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Sneaky Bass Turds Stealing Our Medical Rights

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This post is lengthy because I think it’s important that I witness the full deception as I know it. I hope you’ll take it all in.

My recent experience at the doctor office was most concerning.  I was checking in as a new patient at this clinic and expected to be given the usual clipboard of forms to fill out.  Instead I was presented a small digital signature collection device.  Then the receptionist proceeded to verbally summarize what I was signing.

"But where’s the form?"

"We can print the hard copy with your signature when you’re done."

I stupidly went along with it, but glad I did or I wouldn’t have learned the full extent of their deception. Basically, I was signing away my HIPPA rights.

They preceded to tell a generalized summary of each form I was consenting to as authorizing treatment, operations, billing and my medical file will be kept in electronic form.

Once I obtained and read the signed paper copies I knew their verbal explainations were more than inadequate and of course omitted  key points. I also wasn’t told my opt out options.  What I consented to was:

  • my records entered into an EHR (Electronic Health Records) system and the access to my records by any other providers using the EHR.
  • my records entered into the Provider Record Locator and Patient Information Service
  • the use & disclosure of my information for medical research
  • I was provided the Notice of Privacy Practices  (they didn’t give it to me)
  • Receiving calls/texts and advised these aren’t encrypted thus not secure/private

The documents advise that my consent will be in effect "forever" or until I revoke my consent in writing. 

Back to the receptionist to revise and elect the opt out options.  I asked them who had access to these EHR & Provider Locator systems and was assured by 2 front staff ppl that it was only available to those within their organization’s network.  I showed them these contracts contradicted what they said, that the wording cast a broad net for access by 3rd parties. Yet they insisted it did not.

When I got home I called to speak with an office manager and was connected to a patient services person.  She also insisted access to the information was exclusive.  When I read the wording she gave no comment.  I also confirmed my suspicion, patients signing these consents are given a hard copy only upon request.  She said she would remove all my consents from their records and mail to me written confirm.  I’m revoking my consents in writing.

 I was never given the HIPPA documents.

My daughter had moved to this clinic a few weeks before me.  She was also given verbal explanations and gave digital signatures. She wasn’t offered nor did she ask for hard copies.  She, like the majority I’m sure, has no idea that she signed away her HIPPA rights.

‘Has anyone else been asked to sign documents unseen?


Posted : December 19, 2022 7:32 PM