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Christopher Knowles says there will be no One World Government

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I was listening to Knowles on a recent Livestream he had, and I asked the question about how soon the collapse of the United States would occur (would it be like the Roman Empire over a long period of decline, or is the New World Order global government going to come 'fast and heavy', like I am inclined to believe, due to perhaps Christian eschatological timeline framework theories I am operating from).  He stated that 'there will be no world government' ('it's over'), and wish 'people would stop talking about it'.  This kind of took me aback, since I thought the notion of a one world government and NWO was, like, conspiracy 101 and that all the signs and indications of a global coup (perhaps of the Antichrist variety) were imminent (and virtually every conspiracy person of note was on board with this understanding).  Since Chris is a 11 x guest (as of July 2022) on THC, I'm sure he will be back, and I would appreciate if the host would press Chris on this position of his, since it didn't seem appropriate for me to do so during the livestream chat.  Perhaps there are good reasons for this particular worldview or position of his, but he didn't elaborate much as to any details of his reasonings, or what he might expect if a global governance paradigm doesn't manifest (would it be a sustainment of nationalism, or perhaps a further breakdown of society into perhaps ethno-regional blocks [Balkanization writ-large]), etc.?

Also, Chris seemed to be oblivious to the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz mash-up synch, which some speculate could have been used in MK-Ultra experimentation (or perhaps Pink Floyd intentionally modeled their album to sync with the Wizard of Oz film).  I remember watching it years ago and being impressed with the syncs, but perhaps it's worth a re-watch.  Chris seems to be knowledgeable of MK-Ultra and other government 'mind and population control' experimentation lore pretty extensively, so I was surprised of his apparent ignorance of this artifact (perhaps Greg can press him on, or inform him of, this in a future interview, too).  

Pink Floyd - The Darkside Of The Rainbow (YouTube)

Dark Side of the Rainbow (Wikipedia)

Dark Side of the Rainbow (list of syncs)

Posted : July 24, 2022 10:51 PM
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I guess a follow-up question (since I can't seem to edit my original post) is what Greg might think regarding the One World Government inevitability proposition?  How does he see the geopolitical cookie crumbling, or conversely, its turning into a rock-hard biscuit?

Posted : July 24, 2022 11:08 PM
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thanks for pointing out knowles said this. interesting data point on the subject.


i think the question of will the 'bad guys' (globalists, nwo, cabal, etc) win or not is the central question of consp. research. 


a lot of my research indicates that we are on a positive timeline and they will not 'win'...  


one of my criticisms with the consp. community is that everything is seen in dire terms.  for example, epstien is taken down and people say it was all controlled opp., nothing good came from it, etc, etc. meaning, its not seen as a 'victory'. 

i look at it more simply. there are positive and negative forces in the power structures. and some of the 'good guys' wanted to stop ep and his creepy island and took him down... the 'bad guys' wanted to keep it going (which is why you see no names getting released by maxwell.)


also, we have a pretty low bar for what constitutes a 'good guy'... ie- not being for widespread freaky evil child trafficking stuff or global population reduction. not saying the 'good guys' in certain mil. /intl groups are 'perfect'... but just good enough to keep fighting against james bond type super vilians with child sex slave islands and not for global population reduction...or banking families controlling the whole world with monetary supply.


don't get me wrong... sooo much of what is occurring is super duper fucked up and dire, as fuck. but one thing that makes me think we are on the positive timeline (in addition to epstn getting taken out) is that in much of the world covid is just not a thing anymore.  

one and a half years ago i would have never believed it would have 'gone away' in any capacity. yet here we are. in my country its just not a thing anymore.  only 1% wear masks, no j@b requirments- no nothing... now don't get me wrong, i'm sure "they" will try and rev it back up with monkey pox... but be that what it may... in many countries (a majority of the countries?) the 'good guys' won with covid.  its over.


even just typing that out is kinda amazing me... because like i said, one and a half years ago i would have def. never thought that was possible. i was pretty sure we were headed into the full blown covid hellscape. this is why i think 'they' are pushing for ww3, meaning since covid didn't 'work' they way they had hoped... they moved to plan b, dub dub 3


now now now... i know some people say the 'bad guys' plan with covid worked perfectly and it was just a set up for later agendas down the rode. i simply, respectfully disagree. i don't think these 'bad guys' are all powerful... i'm sure they underestimate us sheep. so i believe they thought we would never let covid go...or that more (maybe all) would buy in to the BS.  but that didn't happen.  


also, a lot of the "new age" channelings i listen to/ read, are saying the 'bad guys' will absolutely not win. now, they do say that there will be a lot of chaos but ultimately, they say, the 'bad guys' will be defeated.  of course i know its taboo to bring up 'new age' channels in a high strangeness community.  just putting it out there as another data point. take it or leave it.   



Posted : August 11, 2022 6:33 PM
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What they want and what they will get are two different things. They have drunk their own kool aid. Just a bunch of rich dumb-dumbs surrounded by lackeys clapping politely at all their insane ideas. 

Watching their antics reminds me of the film Brewsters Millions, where there is so much money to spend, Brewster just chucks it at anybody with a half baked idea.

The TLDR : Psycopaths can't cooperate, therefore can't co-ordinate shit. They will eat themselves in the end. 

If you want a preview of what Knowles would say, this post is not a bad summary of his position, I suspect


However, that is not to say they won't fuck shit up for all of us in the process. They are giant toddlers destroying everything to get their way. THe key to the next couple of years is being able to keep out of the way while the empire of sand crumbles, and having enough in hand to be able to rebuild your life when the shaking stops.


Posted : August 15, 2022 6:39 AM
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IIRC Knowles believes that the technical prowess of the global elite is completely fabricated, and that they simply do not have the powers available to them to pull off the one world government.  This is a position I agree with.  I work with regulatory systems handling big data streams of PII and I can attest that the actual ability of the government to surveille you is nowhere near the capabilities you would assume.  Simple things like accessing your driver's license information in real time requires extensive technical resources and we can barely pull it off.  Yes we have huge amounts of data in databases and data lakes but that data is incredibly hard to use.  The idea is that we harvest the data now for a future solution that can utilize it, but then we run into the issues of how do with connect millions of disparate sources of data to that future state solution.  Part of the allure of Palantir software is the promise it will do just this, but my experience with Palantir shows me they are nowhere near full scale utilization of the world's data.


tldr Knowles believes the global elite are too incompetent and their technical resources not nearly advanced enough enough to win.

Posted : December 6, 2022 7:45 PM