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My top 3 conspiracies are: perpetuation of public (mis)education, silence of a grand solar minimum, and the manipulations of our diet.
I'd like to address the third topic in this thread; specifically, solutions we can implement in order to perform at our best, for I do believe in the axiom 'garbage in, garbage out'.

What are some ingredients, recipes, techniques, sources, and generally good information you have learned about maintaining a healthy diet?

What a healthy diet contains is specific to the individual, but we'll assume (unless otherwise stated by the poster): most are not vegan, don't exclude allergens such as nuts, don't involve GMO's, comes from your backyard as much as possible, are minimally processed, and doesn't involve sugar (or no more than a couple teaspoons per day) or artificial sweeteners.
What are some other obvious general assumptions that should have been listed, and why? For example, do you think humans shouldn't be drinking bovine milk, even in raw form, and can you list a resource the rest of us can investigate to obtain the knowledge you have?

Posted : September 6, 2016 4:36 PM