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The story of Regina Louf: MKU survivor & The Network

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Warning: the topic discussed below is very violent and readers discretion is highly advised, aka NSFW. Continue at your own risk

Regina Louf (born 1969) is a Belgian woman and sexual abuse survivor, later known as X1 for being the key witness in the Dutroux high profile pedocriminal scandal that rocked Belgium in 1996.

The reason I felt the need to share this story is because Regina Louf not only survived and testified of her atrocious ordeal as a sex slave, she wrote a book called “Silence, we’re killing kids”.

Now I’ve read some pretty atrocious testimonies/books in the past, but Regina’s account of her ordeals from her own words reflects a brutality and tragedy that I’ve hardly experienced even in reading. This book is not for the faint of heart, and it’s literally traumatic just to read it. However, it’s an incredible revelation of what one of the most well-kept secrets to this day.

Let me begin by saying that I have no troubld believing Regina’s accounts at all. Her testimonies are rock-solid and have been vindicated so many times in the newspapers (yet the local police never bothered to actually find out anything).

What stood out to me however, and I wasn’t expecting were the remarkable details she’d wrote down. Without getting into the details, a few points:

- excellent memory recall. This point is corroborated by numerous survivors who talk about heightened awareness and senses in these situations and can recall vivid details from long time ago.
- Altar programming aka multiple personalities that are activated by triggers, usually names or specific situations.
- Family members are directly involved in the abuses. Regina’s grandmother&parents pimped her since age 4.
- Well organized group that operates in systemic ways, a real covert entreprise. While sex abuse is primarily, the child victims are weaponized to blackmail politicians so as to lock them-in the group. This is also described in great detail.
- Ordeals include rape, torture and even killings. Basically for the right price, an abuser could request anything. These events often filmed (snuff films) and traded or used as blackmail material to compromise politicans.

Her testimony also corroborates a lot of other survivors testimonies, especially Anneke Lucas, also groomed in Belgium as a child, though she was trafficked across the pond (ie in the US). Anneke testimony is harrowing in similar ways but is very insightful to understand how these groups operate. In that sense, it is a gem of precious information.

To conclude, this is undoubtedly one of the most horrific books I’ve read in a while if not ever. Scariest of all is that it‘s literally happening in my backyard (live in the NL) and the perpetrators have never been arrested, nor investigated. Fair to say this is on-going, and probably even more common)
What’s even more incredible than this tragedy however, is Regina’s spirit to have survived thru this without killing herself and to live to tell her story. I believe she is still alive and living in Belgium, which is also unreal.

To this day, we have no closure in this case, and yet, similar high profile cases including the Epstein scandal, are surfacing which shows that this is a huge underground market which is used to compromise the world’s most powerful people.

Posted : August 22, 2021 9:21 AM
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(Thank you for posting this - though I'm not clicking on the links because I know what I'm not getting into.)

The most horrific thing I had ever heard a person describe was in a podcast about child trafficking from several years ago with an older French or Belgian lady - a lawyer, I think, who's name I cannot remember now though I recall searching unsuccessfully for anything new from her online.

In this interview she described a business call that brought her to a castle in the Belgian countryside many years earlier. As she was quickly escorted through the cellars, she glanced into a chamber to one side and saw something being done to a child that was so horrible that she burst into tears in the interview and could only get herself to describe part of it. I can only assume that she was in denial of what she saw at the time. Just the part that she described forced me to reconsider what I thought of humanity. To be honest I still don't think humans are capable of this level of cruelty. And I think that whatever ate these people's souls has been getting more ravenous over the past couple of years.

Stepping back a little, I still cannot believe it, yet I see stories about Hart Island outside New York City with its hundreds of thousands of unmarked graves that are still being filled every day. I saw a documentary that showed a prison crew literally tossing the caskets one on top of another in these huge troughs. The caskets were light enough to toss because they were all child or infant sized.

Stepping back a little further still, I think about blackmail material, how it has to be stored somewhere, by someone and kept completely out of circulation - and how increasingly intrusive online surveillance may be done at least partially for keeping this damning evidence under a tight watch.

Can anyone recall this lawyer I mentioned above? She is maybe in her late sixties now with a pronouced french accent.

Posted : August 24, 2021 2:10 PM