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Creative writing: movie scripts you'd want to write?

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With the vast portfolio of wild ideas, topics available on THC, it’s only natural to get inspired and think about film script ideas. Not to mention that stories have mystical powers that resonate with us.

Describe, if you have, any wild film script ideas you'd like to share in a couple paragraphs.

One that's been wandering in my mind for some time would be an epic in which planets, stars, and solar systems each play their own character and intrigues, including dealing with their own bio-systems (like Earth dealing with out of control humans, and other surprising inner earth dwellers with their own agendas), while also portraying aspects of collective growth (space weather events), and playing on themes of as above so below, paradigm-shifts, hero's journey.

You know how Pixar makes characters out of cars, that's crudely what I've in mind. Soul (2020)from Pixar was a decent animated film on more spiritual themes too, although I thought it could've gone a bit deeper. Or like space Pocahontas directed by Jodorowsky


Posted : June 12, 2021 10:19 AM