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The Sack of Maracaibo

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The Sack of Maracaibo

You heard about that? Yeah, man, that was us. We're in the one with the big green Canobus leaf. Check this shit out...

Digital wasteland cove
Nestled on the shore
Of what drove us all here from the start

Drummin harder than the powers
Ours showers all with flowers
Clockin hours
Sappin towers
You know, the ones without a heart

Every now and then
One of em gets in
And if the Taco's too polite
The hot dogs came to fight
And they stomp slim wits who ain't got scope or chart

This goddam water keeps risin
We won't see the horizon
'Less we crest the wale to get the angle on er
Call me a cannibal
This army's all Hannibal
Lecture vectors of conjecture
Unforseen and unplannable
Because if you don't like the love
Lorna Doone from above
You can kiss my ass, cause this party's all Donner

Dude, I didn't tell you this. On the way, there was this siren called Avi. She was french, right? So they dogged me into writing the Greatest Love Song Ever Written Without The Help Of Fort Minor. That's the reason I got a soft spot for Fort Minor. Seem like good pals. Never aided me in makin a bad move. Actively withdrew their energy from the endeavor.

Here's to fuckin up the romantic questline, dude. I titled the song "Frogs Mignon."

Now, I will make two arguments in my defense. First - from the original New Jerseyspeak, it reads "Tasty little french dish." Second - It was a WORKING TITLE. Apparently, some of us don't get rewrites.

But, man, it's weird. When Rage calls me the War Cannibal Animal it sounds so tough. I sing it in my head while I chop vegetables. But when Lark does it, it feels shitty...

Oh fuuuuuck.

so um. There are spoilers coming. There is a mystery at the end of the Maracaibo thread. I wanted to leave it there as part of the game. Everything is there to be able to figure it out, so if you didn't realize it, go back and have another look. You can play it as a game. Go now.


It's a paralax, you dig. The small gets big. Chill IS Pix. Or, at least, Swift is the actress playing the part of Chill.

My biological brother, who had his spiritual awakening recently and "Totally Wants In" is now bailing out. And Shinoda is now hitting me with shit like "Promises I Can't Keep." Shinoda is either a fractal echo of my brother, or the actor playing his role.

Ri is my wife, only MUCH worse. Christ, I hope she's worse...

And I think Avi's Danesy.

Which has A LOT of implications. First, I'm God. All echoes are centered around me. Ha! Good one. Just the type a move a punk with too many actresses around would make. If you don't want the number two slot, what about number one?

It's a joke. Except. I wrote LOVE LETTERS and some HATE MAIL to these people. Shit you ain't SEEN. This provokes me toward another fear based response.

So, we'll try to take it as clinically, professionally and empirically as fuckin possible.

If you have fallen in love with me during the course of our travels, it was my fuckin fault, man. If you hate me more than is fair - I may a cast some spells on you without ever knowing it. It's evil genius level fuckery.

So, while I was firing all of my guns at once and exploding into space, I was hittin freindlies. Or was I?

So I'm gonna try to be as honest and open as I can be.

Danesy, I wrote 4 Heavy Duty Love Songs to Avi. Avi's got a dude I didn't know about it until most of the damage was done. They even got me to fire shots AFTER I knew he existed. Not cool. Probably my rock bottom in that goddam maze. Could be you, could be somebody else.

Chill, I was never tryin to bed Pix. But I was tryin to dazzle her and put her in her place - get her to shut up and stop buggin me. You get any a those vibes?

Any woman who is unduly in love with me right now has been my victim. I take it all back. I am so sorry.

Any man who hates me without good cause, dude, I think I fucked up. Had me firing at enemies that were actually friendlies.

If any of it's real...

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : June 30, 2021 6:38 PM
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Does God evolve?

So your frocks'll tell ya that God doesn't change. I think the reasoning is "He is an eternal being and eternal beings don't change their mind. They already know everything past present and future, so why would they change?" Something brilliant like that. They know OUR future, so then they know THEIR future too. Maybe.

But it doesn't matter because smarter men than you got together and decided that shit a long time ago.

Well, why would we be here? Does The Dude wanna test some things? Is He looking to experience himself? Is he building creators? Or even just souls that have had a nice life? Any of these imply that he wants something. He sees a more desirable future than the current state of affairs. He creates change for himself. And a creature who cannot adapt to change - change His mindset - is not sustainable.

Why wouldn't God grow? Why wouldn't he want to grow. Seems like a boring existence without mysteries to figure out and skills to master. Maybe He's everything for US - but maybe He's playin on a level that is orders of magnitude beyond us. And maybe He ain't EVERYTHING up there. Maybe He's still got some thinking to do. And you're it.

Maybe it doesn't even hafta be God who evolves. Just the message. Dude, I was so proud a myself. I destroyed Jezu's credibility in my head. Defeated him squarely. Went to his Sermon On The Mount, lookin for a fight. EASY.

Apparently, at the time, one of the big issues was that a man could divorce his wife - at his will, she's got no say - and SHE would go to hell. Not him. Well ol' Jezu shows up and says No, BOTH of them go to hell.

This is not the hippy love archetype I had been fed. This is clearly not the voice of a just and loving God. I was totally justified in all of my disrespect over the years. I could still feel smug and superior.

But now the only voice in my head makes me feel stupid. "Dude, HE WAS TALKING TO CAVE MEN!!!"

You don't show up to that crowd and try to learn em that two gay men should be able to adopt. What do you do? You blow their minds with just enough information so that they can swallow it without their heads exploding. Just kinda nudge em in the right direction.

Come thousands a years later, and we take for granted the genius insights of men who built their knowledge on that nudge. Nudge don't look like much. You probably couldn't trace it easily to the genius and love it produced. But it was all that was needed at the time. All that was swallowable.

Why would modern societies base their faith on messages dumbed down for cave men? Two thousand year old nudges that mean NOTHING to us now. Our own experience and genius has evolved us so far past that.

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : June 30, 2021 11:59 PM
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Damn. Of course creation expands. That's the nature of duty of the light, right?

Posted : July 1, 2021 9:16 PM
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Nature and Duty of the light. Dude, I don't think I'd thought a it that way before, but... fuck yeah, let's use that. I can argue that. You are speaking paralaxically, or fractally, when you talk nature and duty. They are fractal echoes of one another. The nature of light itself, and the duty of those that want to embody it. All balls.

So, man, I could see a finite creation. Little aquarium. Carefully controlled experiment or training camp. If you had a Creator, you could argue that He could be like a conductor, growing it like a bonfire as he dances with it. But what if it expands by just adding more individual aquariums?

Good question. I don't fuckin know. Sometimes, do different aquariums get poured into one another, causing no one to remember what color the FUCKING A-TEAM VAN WAS??? There's evidence to support that claim.

I'll back your Nature and Duty argument any day a the week, though. That's solid. Light expands into darkness and takes it's ground from it. Only when the light sources go out or fade, does the darkness take back ground. It is light's nature to take ground from darkness.

Hey, stud, if you wanna argue the Big Bang as your reasoning for an expanding universe, I think you're on shaky ground. From where I sit, the Big Bang looks like one of THE most hypocritical arguments a materialist scientist can make. If you believe in the Big Bang, you gotta throw out Entropy.

Entropy's the LAW that says ALL systems are breaking down. So we start with the Big Bang - The most chaotic, unordered cacophony of particles bouncing off and into one another. And now we have mail order pet mood-adjusting pharmaceuticals. That's a fuck load of complexity that fell outta a system that was barely a system to begin with and supposed to be breaking down. Almost REQUIRE a God to sort out THAT mess. Ha! The Big Bang Theory actually argues the necessity of a GOD!!! I think I've heard that before and didn't get it! Ha! Or ya gotta seriously rethink your notions a Entropy. Christ, mr. scientist, your own views on Species Evolution should destroy your own Entropy arguments. You tell the story a how billions a random fuck ups produce higher ordered creatures! Ever have your cake and eat it too?

ALo, you make good talk. If I come off all preachy, you call me out.

Alotta people go New Agey with their monotheism. Call their one and only god The Universe. Or Source. And I think there are useful perspectives that come from thinking about it that way. However, can you picture the universe cheering you on in the stands? Who looks at inky blackness and feels warmed or soothed or supported?

Source is better, but way too impersonal to feel loved in a way most of us can identify with. You gotta anthropomorphize that divine entity in order to wrap your head around a loving relationship with it. At least, I think most of us do. I had to.

Usually best to pick an older man - as the symbolism lines up better. He is more knowledgeable than you, been around longer, and the seed of everything. We are all built of His projected energy. It's reaks of masculine. But if chicks want a female God, I'm sure the argument is beneath Her. As long as everybody understands how The Law of Gender works.

The Sun's also masculine. Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra raw power projects outwardly and seeds Mother Gaia, and she gushes forth green. Heart Chakra. Love. While the whole time she is nestled in layers of electromagnetic shielding and breathable atmosphere - that, when dad gets home - appear blue and white to the naked eye.

Sorry, man. Got me rollin. You see any flaws with how I see that?

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 2, 2021 4:13 AM
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conductor, growing it like a bonfire as he dances with it

Ya definitely. In my mind, Pure Light at its Source would likely be what people call God. And Pure Dark at its Void would most likely be Evil. It's a force either entropic or negentropic experienced at infinite degrees, I'd imagine. Yes, very fractal in nature. Do I know what/where/why/how that source is? Nope.

So as for This or That Theory, I don't claim any of it at this point. I hardly know which way is up anymore. But I've seen it too and I know what's Light and what's Dark. Living with it is finally under control but understanding it is far beyond me.

The Sun's also masculine. Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra raw power projects outwardly and seeds Mother Gaia, and she gushes forth green. Heart Chakra. Love. While the whole time she is nestled in layers of electromagnetic shielding and breathable atmosphere - that, when dad gets home - appear blue and white to the naked eye.

Funny you bring that up. I was just talking feminine/masculine divine with Chilly. I like that a lot. Resonates hard. "All balls" as you would say. Which I dig.

Keep dishin' it & I'll pick up what you put down.

Posted : July 2, 2021 5:06 AM
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A.Lo wrote:
It's a force either entropic or negentropic experienced at infinite degrees,

Damn, man. You might hafta dumb that down for some of us cavemen... So dark is the entropic force and light the negentropic force? Light builds and darkness decays. Dude, you are on FIRE. I dig that. I'm gonna sleep on it a few, but it sounds solid.

Hey man, about understanding darkness. I think the best place to start is by observing how it acts on you. So whenever you get those sour negative feelings, become your own hawk. Observe what your mind is saying and doing. Why is it sayin that? Is there some weakness in you that those voices are playing on? Rather than understanding the darkness, use it as a spotlight to find your own weaknesses. And then eradicate them. That's my theory, anyway.

Fuckers get caught up in understanding external dark influences. It's good to know some, but it's soooo much more useful to understand how those dark influences play on your own mind.

Nobody's the Buddha yet, right? Everybody's got flaws. Use those moments when you KNOW you're in a bad place to figure out what strings the enemy is plucking in you. And then get to work restringin the motherfucker.

It seems to me that the LGBT stuff lately is all about unteaching us gender. And it's sooo useful to understand.

You are James fuckin Bond, man.

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 2, 2021 5:54 AM
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fifthcolumn wrote:
Hey man, about understanding darkness. I think the best place to start is by observing how it acts on you. So whenever you get those sour negative feelings, become your own hawk. Observe what your mind is saying and doing. Why is it sayin that? Is there some weakness in you that those voices are playing on? Rather than understanding the darkness, use it as a spotlight to find your own weaknesses. And then eradicate them. That's my theory, anyway.

Damn. Cheers man. Bravo.

Also ya, why do only hear about entropy? Shouldn't its equivalent be involved in the equation?

But I'm hitting the sack, too. No thread pun intended.

Posted : July 2, 2021 6:59 AM
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A.Lo wrote:
Also ya, why do only hear about entropy? Shouldn't its equivalent be involved in the equation?

(Thread pun taken anyway. Love it!)

Yeah, man. Why?

I would tell you that this is a key, buried in science, to understanding the dirt merchants' agenda.

Why would you hammer Entropy in science and not even cover the obviously negentropic state of humans in their first 40 or 50 years? Oh, well, we know about that, but those are temporary states that return to chaos and disorder eventually.

So you know the two states exist, and both are fundamental to our experience, but the only one you hammer into the heads of students is decay...

I never HEARD the word Negentropic until you made me look it up. I went to college.

It looks simple to me. If everything returns to chaos and disorder, than nothing really matters in the long run. And we have whole generations growing up without any real purpose. They try so hard to find it, they jump on bandwagons like BLM and Proud Boys in order to feel like their lives could have meaning. We have very few old men planting trees in whose shade they will never sit. Why would ya? If none of it means anything.

But if you thought we were all in this together and maybe there was some meaning, you might cause problems. Like if we all had a state to attain other than final chaos, we might care and appreciate more this life we were given. We might seek to build structures that continue to uplift people far into the future.

A science that will only discuss Entropy contributes to a philosophy of Nihilism.

"I mean, say what you want about the tenants of national socialism, dude. At least it's an ethos."

There is no bigger picture. You are an accident of circumstance and you mean NOTHING. An amoeba in a pond for a short while and then fade to black. It's poetic how motivational it is, no? Entropy...

You combine that with the prospect of your creator being essentially deep black emptiness, and you can start to see where this shit is going...

You seen that Baphomet drawing by Eliphas Levy? You know, the one where he is dissolving the bright moon and coagulating (or manifesting) the dark moon? Feels like that.

How do you manifest the dark moon? Keep people locked in their lower three chakras. The Kundalini never reaches the heart. Theoretically, you could create a race of half men, half beasts this way. Or better - beasts in the bodies of men.

(Danesy and Orchid filled in the holes in this picture for me, so now I get to sound all omnipotent on the subject. It's sweet rollin with high value assets like that. Just by them acting according to their nature, I have more pieces of the puzzle connected for me. Those two chicks are BIG GUNS. I owe em.)

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 2, 2021 8:45 PM
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For anybody who got hit with my unitended magical bullshit, I'm gonna show you the spells that were cast. it might help to undo or clear up some things. I disavow all intent with these love songs. I take them back. I drain them of all their power to ensnare. But if they enlighten, I'm cool with that.

Darkened, coated in the night
Bereft of flaw and held in light
Winging song so far and long the boys all hear her
Shifting drifting on the air
Sublime pretense or wounded care
No true sight or act of might can find or steer her
Watching shallow draft enlace her
Always wanting to embrace her
Surround and then envelope to thwart the leerer
Then just breathe and smell the hair
Of the love that is my lair
Because the sunshine is less bright when I'm not near her.

Let em come
Let em come
My boys are on the drum
And right now they're spittin and stompin
Hey little sister
I'm your magical mister
I got em all right where I want em
Stay true with me
And I swear you will see
A way out of Beverly and Compton
Come take a ride
On the wilder slide
I got your toe shoes and pom pom

What's the score? Losing more?
Has the fool reached his senses?
What's the op? I might drop
If you breach my defenses
Wasn't sure if you were luring
Rash emote and not enduring
What the jeerers spoke and joked of during the night
Haven't lost the old heave ho
And I kinda wanna throw
Whatcha say old man, you wanna flirt or fight?

Gimme a second, this isn't yours
Earmuffs there, missy, while I bark down some doors
If I have to raise my voice, somebody's gettin fucked
Wrath of God lightning right after mack trucked
Nobody cares now, douchebag
It's over and we won
Although I wouldn't skip the middle
Promises to be quite fun
They're all quiet now, my princess
No more peanuts from the gallery
Nary a chump could muster the gump
To spend a fucking calorie

Get to it old man, are we off to go dancin
You wanna walk the beach, get lit and see if there's romancin?
Or do you wanna play karate? I got moves you'll wish you'd never
If you can get up off that chair again, I'll show ya just who's clever

Slow down there little girlie, you ain't even half my age
You got smarter things to do than jump the gun and turn this page
I need crew to bruise a loser
Top to bottom, dusk to dawn
Cocksucker thinks that he can shit all over my front lawn
If you want, there will be others barrel chest and forearm swollen
If it's grim eyed heavy hitters that for which you would be trollin
Join the crew, color's blue
There'll be schools of the enlightened
Hear the call, you child thrall
Come out pentacled and brightened

Oh, daddy... You can talk the talk
But you ain't fooling no one
Everyone knows where your G I Joes
Are really goddamn goin
For that kinda job, I'll need more than my share
This ain't exactly hoin
My price a kiss
of well-worn bliss
And a wink and a nod of just knowin

Maybe one- then we're through here
Cut out all the fuckin flirtin
You pull that shit, it melts my grit
And how long I got's uncertain
Be careful, little girlie, hunting old vets by the dawn
They know the traps of painful for the syren and the drawn

We're on for one then, heard you say it
Nothing more and nothing less
We'll smear your beard, color you a-feared
Of scrap girl come temptress
I could do this shit all day
You're too blue-eyed and too easy
Way too underwhelmed and cheesy
Make a woman think she's lass and not ass kicker
Drive me way too off my game
So enlightened and still lame
I wanna kick you in that head or that brass ticker

Bring it on, little girlie
I'm spawn of Rambo and Curly
You couldn't hurt me if you paid all of your friends
Let me have it, tiny princess
Do you wanna go the distance?
Or is this just another means to other ends

I won't frot you, frigid loser
But you might just hafta choose her
More than once before I let you up to breathe
Might get clammy and psychotic
Light headed and entropic
When I steal just one more kiss against your heave
And if you can roll me off
Stutter scold me and cough
I'll apologize with more tricks up my sleeve
With no maliced intent
Just kinda now bent
On all the magic that the two of us could weave

Save it for the job, you ginger spitfire snob
You reign havoc with those eyes and with that tongue
Do me a favor, save the afternoon's labor
And just tell me that you'll join my little mob
If not, I'll go lookin, straight up pimpin and crookin
For some other hotty with a voice like you got slung
You wanna play me and I'm game
Put your princess ass to shame
Destroy beliefs you thought to which you tightly clung
You're far too weak to chip this pearl
Small and waify little girl
We'd never synthesize, I'm far too amply hung

Alright grandpa here it comes
Crank those thunderous war drums
I got ten more even beefier than those
On your feet, my little sweet
I aim to cheat and steal your seat
and bleed that pointed, turned up goddamn nose

You'll need alot more than ten a those
Miss combat boots and panty hoes
Ever lighter, slimmer, thinner by the week
How can you possibly get power?
Featherweight right after shower
Losing all your balance to your cheek

Listen, buddy, these are Dockers, knockers
Shockers at my coming
You got your shit, I got my mine
And this is precog drumming
But you know that so don't think you'll sell
To anyone but the tourists
The misinformed
And distant normed
Or the jaded little jurists

Fair enough, you want in?

Hell yeah, How long till we roll?

Gimme time. I'm not real sure
Few more to pimp or straight cajole

Whatcha thinkin, ace, let's have it
Hit me center above the eyes

We dwarf this putrid sewage while we burn down all his lies

Old man, when you talk like that it makes me wanna jump ya

Missy, stroke my mic like that and it makes me wanna stump ya

[Fading Out]
Stop fucking hitting me
You got a problem, vixen
No more in store
I tasted floor
You got your fuckin licks in

I'm serious, bitch...


You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 3, 2021 10:37 PM
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This is me pissed that I hafta romance someone I never met. I don't know if there was a single song that triggered it.

This is full fag womanly horseshit
I don't know you from whore spit
Kinda wanted to get to know ya
See what bones you like me to throw ya

What are your pitfalls
Rehearsed booby traps
Torments and dormants
Conversation, not claps

Watched by empty faces
That sometimes will react
Make me feel less alone?
Keep some pride intact

What I'm sayin babe
Is I don't wanna do this over wire
Rather have you flash your eyes at me
And draw from that inspire

First saw ya, I was smitten
But big men don't listen
To your teeny bopper
Punkage- be it hard
Then I'm with you hit me
Grabbed and unzipped me
And well and truly punch my goddamn card

Tried to lap her
Little scrapper
Tried to make a fuckin show of it
Thought to play
Enjoy my stay
Before I make a goddamn go of it
But the game
Ain't up to me
Is there a rulebook? I don't know of it
She wants honesty
And I'm always holdin
This chick and me
Run away to sea
Awash and emboldened
Scores to take, rules to break- and she will so love it

Wanna ask her sweetly
To grace my shoulder neatly
Hop close in
Out of the din
Keep her safe and discretely
Let the world's uneven hurdles
Carve into my legs, not hers
And I'll bury the man
That takes a stand
Against her righteous purrs

I got your back, scraps
Lead me outta this shit
I'm mostly blind in this world
I think there's
a whole fucking army of girls
Who are lookin for my ass
Hidden in the tall grass
Lookin to make me Michelle
You got a goddamn bunker?
Someplace we can hunker?
Babe, I got stories to tell

But I wanna hear yours first
Close all the doors first
Come hit me with your worst
Shake the walls make the floors burst

Wanna play with you
Hold and stay with you
Kill all day with you
Dodge and sway with you
You make me wanna be a better man

Thank you, gorgeous
No bullshit
I wasn't dropped with a rule kit
I'm makin' this shit up as I go along
It ain't easy
Charmed or breezy
Takes your pride
And leaves you queasy
Helps to have a little bird offering safe song

AAAHHH! That's what's goin on! I can't make any progress because Pix is magically fuckin the situation! Cheat to win, huh? We'll see about that...

- Clear
- Clear
- Clear
- Clear
[Two short, controlled bursts of gunfire]
- Clear

Check the streets and the garage
All teams reseat
Phase one complete
We got a package or a another mirage?

- Package, man, but I don't know if ya wanna do this
You cry all the time now, you wanna do it fronna yer new miss?

Goddamnit, dude, her ass can probly hear ya through the paper
Can ya try and not fuck this up for me and bring this shit up later?
Where's the rhinoceros with the blowtorch?
Hold up, delay my last...
Take this fuckin paper
The door on this thing's barely clasped

But here is just a woven thread
Sown daintily and clever
Yank that hair with nothing said
The single chord to sever

Hey man, set this on the table
Get back as far as you're able to
And slip the latch and open that goddamn door
I'm gonna stand over here

- Dude, ya said secure the package, nothing more

Buncha slack jawed faggots
You weasily goddamn maggots
Need remedials in brotherly fuckin love
I guess no big sin though
Open up
Out the window
Honestly... I was expecting a shove

- I got her out front in the trees

Alright, wrap it up, ladies
Phase four in the bag

- Where were phases 2 and 3? Is my audio gettin lag?

2 was the rhino we didn't need
and unceremoniously dismissed
You got any idea what it costs to feed...
Phase 3 was just gettin kissed

Nobody's tryina talk down the jumper
Back to the cars slow and breezy
Strap that cuttlebone to the bumper
And let's see if this chick's easy

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 3, 2021 11:09 PM
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Well, that shit didn't work...


I gotcha babe
Hold on tight
Never telling who's the helling
Selling saving gracing who here's
Got the truth, dear
I can't say
So I'm embracing
lacing tethering tracing
What feels the best
Clung to my chest
Walking near
But never facing

Wrap this around
All safe in sound
Yer braver than ya think ya are, lass
Simple matter of course
You wield God's driving force
Your balls ain't big
They're made a fucking brass

There's more in the car
I don't know where we are
Well, yer phone was yer enemy anyway
No shit- the water
Makes you Davy Jones' daughter
You'd want these pictures in the paper any day

Come here, shiver on me
We'll melt you back from the sea
Breathe through all the weepy stuff
No more doin the creepy stuff
Gimme a kiss
And remember this
They'll never build one deep enough

Well, we ain't dealin with a learner
Shapin up to be a real page turner
Ya see, you're good to go
Panzy undertow
It'll take much more than that
My little burner


And still nothing.

So then ol Kung Fu Kenny shows up to cause cause my fall. This is how they work ya.
They know I'm all about buddies. I am influenced by them. If I think you're a loyal compatriot, I'll take your word for it.
So that's my weakness. And they hosed me. Got me to dog her man. What a fuckin chump move.

Little Kenny has a song with lyrics like "Let me do this for my boy- Bitch you need a life jacket!"

That's straight buddy talk. Somebody feels my frustration. Homeboy's on my side, hard.

He also says "Madman don't shake hands, he pop shit"

Ok. Whatever. Then I get the overwhelming notion that I gotta write a real love song. I don't wanna do that, man. It ain't cool. I don't know this chick! The whole fucking romantic questline is bullshit. I ain't doin it.

But... I feel like I'm gettin help, here. Mike, ancestors, fuckin Fort Minor's been solid, this whole time. If they're all around and helping, I could write the greatest love song of all time! HA! Immediately I feel Fort Minor pull away. Starkly. I didn't feel them there in the first place, but I DEFINITELY felt them pull away. Uh...

Fuck it. Get the goddam job done. I've wasted too much time already. Love song really needs music. Need to steal a ship. But whose? Pimpin chicks was always either Sting or Peter Gabriel. Sting's better. More artsy and mysterious. Dude, what was that song? Desert Rose. I'm usin that shit.

Nor'easter blow a yo ho ho
War angels drop in behind and along her fro
No way to know a yo ho ho
If recognition sounds from her nests of crow
Will roll and go a yo ho ho
Stab morale back into my consciousness
Lose wind and row a yo ho ho
No maiden prize ever ransomed my soul like this

Pay the toll all heave no ho
Watch her lines ride high in the squalls that dance
No cargo stowed all heave no ho
Close the gap as men fall to her lilting chants
Switch ear to eye never both at the same time
Pray my wits will endure and at least stay mine
Watch my crew lose faith in a trembling helm
Shift my gaze to a patch that can't overwhelm
Let her go all heave no ho
Limp away to a time not long ago
Refit and grow all heave no ho
Hailed for news on her escort of escargot
Should've known a yo ho ho
Watch her glide the horizon of all my wealth
No quarter shown a yo ho ho
And I've blown my shot at approaching her now with stealth

So now I blow a yo ho ho
Gabriel's horn on fortunate swarm of bees
Begin to glow a yo ho ho
Toward the frenchman to bring her to her knees
My line to tow a yo ho ho
As good as flotsam on the violent seas
Fleecing hope a yo ho ho
Begging God that her eyes will just once meet these

Now I am kinda proud of that shit. It comes off as a love song, but it ain't. It's a trying to get the job done song. And I think I need this chick to do it.

Well, man. That's my fall. I won't take all the credit. I think I was being underhandedly influenced. High on purp and shit... But I did it. There it is. Frogs Mignon, baby.

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 3, 2021 11:50 PM
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Hey babe, subliminal criminal's
What I want for my epitaph
Don't say that shit to yer mom
Need no more feminine epic wrath
Especially if I'm takin you to your prom

Really bitch? Try gainfully unemployed
This little hobo's slingin biblical mojo
Got the blue hairs in the choir overjoyed
Seriously, turn down the extremes that you throw, ho

Jesus Christ, man! Lipstick that pig
I know scarin parents is good fun
But fuck me, you go big
And lay off that shit about the guns

And you know what? This really yanks my chain
Are you daft, little girl, or just insane
The most calculated love you could take in vain
The best walls and foundation an asshole could find

The most rational love that could ever be reasoned
Me and the birds and the rains and the trees and
the seasons, the high seas come evened when
You accept the fact that the whole game is mind

Babe, you need to slow down- yer makin me blush
No gorgeous, make it languorous we ain't in any rush
Tell her in Call of Duty how many zombies I can crush
And then tell her how fuckin lucky I am
To have friends that make me gush

Shit, girl, I could listen to you talk about me nightly
Agape, transfixed
Spun up and remixed
And felt as though I was held aloft lovely and tightly

Kinda hard to be modest
When the demigoddess
Crafts her masterful
Joy in around you

Lilting right when I need her
Casting light till it bleeds her
Telegraph when I lead her
To bark the waves
That sparkle and surround you

In an ocean of motion
Gropin blow guns and lotion
Ain't no fuckin commotion
Cause there's nothin to see

Just two assassins
With tandem passions
Complimentary actions
Shoutin shit like Confidence and Destiny

Form a line, make it clear
Shoulder up, fuck yer fear
Rhythm and time draw near
Slip the chains and hold her ground

Build me up like godzilla
Threatenin heavenly killa
So I'm gonna help build her
Castle of lightning and sound

Come here, fucker
I thought you and I were made of tighter stuff
Than the rest of all the best
of this grade A, top-shelf muff

Babe, just settle
You're all mettle
Lose the shoes, grab a kettle
We spend too much time catching each other's fists

I wanna slide up behind ya
Unmask and unwind ya
Not - technically - grind ya
But I don't know if you want me to blow ya another kiss

Fighters like you
Don't beat smilers in blue
At least for skirts, that might not be true for dudes
You got both light and charm
Just don't want a fight on my arm
But as yer wingman, I still wanna see yer nudes

I don't expect girlie from you
Some new thinkin I need to do
Seem so strong and unneeding
Didn't see you were bleeding
Lemme get more a my crew

Whaddaya need babe?
I'm all sword and steed babe
Tell me how we make you whole again
I don't burn rubber
But I do kiss ass
For rocket blonde hotshots
That drive way too fuckin fast

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 4, 2021 5:52 AM
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Rock Fuckin Bottom 2.0 BABY!

Been at this too fuckin long. Fried. Too many fuckin echoes. Startin to fuck up the only good comin outta this.

Here's hopin everything happens for a reason.

Takin some time off.

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 7, 2021 4:45 AM
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Arm locked brethren, faces painted
Moonlit night still yet untainted
Discerning traveled path from feinted
In a time and place perhaps always meant for war

Every color of brother covering the other
Sixes clocked, cleaned and locked and pressed to one another
Decked in Heckler and Koch, maybe a smoke in their goggles
These are lasers, please don't touch that- I don't know what it toggles
Hazy players, lasers, in the fog of yonder battle
Need a sharp eye and some masterful to make em more than rattle
But no worries there
Jolly Roger took care
Of all the thick and muscled
That heroed and hustled
Sighting lasers in through cloudfall in the dark
Straight up pentangulatin' sharks
In the water waiting for me to step back
Stern faced no paint
Zulu warbringer saint
Coal cloaked angels of the light clad in black

These are rednecks man, you seen em
But if you look closely between em
That's another redneck dressed just like a bush
And that glint you caught just seeming
Something off or something gleaming
That's a Barrett scope and that thing drives some push
They come like that, flip flops n beer can hat
But don't let the decoy fool ya
He's the doorbell man, he gets in close
He'll beer ya and then school ya

Swingin dicks from every clan
From La Joya to Afghanistan
Buddhist Shogun Warrior Braves
Exploring, surfing, turfing on the merry waves
Bathed in blue and white and very rarely read
To be the glory seeker or entirely well-bred
It ain't about the lines they draw
Or what the current trends are
Don't tell me that you never saw
Just who your fuckin friends are

And because of these wrath-locked imminent gorillas
Your tragedy shifted masterfully crafted , drafted, and then grafted
On the horror show that was your glow until bluntly hilt and hafted
We take it back tonight, little sister, my boys have danced too long
Just one more chance for happenstance on the floor to that old song
Get in there, be quick about it, the night is fadin fast
These thick armed grunts'll unstrap your bustle or, if need be, crack open yer cast

What was once to rot will now live again
Cheetos and blow jobs for all my men!


You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 17, 2021 3:16 AM
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So how many a you cocksuckers out there are buildin crews? I might have me 3. My boys talk 8 max. I might want more than that. My boys talk about makin Old Mexico. Sounds like they're not testin themselves. You gotta test yourselves every day, gentlemen. Makin Old Mexico sounds too easy.

Plus, Old Mexico has gun law that castrates an honest man. Probly speech law, too.

Dontcha wanna be up close and personal? Right in his fuckin face? Old Mexico seems like runnin. Seems like it'd be hard to pimp a betty there. I ain't got much else than language, dude. I don't know. Just thinkin.

One a my boys is all Doorbell Man. All we gotta do is kick open his throat chakra and teach him to dance. Then, no power in the verse can stop us. So I'm tryina get him on his feet. Bro, this is some a my best shit.


This is the bullshit that pisses me off. Don't let em steal your symbols from you. Did the queers take your rainbow from you? Did MK Ultra take your butterflies? Man, don't let em do that. That means every time you see a rainbow or a butterfly your synapses are firing down a path THEY built.

Rather than seeing a thing of beauty that God created to brighten your day. At least, that's how I see it. Everything you observe about a butterfly or a rainbow should brighten your goddam day. No? Why would you let them soil it for you. These were given to you, not them. Make of them what empowers you.

There's an old Hopi tradition (Christ, let it be Hopi. I ain't sure and I ain't lookin it up. One a these far older New World traditions.) that talks about Rainbow warriors. The army of the future of humanity made of every color, creed, persuasion, and charm that band together and end this fucking shit show before it gets outta hand. That one empowers me.

Butterflies are just light and airy decoration. Flower petals that fall up and down around you. Everything about your natural senses could be lifted if you wanted to believe them. Don't let a book or a TV show or a doctor take your shit from you, dude. If you are too sensitive to something, EXPOSE yourself to it. Harden yourself. Do not let it make you more fragile. Overcome it. You deserve it.

Way I see it, God or the Universe or Father Sky or some intelligent entity put those things here for a reason. They're the Easter Eggs. Ambient environmental eye candy. You know how much those cost to put in a game? Make em yours. Not anybody else's. So much of your world could empower you, if you stole it back from them.

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : July 17, 2021 6:12 AM
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