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Greg Carlwood guest spot on Tin Foil Hat Pod

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Posted : March 5, 2017 1:11 AM
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Lots of fun there. My favorite interviews continue to be when Greg gets to be the subject.

So Greg, on the hollow Earth stuff, we have some threads around here to make a case outside of just the stories about. But as to those stories about, pertaining here to the inner sun, a.k.a., the Smoky God idea, here is my theory on that:

One thing astronauts have commented on is the extreme reflectivity of the top of Earth's atmosphere, where the boundary layer between it and space is so smooth and even as to be mirror-like. If the void center picture of the hollow Earth is the actuality, and I feel it is, and the inner world is of lands and seas as on the outer surface, having its atmosphere, which it shares, through the polar apertures, with the outer, and why its inhabitants are said to be pissed about us out here fucking up the atmosphere for them, then that inner atmosphere's top layer would probably be just as reflective as what is seen from space.

With such a reflective top, this inner atmosphere would be a giant omni-directional parabolic mirror, focused on the center of the void. Most light within the inner Earth would be trapped, and at the focal point, might be pretty damned intense. Any light reaching that center point that happened to be in phase with light coming in from other vectors could set up something of a hologram of light without any crisp clear border, hence the Smoky God image of an inner sun. Any light radiating outward from it would always return in some portion back to the center.

If I am here at the Higherside for any reason, it is to build a case for Hollow Earth. At seventy, I would like to see us know, one way or the other, before I kack. I am here because I think this might be the community to have the necessary break-out thinking.



Posted : March 5, 2017 3:35 AM
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I loved that episode as well. Went into some deep stuff and only wish it was longer. Hollow Earth and Antarctica feels as though on the verge of disclosure lately.

Posted : March 5, 2017 7:49 PM