Paul is dead?!!
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Paul is dead?!!

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Ok, so being an avid Beatles fan since forever I'd obvs heard about the dead Paul thing and was into it for a bit but ended up thinking "nah...too crazy to be true".

After listening to Mark Devlin on THC (awesome episode!) im not so sure anymore. Like I said in my comments on the show, I can handle the earth being flat but not a dead and replaced Paul Mac!!

Anyway after watching hours and hours of stuff ('The Winged Beatle'; 'Rotten Apple' etc) I think I might just be convinced...almost! Especially after reading that Ringo Star came out last year and said that 'yes, Paul died in a car crash in 66 and we replaced him with a lookalike'. He said that it was only supposed to be for a few weeks until they figured out what to do, but that people didn't seem to notice the replacement and they just kept going with it...(I don't have the link but just google 'Ringo admits Paul died).

Anyway, there's a few things that prevent me from fully believing this conspiracy.
1. Real Paul was engaged to a women called Jane Asher. After the apparent replacement there's still photos of them together briefly before he dumped her for Linda. So why would Jane, his fiancé, knowingly keep seeing the fake Paul however briefly? If your fiancé has just had his "mind blown out in a car" wouldn't you be a little devastated? Would you really go "oh well, I'll take the replacement". And c'mon, if your sleeping with a man you'd know if he'd been replaced!

2. What about Paul's family. His dad, brother etc. what kind of family loses a loved one and pretends like nothing happened.

3. Where are the details of the accident? How did the whole car accident rumor or truth begin?

4. No matter how good a doppelgänger the replacement was, if someone replaced my best friend with a lookalike, I'd know! Ever so slight differences and mannerisms must have alerted a whole bunch of people.

5. Do fake Paul's kids know?

Only a few things that prevent me from being truly being convinced about this one - yet way more things that support the theory : fake Paul is taller, slightly different features, different shoe size, Fingerprint test in Japan not matching, Ringo admitting it, the whole Billy Shears Campbell thing.

Oh well. Like all good conspiracies I'll file it away in the "hope the truth comes out one day" file.

Posted : March 6, 2016 10:54 PM
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I found the photographs with the differing jawline convincing. There was a huge amount of money at stake and I would guess that people close to the original Paul got paid well to keep quiet but I have no proof of that.

Here is something I don't know if anyone else mentions. Paul's singing style changed dramatically after 1966. I sing and I teach people to sing so I am more sensitive to what I am hearing. The original Paul had a very light, easy, crooning style. The Paul on Abbey Road and the White Album sang sometime with a rough almost shouting sound sometimes. He did it well, and I really love his singing on Golden Slumbers for example, but there was nothing in '66 or before that hinted at that kind of singing.

Posted : March 6, 2016 11:24 PM
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There have been some new developments of late on this. Have you seen this youtube vid?

Posted : November 10, 2016 10:30 PM
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I am pretty sure he was replaced. If he has been knighted, which he has, I immediately see nefarious connections. Whoever this guy really is, he is doing the work of the elites. John knew, and john was killed. Something is def wrong with that situation.

Posted : January 30, 2017 8:36 PM
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The PID situation has fascinated me for years. One thing that I know for sure is that the Ringo story is fake. It is only posted on rumor mill websites. Plus, the interview took place at his home the day before publication according to the article. I checked Ringo's Facebook, and he was performing in Rio that day. He hadn't been home in that time period.
Additionally, there was no mention of that article on his FB page.

Jane Asher appears in photos with both Pauls. One is a good head taller than her, and the other is a similar height.

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole, visit Lots to check out there.

Posted : February 4, 2017 3:56 PM
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In my freshman high school year (in the L.A. burbs), there was a kid who was an Elvis movie double. He was really short, an Elvis Mini-Me. But, he was the picture of a 1960 Elvis in 1960.

Paul is the one Beatle I could give a shit about, musically/lyrically. Ringo seems like a great guy. John and George touched me deeply. Paul: walked with giants.

Posted : February 4, 2017 4:42 PM
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satyagraha wrote: In my freshman high school year (in the L.A. burbs), there was a kid who was an Elvis movie double. He was really short, an Elvis Mini-Me. But, he was the picture of a 1960 Elvis in 1960.

Paul is the one Beatle I could give a shit about, musically/lyrically. Ringo seems like a great guy. John and George touched me deeply. Paul: walked with giants.

In case you weren't already aware, Miles Mathis has written some pretty unexpected essays about Elvis, and McCartney as well.
I plan to dive in deeper on both of those pieces. Good good for thought.

Posted : February 4, 2017 10:03 PM
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Posted : February 4, 2017 10:28 PM
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Right everyone. I can't believe it's taken this long to get this topic on the radar.

I have just finished 'The Memoirs of Billy Shears'- the nine after 09-09-09 edition. So much to discuss.

I wrote to the encoder, Thomas E. Uharriet, who informed me that he has known since 2001. It is he who should be THC'd.

I have just received the last McCartney LP, "Egypt Station", which is packed with blatant disclosure. Is this his last?

Posted : October 12, 2019 7:20 PM
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The other thing to consider is the social control, starting a movement to capture the hearts and minds of a generation a much much bigger stake than money. The death of an individual had to be overcome to keep that train on the tracks.

Jimmy Saville - a magician, was their handler for a while, Jimmy invented (or scryed) mixing records together and which is still the dominant dance/trance music style which really does capture people into a world of their own.
Perhaps the Beatles was the for runner of what became the world wide dance and drug culture empire that it is today.

Posted : October 13, 2019 12:51 AM
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this is real crazy

Posted : October 13, 2019 1:58 AM
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It would seem- from clues in 'Memoirs...' that William (aka Billy Shears) was entitled to walk in to the Paul role, by birthright.

He is probably Crowley's son.

Thanks for those pics and vids above guys- really ties right in.

Posted : October 13, 2019 1:07 PM
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IMO the most in-depth research I’ve seen is from Mike Williams on YT. He’s just put up a new channel with his best of PID episodes:

I believe he has links to his other 2 channels, Mike Williams Paul is Dead and Sage of Quay. Of course anyone pales in comparison to our beloved Carlwood, but he’s pretty good and I find he’s pleasant to listen to.

No doubt in my mind that McCartney died in ‘66 and was replaced. The thing that finally dashed my skepticism were those 2 (forensic?) experts in Sweden(?). (Sorry about my lack of recall. It shouldn’t be too hard to look them up.) They set out to put the PID theory to rest once and for all using facial measurements that can’t change through aging or surgery. Rather than debunk the theory as expected, the science showed the man presented to us as Paul McCartney is indeed not. If that along with the mountain of other evidence doesn’t convince folks, then there’s no help for them.

Posted : October 13, 2019 9:09 PM
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I didn't know about those guys. Thanks for more leads.

Regarding the last McCartney album:
[GALLERY=media, 546]McCartney-Egypt-Station-Explorers-Edition by syntholabo posted Oct 14, 2019 at 5:54 PM[/GALLERY]

On the cover:

- The 'explorer' version has the title on the opposite side, to make way for what I presume is a setting sun- a 'westing' sun in ancient egyptian parlance, which you probably know was their vocabulary for death. Is this William's last album?
- It has a red cover- a red sky at night (if it is a setting sun)... 'Shepherd's delight'
- Of course it has a ram, under a dark cloud.
- There is a strange pole with 4 spanners on it, reminiscent of the mechanics required to fix Paul's car. A dark beast lies at its base.
- On one of the LPs, there is a single bicycle wheel, lying askew. "The wheels have come off", next to 4 strange characters with long blowhorn noses.
- There is a little ticket on the front with the singer's name "Paul McCartney". The P has a chunk missing in reference to Paul's decapitation. The McCartney name is framed to show CAR T, under the mangled PAUL letters.
- Broadcasting Pyramid symbol in yellow set aside from the rest of the front cover art
- Ouroboros painted sculpture

In the lyrics:

"my brother told me life's not a pain, that was right when it started to rain"
"It's alright, sleep tight, I will take the strain"
"Before you grab your coat, I'll try to be discrete, you know we can't be seen exchanging information"
"yes I will yes I will yes I will. yeah yeah yeah"
"Is it driving you mad, and you're screaming out loud, are you wondering who's going to recognise you?"
"I could stay up half the night, trying to crack your code, I could stay up half the night, but I'd rather hit the road"
"I just want it, fuh you"
"Ladies & gentlemen I'm standing before you with something important to say... but I'm not going to let anything get in my way"
"Wanna give you my heart, wanna tell you my story, wanna take it to another level you & me"
"Wanna give you my word, let me give you my promise, I will try to make it happen you can guarantee"
"We can make this dream come true if we wanted to, only when we understand everything in life is planned, can we make this dream come true"
"Despite repeated warnings...he feels that we've been misled... what can we do to stop this foolish plan going through"
"He had a premonition, he senses something's wrong"
"How can we stop him, grab the keys and lock him up, if we can do it we can save the day"
"In time we'll know it's all a show... it's been a blast... it's in the past"
"We broke the code and walked the road that never ends"
"Don't regret the steps I'm taking, the decision that I'm making is the right one, or I'm never going to know"
"If you leave it too late it could all disappear so do it now while your vision is clear"
"I've been taken for my younger brother"
"In a perfect situation I'd have told you a long time ago, but now I think that it's time you ought to know"
"My brain stopped working, my brain stopped working, my brain stopped working"

Posted : October 14, 2019 4:55 PM
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Nice analysis. The lyrics are quite telling. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

I have a couple of interpretations I’ll toss in for fun.

-The pole and spanners = the 4 Beatles. The beast guards the secret.
-The 4 strange characters with long blow horn noses = 4 Pinocchio musicians.

Posted : October 17, 2019 11:09 PM
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