Marty Leeds and his Number cypher The higher side chats is actually where I found his info. THC are the initials for my Grandfather Thomas H Conley. He passed away last august after a stroke.

My wife and I were a part of a theme camp for the Local Ga burn euphoria. And she wanted to create a quest for the folks to complete. So she found a riddle,

if 2+2= fish, 3+3= eight, 7+7= ? (triangle) The concepts of 2 7’s making a triangle.
In another sync I searched for 7 triangle on google and found the exact joke my wife used. Posted on THAT DAY 2 years prior. 6-5-15 was when I searched, it was posted 6-15-13

the next day on my way to work I turn on the radio as NPR says “Isis killed 27 people last night” as the clock goes from 7:26 to 7:27 with the word 27 spoken at the exact time of the time changing. I get to work and have a problem with server 27 at 9:27:27. I am shadowing Chris at work and he says write down 9:27 as we have to note when a repair was made. That night I get home and relax with the game The Witcher 3 and I noticed in the pause menu a stats button if you press the R trigger. Time played at that moment was 1 day 0 hours and 27 seconds.

As another aside, I joined THC (the higher side chats) with the name justman 5555 because of the First sync chain. I listed to Mike clellend talk about owls and synchronicity and in fact i wanted to listen to the 2nd hour as i had listed to the free podcast on stitcher. I noticed 55 stars or likes on the video and in my attempt to get to the middle, to skip the first hour i had already heard i clicked and it went too 55:55. I got home and of course heard an owl in the woods.

Posted : March 3, 2017 2:36 AM
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My best friend Juan wanted to take me to this Columbian restaurant in the area after I got off work I put the place in the GPS and it said it would be 23 miles 27 mins. After we ordered and sat at the table, I was telling him about the synchronicities and the riddle that Christy found. And as I was describing how two mirrored 7’s can make a Triangle and I noticed that moment that we had table#7 with a white plastic number 7 on the table. As there was a 7 written on both sides when the light shined through made the triangle. The interesting thing was since the light was behind Juan he could not see the triangle until he moved to my position further So I describe something that was in front of me and visible only to my perspective. When I left the restaurant I passed HERON Ave. thus linking back to that animal. Strengthening the idea of sync being a Individuals perspective.
That night im led to research 9-23 9-27 of 2016 Which in turn links directly to 911 which when analyzed the numbers and symbolism are rampant. In following other people’s rabbit holes I have found the elite believe in Number and ritual having a special power.

9-11-2001 is 923 I thought of the phrase eyes too see I’s 2 C 923 when it is 9:11 on a clock the hour is on the 9 and the minute hand is between 2 and 3 There have been many predictive programming before 911 detailing the attacks. I saw at least 30 or 40 923 references in movies and TV shows in 2015. Some even linking both the 911 and 923. The tool we seekers use in a majority of our research is WIKIpedia W-23-I-9-K- 11 I-9 so backwards is 911 923 odd, huh?

The following is a video live from ABC (123) during the event. Go to 10:45 in the video

As 9:01 clicks over too 9:02 there is a skip in the feed at exactly 11 mins (prolly nothing)

At 11:25 in the vid it changes cameras to a zoomed in 1st tower. 11:37 cameras swap again 11:40 pans to frame the towers in the middle 11 seconds after the camera positioned itself to be able to see the plane coming in from the right. And you see the explosion as 9:02 to 9:03 9 23 yet again.

and there was a big push from folks online talking about the Day of Atonement tetradic blood moons and the movements of various VIP’s to Antarctica and other strange correlations

So what does the heron represent?

Which led me too

An Egyptian deity akin to the Phoenix Representing rebirth. If you remember my interaction with this animal had to do with the Destruction of all life in the pond. Followed by a Rebirth of the next generation. When I asked for the sign I got the Heron. Its such a beautiful metaphor to me

So I googled some more and found

Bennu takes 740,000 years to make a cycle around the sun I have lived at 740 moores mill rd almost all my life.

This whole Egyptian path was interesting because at the time I was looking into Secrets in plain sight by Scott onstott His work details the ancient and modern alignment’s and esoteric connections between the Pyramid and its encoding of many of the universal constants in its design.

An asteroid named/ discovered on 9-11-1999 hmmm looking further I found a NASA mission that was sending a probe too this specific asteroid

See in their graphic Bennu is the capstone on the pyramid. Nasa is rife with Egyptian/masonic symbolism. It was my researching of this thread that lead me to the Fact the my upcoming 27th birthday landed on Asteroid awareness day (june 30th) which marked the 108 year anniversary of the Tunguska explosion which took place on June 30th 1908 my birthday 108 years also 27 days from my 27th birthday, from when I discovered it. Tunguska becomes A HUGE sync later and is the main reason I am writing all this out.

In all the numerology research I discovered gematria and Zach Hubbard And realized there is something peculiar about news stories and the dates, names, times, birthdays that paint a picture. Its not a science and there are many ways to stretch the numbers. Its when the data needs no manipulation that it appears more….. solid. Departing at 9:10 and crashing at 9:23 with a video of the crash with a timestamp that you could see the whole time this video was posted a couple months later. Go to 4:27 in the video. This is the stock exchange floor and the clock in the top left says 3:15 which is a significant number as both the hour and min hands are on 3 creating a 33. And symbolically the hands of time are pointing to where the Son rises. Jesus died at 33 performed 33 miracles we have 33 vertebrae ect. This timestamp is covering the gentleman’s shoulder with a 923 on it at 4:48 the camera pans ever so slightly so the 923 is visible. Nothing is unintentional in media.

Another odd tangent was The Crossing of bennu So both my wife and I are cancer signs Cancer means the Crossing and the symbol is 69 on its side, as in “as above so below” I got the app called skymap to become more aware and I noticed something called the Winter Triangle where the star Sirius resides. Cancer is pointing right too it. Sirius and the dogons of Mali were another deep rabbit hole. Needless to say Sirius is important. The 69th session of congress was due to meet in that 9-23 9-27 timeframe talked about by various sources. Imagine the elliptical path of the earth. On 4-29-15 Bennu crosses over the path of the earth. Earth will arrive in this position of crossing on 9-27-15 the day of atonement. As an aside On my way to work I heard on NPR for the second time as 7:26 popped over too 7:27 a man says “Yes I will have to answer for this on the day of atonement.” The changing over of time is a prominent link in these syncs.

The hieroglyphics for the star Sirius is a Dome 5 pointed star and an obelisk. Which are present at almost every capital in the USA. Like the Egyptians the US is venerating this star system. Looking at bennu vs the earth looks so reminecent to the large and small paths of Sirius A and B

On 4-29-15 I was researching Cern and the Mandela effect just about all the high strangeness filling the world. This was the day of the Crossing and there was an article talking about the Nepalese earthquake that Destroyed one of the only MEDITATING statues of Shiva. You may know of the statue of Shiva in front of cern doing her dance of destruction and rebirth (phoenix symbolism again/ Bennu/Osiris) With a quote from oppenhiemer “ I have become death, destroyer of worlds.”

The metaphor of the peaceful Shiva being destroyed was intriguing. The final Shiva sync that made it all the more prescient was THAT night my wife and I were invited to come to a video game theme show by some of our circus friends. The play was at 7 stages in little 5 points Atlanta, I’m a little tripped out because im looking for the mural at 7 stages and cannot find the image I remember so I go to google maps and go to the area that I can see the mural. And its not there!,-84.3508477,3a,75y,148.45h,87.35t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s02jTWMjw5OwUDVK3vAie3A!2e0!5s20160301T000000!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

I am seriously baffled as I took a picture of it as it was so odd. Looking at my phone I have pictures that were taken at the time we went to 7 stages but the files are corrupt All black! I know without any doubt that there was an exact painting of the dancing shiva at cern on the mural. I showed my wife a while ago I don’t know f she will remember though.

Synchronistically it lead me to 1111 Euclid (father of geometry) ave. Its wild how I’m trying to put all these syncs down and in the process create more rabbit holes. Which reminds me of “all is number” Pythagoras (father of triangles) and realize # is just 11 11 and also 11011 in binary is 27

Ok checked again and found it in this picture

I find it Hugely interesting that this “mistake” happened I couldn’t find Shiva so I looked deeper and found other things linking back to what I was already talking about. Then I search again and find it.

Just after I wrote this portion of my story someone on daily crow posted this
Who makes the nations tremble and then BOOM Earthquake hits. Incredible.

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Looking at the Malaysia airlines crashes. In july 2014 a boing 777 Flight 17 crashed in eastern Ukraine on 17 July with 298 people on board, after being shot down with a Buk surface-to-air missile. The symbol for The airline is a trident The ukranian coat of arms is also a trident. So on that day the One trident fell to earth to hit the other trident. While I’m writing this the Justin Timberlake song Cry me a river came on at work. Crimea river is close to where the tridents collided.

to understand my story further let me explain my day to day. I work at a video conversion plant where we take older formats VHS/ projector film/slides ect. And convert them to newer digital and dvds or Blu-ray. I repair all the equipment we use. There is so much data put in front of me every day. Being Servers, Deck ids, Times of failure, basically a Huge amount of numbers are seen daily by me. This coupled with the 100’s of memories being captured at any given time, ANYTHING another person would want to convert. Which of course is all of recorded history. Tv shows, big news events (9-11) weddings Travel all around the world ( Egypt, Jerusalem, Europe,) So I’m able to not only experience synchronistic numbers but also the metaphor of what is on the screens which often references the research I was doing at the time. This I started seeing 27 everywhere.

So the original syncs that kept recurring was Bennu, asteroid, Egypt, number, measure, cancer, purple triangle.

So googling purple triangle led me

Apparently the purple triangle was used to label Jehovah’s witnesses in the Nazi concentration camps. Jehovah is a word that means god, So purple triangles were given to witnesses of god. (isn’t that what sync is at its core?)

What else did I find in relation to purple triangle’s (I keep typing that as triangels lol)

The Purple Triangle is copyright protected by its creator Kristin K. All rights reserved. Please do not copy or share the Purple Triangle without written permission from its creator.

Kristin K KK 11-11

Its interesting the various mentions to orion and Pleiades in the bible. And it referenced as the 7 sisters in Revelation 12:12

The other purple triangle led me to Buddhism and the concept of the chakra system The Crown chakra responsible for Cosmic understanding and enlightenment. Like the capstone of a pyramid, the purple triangle


So with the 27s all over the place and the reference to 2 7’s making a triangle I began to think I was being told that I needed to do the work with all that leading up to my 27th birthday. When I researched I found that 27 is a significant age for enlightenment.2 7’s make a triangle and purple triangles represent enlightenment.

I hope the reader can follow these crazy threads of sync. I am intentionally leaving out synchronicities that I feel would not be felt as powerfully to someone other than myself. In my peak synchronistic moments the syncs come so fast and numerous its impossible to document them all let alone tell another person in a way that would be meaningful to them. I am not confabulating or manipulating any aspect of the story as I would see that as a form of blasphemy. What is here is simply my journey to….. Not sure yet, but it sure is a hell of a ride

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